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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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How to choose the videocard under the motherboard Computers
Как выбрать видеокарту под материнскую платуWhat is the videocard? For certain, all who has a computer or the laptop heard about it. This special device which is responsible for graphics which is brought to the monitor. All videocards are subdivided into two look – discrete and integrated. As for the integrated videocards, they are, as a rule, built in a chipset of the motherboard or the central processor.
How to choose phone for the child Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать телефон для ребенкаIn the XXI adult does not represent the life without mobile phone. And here when the speech about need of purchase of the device to the child comes, almost always this question becomes "edge". Whether phone is really necessary to the child? From what age? What to buy – being in the use or new? Expensive or cheap? Today also we will answer these questions.
How to cut off a photo online or to cut out its fragment Internet and networks
Как обрезать фото онлайн или вырезать его фрагментEven more often we face need of various manipulations with photos and pictures. For example, quite often we need not the whole image, and only its some part, or it is necessary to exclude from it an unnecessary fragment (for example, a foreign advertizing inscription). Whether it is possible to carry out it quickly and without excess "troubles"?
From where users get on the page of the site Internet and networks
Откуда пользователи попадают на страницу сайтаActually, it is one of the major questions which has to interest all people who decided to be engaged online in business. After all from that, how many visitors will get on pages of your resource, also that will depend, how many money you will receive from the project.
How to reduce the photo size online Internet and networks
Как уменьшить размер фото онлайнFor today the Internet is developed so that former dependence on the concrete computer and a set of programs is practically not present. Many services are available online, it concerns and editing photos. With little effort and additional programs it is possible to reduce a photo online or, for example, to make a collage.
Installation and start of Ubuntu by means of Live-CD Programs
Установка и запуск Ubuntu с помощью Live-CDKind day, dear readers! We continue the cycle of articles devoted to free operating systems on Linux kernel namely about Ubuntu! Today I will tell you how to start Ubuntu without installation on the hard drive. Well, and about installation too!
What is Linux Programs
Что такое LinuxIt is no secret that on the majority of computers and laptops the Windows operating system is installed. Many know Mac OS system from the Apple company. And very few people are familiar with free and free Linux system (Linux is said). And if it is familiar, only for a moment heard and, as they say, did not hold in hand.
Luxury smartphones: interesting reviews Mobile and cell phones
Смартфоны класса «люкс»: интересные обзорыThe price in $500 for the smartphone – not a limit, but only the beginning. However, one producers justify such cost of equipment with a high-performance stuffing, and others – expensive materials used for finishing of the case or that it is better – the known logo of the company engraved on a device cover.
WhatsApp – excellent mix SMS and ICQ Programs
WhatsApp – отличная смесь СМС и ICQLiterally five years ago all used so-called "ICQ". Even instead of phone number asked UIN. But already a little who will have friends and acquaintances who communicate with the help of ICQ. It was succeeded by new services. For example, WhatsApp.
How to make a collage in a photoshop Programs
Как сделать коллаж в фотошопеTo learn to work in the Photoshop program not so difficult, each reader of can do it. The main thing - to understand how the basic principle of imposing of layers works. Give vent to the imagination. Present that you want to collect scrapbooking from the photos, colourful pictures from magazines, paper clips, pugovichek, tapes etc.
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