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The online magazine incorporates a set of articles on various, but first of all the vital subjects. Sections of the site cover practically all areas of life is grants to us the right to say that everyone can find and finds useful tips for itself(himself).
Navigation on the site is simple and clear, after all all articles on are logically carried according to sections and subsections. In addition, the form of search and tags will always help with search of necessary information.
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House and apartment  ·  Plants
Лечебные свойства солянки холмовойNot everyone knows that the plant ordinary-looking by sight who can be met on meadows, roadsides of roads and plains, is capable to cure many illnesses. In ancient times the thistle or holmovy solyanka were used in the Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Give and we learn, what medicinal properties this plant possesses.
Medicine  ·  Diseases
Симптомы и лечение спондилоартрозаMany people connect pain in different areas of a back with radiculitis, rheumatism or banal fatigue. But most often it arises because of a spondiloartroz. A disease it is very widespread, it disturbs 90% of patients of old age. This illness can quite develop and at those who is a little more than 25 years old. Let's talk in more detail about features of this disease of a backbone.
August 26, 2015
Medicine  ·  Gynecology
Что такое биохимическая беременностьIt is interesting, what the woman will think if to tell her, what for the last year pregnancy at her came 1-2, and even 3 times in a row? It, most likely, will twist a finger at a temple, having accepted told for a tactless joke. Sounds, it is indeed wild, but in actual fact turns out to be true.
August 26, 2015
Medicine  ·  Drugs
Применение КарипазимаIn recent years doctors began to use the fermental preparation having a phytogenesis under the name Karipazim at treatment of the patients having mezhpozvonkovy hernia and other serious illness of a backbone. Practice shows, what even in hard cases after such courses of treatment the condition of patients improves, many patient the preparation helps to avoid operation.
August 26, 2015
Fashion and style  ·  Beauty and health
Ретиноевая мазь от морщинOver the years our skin does not become better, a sleep debt, stresses, the wrong leaving lead to emergence of wrinkles. From year to year the situation is only aggravated. Hope for rescue at many women only one – to get expensive means. Often expensive cream does not cope with the tasks, and simple pharmaceutical means will help to solve a problem.
August 26, 2015
Medicine  ·  Diseases
Как лечить свищ в деснеFistula in a gum is a peculiar protective reaction of an organism when near a place of localization of the inflammatory center in fabric the opening through which pus is outside removed is formed.
House and apartment  ·  Cookery
Польза томатного сокаTomato juice – one of the most popular and favourite drinks. It perfectly satisfies thirst, sates an organism, treats for diseases and serves as their prevention. It is one of the few drinks which can be drunk in unlimited number without harm for health.
Medicine  ·  Gynecology
Беременность после кесарева сеченияNew pregnancy after Cesarean section is planned by about 30% of women as special contraindications to it are not present except that sometimes such pregnancy is interfaced to certain difficulties. Optimum time for repeated conception – in 3 years, is enough this time that the organism of the woman was restored after operation, and hems on a uterus were tightened.
House and apartment  ·  Plants
Лаванда, посадка и уходUnless can someone from flower growers and to leave fans of the nature indifferent gray-silvery bushes of a lavender during their blossoming, followed by delightful aroma? Really the lavender perfectly feels only in south countries? If you have a desire to have fragrant bushes on the site which is in a midland, is ready to share features of their cultivation.
August 21, 2015
Medicine  ·  Diseases
Лечение эпидидимитаEveryone has an Achilles' heel, and a strong half of mankind did not become an exception. An epididymite – especially man's disease which object of defeat is a small egg appendage. How to distinguish an illness and as to struggle with it, read in article.
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