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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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How to choose the videocard under the motherboard Computers
Как выбрать видеокарту под материнскую платуWhat is the videocard? For certain, all who has a computer or the laptop heard about it. This special device which is responsible for graphics which is brought to the monitor. All videocards are subdivided into two look – discrete and integrated. As for the integrated videocards, they are, as a rule, built in a chipset of the motherboard or the central processor.
How to choose phone for the child Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать телефон для ребенкаIn the XXI adult does not represent the life without mobile phone. And here when the speech about need of purchase of the device to the child comes, almost always this question becomes "edge". Whether phone is really necessary to the child? From what age? What to buy – being in the use or new? Expensive or cheap? Today also we will answer these questions.
How to cut off a photo online or to cut out its fragment Internet and networks
Как обрезать фото онлайн или вырезать его фрагментEven more often we face need of various manipulations with photos and pictures. For example, quite often we need not the whole image, and only its some part, or it is necessary to exclude from it an unnecessary fragment (for example, a foreign advertizing inscription). Whether it is possible to carry out it quickly and without excess "troubles"?
From where users get on the page of the site Internet and networks
Откуда пользователи попадают на страницу сайтаActually, it is one of the major questions which has to interest all people who decided to be engaged online in business. After all from that, how many visitors will get on pages of your resource, also that will depend, how many money you will receive from the project.
How to reduce the photo size online Internet and networks
Как уменьшить размер фото онлайнFor today the Internet is developed so that former dependence on the concrete computer and a set of programs is practically not present. Many services are available online, it concerns and editing photos. With little effort and additional programs it is possible to reduce a photo online or, for example, to make a collage.
Installation and start of Ubuntu by means of Live-CD Programs
Установка и запуск Ubuntu с помощью Live-CDKind day, dear readers! We continue the cycle of articles devoted to free operating systems on Linux kernel namely about Ubuntu! Today I will tell you how to start Ubuntu without installation on the hard drive. Well, and about installation too!
What is Linux Programs
Что такое LinuxIt is no secret that on the majority of computers and laptops the Windows operating system is installed. Many know Mac OS system from the Apple company. And very few people are familiar with free and free Linux system (Linux is said). And if it is familiar, only for a moment heard and, as they say, did not hold in hand.
Luxury smartphones: interesting reviews Mobile and cell phones
Смартфоны класса «люкс»: интересные обзорыThe price in $500 for the smartphone – not a limit, but only the beginning. However, one producers justify such cost of equipment with a high-performance stuffing, and others – expensive materials used for finishing of the case or that it is better – the known logo of the company engraved on a device cover.
WhatsApp – excellent mix SMS and ICQ Programs
WhatsApp – отличная смесь СМС и ICQLiterally five years ago all used so-called "ICQ". Even instead of phone number asked UIN. But already a little who will have friends and acquaintances who communicate with the help of ICQ. It was succeeded by new services. For example, WhatsApp.
How to make a collage in a photoshop Programs
Как сделать коллаж в фотошопеTo learn to work in the Photoshop program not so difficult, each reader of can do it. The main thing - to understand how the basic principle of imposing of layers works. Give vent to the imagination. Present that you want to collect scrapbooking from the photos, colourful pictures from magazines, paper clips, pugovichek, tapes etc.
Popular expansions for Opera Internet and networks
Популярные расширения для finishes a cycle of articles about expansions for the most popular browsers. Now Opera time came. Statistically, Opera closes the three of leaders among browsers in Russia. Use it to 15% of users of the Runet.
The best expansions for Mozilla Firefox Internet and networks
Лучшие расширения для Mozilla FirefoxLiterally a few days ago offered the list of the best expansions for Google Chrome. Today Mozilla Firefox turn came. In the world nearly a third of Internet users uses it. Of course, developers of expansions could not avoid it.
Review of popular cloudy services Internet and networks
Обзор популярных облачных сервисовEvery year all become more popular cloudy storages of data. Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru – all giants of the market create "clouds". tries to understand what of them is better.
The best expansions for Google Chrome Internet and networks
Лучшие расширения для Google ChromeStatistically, the most popular browser is Google Chrome. Nearly a half of all Internet users uses it. But, if to be frank, many functions in it are not enough "from a box". Therefore made the list of expansions for Chrome which will make it the most convenient and functional.
How to crack the page of VKontakte Internet and networks
Как взломать страницу ВконтактеWho that did not speak, and thoughts were to crack someone's account in VKontakte at all. Someone wants "to check" the guy or the girl, someone wants to revenge, and it is simply interesting to someone, what yes as. will tell you as crack pages of VKontakte.
What has to be your site? Color matters! Internet and networks
Каким должен быть ваш сайт? Цвет имеет значение!For certain all of you heard about researches of the psychologists connected with influence of flowers. If you want that your site brought benefit and was effective, it has to be pleasant to users. And to be pleasant, it has to have attractive design. And color has not the last value here: the shade should not be simply pleasant, but also correspond to subject of the site.
That Linux or Windows is better Programs
Что лучше Linux или WindowsWindows of different versions occupies more than 90% of desktop personal computers, whereas the operating systems based on Linux — only about 3%, and it at perfect free of charge the majority of programs! Such impressive difference is caused by very low oznakomlennost of people with the world of OS. If in brief, Linux demands very more extensive knowledge of work with the device, than Windows.
Bulletin board on the Internet. One more possibility of earnings Internet and networks
Доска объявлений в Интернете. Еще одна возможность заработкаToday own business in the Network opens before the owner fascinating prospects for development of legal business activity which is carried out online. One of the most perspective directions which are not demanding big investments the electronic bulletin board which at competent raskrutkt can become a highly profitable resource is considered.
The SNPCh installation on the printer Computers
Установка СНПЧ на принтерWhat does this mysterious abbreviation of SNPCh mean? Everything is simple – system of continuous supply of ink. The continuity is that blackened much more, than in regular cartridges and it is necessary to fill system where is more rare. The SNPCh installation will demand from you some time and abilities. Also it is possible to go in two ways here.
Editing tags by means of Mp3tag Programs
Редактирование тегов с помощью Mp3tagMp3tag – the simple program in use for editing tags of popular audio of formats. Tags – information on data, i.e. the characteristic of files (a name, the version, date of creation, etc.). The Mp3tag program also has many other functions which you can examine in the course of use. It is possible to download the program free of charge from the site of the producer.
How to put the password on the computer Programs
Как поставить пароль на компьютер Many of us prefer to hide personal information from others eyes, especially now when by means of the personal computer it is possible to learn a lot of things about his owner. Safety of your personal data depends not only on a method of their protection, but also on the password established on the computer. In this article I will tell as as it is possible to cipher on the personal computer.
How to increase trust of users to the resource Internet and networks
Как повысить доверие пользователей к своему ресурсуIn the conditions of modern "online" of the market and high level of competitiveness of some commercial niches, it is the extremely important that your site was ideal in the opinion of the average user. Of what it is worth thinking? The site has to be convenient and functional exactly in that degree that it did not disturb your potential buyer, to the client or the partner to find that is necessary for it.
How to make a collage of photos online Internet and networks
Как сделать коллаж из фотографий онлайнCreation of a collage became some kind of art. In each case ourselves decide that will be present at a collage. To make a collage, only the computer, and the main thing is necessary, it is not obligatory to be able to use difficult programs. By means of online services, just and the photos intended for fast pasting, it is possible to make a beautiful collage in only some clicks.
Modern anti-virus decisions Programs
Современные антивирусные решенияPresently the high-speed Internet even more often there is a question of safety of the data. Malefactors do not doze, creating new sophisticated types of viruses and trojans which are capable to steal passwords to important services. Therefore it is extremely necessary to install the anti-virus program and a firewall for prevention of similar attacks to the computer.
Review of programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks Programs
Обзор программ для просмотра DVD и Blu-ray дисковToday already to surprise nobody with the movies of a high definition allowing to take pleasure in 3D technologies directly at your place. The computer with the drive supporting Blu-ray disks, and the corresponding software is for this purpose necessary. The most popular and functional programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks are presented in this review.
That the netbook or the tablet is better Computers
Что лучше нетбук или планшетOn open spaces of various technical forums the interesting tendency is observed: people even more often ask a question "What to buy: tablet or netbook?". The dilemma between the laptop and the tablet meets even. The tablet and the netbook is such devices which partially duplicate functions of each other. I will try most well to help doubting to choose one or the other devices.
Earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies Internet and networks
Заработок на обмене электронных валютThe number of various ways of earnings of money in a network considerably concedes to similar number in offline, but it nevertheless is very great. It is possible to earn most, and it is possible to invest the means under percent. Let's consider one of types of earnings on the Internet which, it is possible to tell, it is extremely important in a network – earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies.
Review of programs and services translators Programs
Обзор программ и сервисов-переводчиковOne of realities of modern society is that it is possible to face need to translate any text easily. During a pre-computer era the only assistant in this situation was the foreign dictionary. Today we can use online services on the translation of the text and translation programs which there is a great variety.
Work with documents in Google Docs Internet and networks
Работа с документами в Google DocsThe main concept of "cloudy" technologies is that information is stored and processed by means of the server, and the result of these calculations is provided to the user by means of the browser. Among the most popular – Google Docs. Service allows to create and edit text documents, tables, presentations, graphic files.
Review of operating systems Programs
Обзор операционных системDaily working with the computer, we do not even reflect that we force to work with one pressing of a key the most difficult logic, we open and we close a set of the hidden programs and functions. We reflect on an operating system only when we do not have enough functions when there are new versions of already used OS.
Training of the child by means of the computer Programs
Обучение ребенка при помощи компьютераInformation technologies were included so strong into our world that we, perhaps, also will not imagine the life without computers, mobile phones, household appliances. Technologies and reached that sphere of activity which many of us consider very important – to training of children. Already exists and to this day appears more and more the games directed on training of the child.
Earnings on file hosting services Internet and networks
Заработок на файлообменникахFilesharing assumes opportunity to share files which you have and can be useful to another. Similar services are ready to pay to users a certain sum of money for downloadings. Usually calculation goes for 1000 downloadings of one file and fluctuates on average from 3 to 25 dollars.
Video-tape editing in Adobe Premiere CS5 Programs
Видеомонтаж в Adobe Premiere CS5If you already tested the methods of the elementary installation given in the article "Video-tape Editing Bases" for certain want to learn how it is possible to receive ready video in more interesting and fascinating look, than at you it would turn out at simple "gluing together" of joints. We will make operations on the example of the same Adobe Premiere CS5.
Control of remote access Programs
Настройка удаленного доступаSometimes there are such force majeur circumstances when we forget to copy, say, data with house on the working personal computer. Or we go to business trip, and someone from relatives is urgently needs the help in setup of the browser. What to do? It is possible to realize the relevant decision by means of ensuring remote access to the necessary computers.
Programs for sorting of music Programs
Программы для сортировки музыкиToday, when on computers of users music gigabytes are stored, and the problem of its sorting began to be felt rather sharply. The greatest inconvenience is created by files under the name "Track_01". As a rule, we solve this problem, sorting files manually, listening to the file, governing tags and names. But for a long time there is a mass of programs for this purpose.
How to write down the song of the house Programs
Как записать песню домаAll like to sing? And never dreamed to write down the creation? No, no, dictophones, LIVE versions is, of course, one, but what if to treat record of a song professionally? I will not weary readers expectations. Let's start. We need rather modern computer, a microphone, earphones and the program for record and editing audio.
Search optimization and advance of the site Internet and networks
Поисковая оптимизация и продвижение сайтаAdvance of the site without binding to its subject – quite hot topic today. Also it is work consists not only in filling of texts of the site key inquiries, – now there was a set of much more effective methods on advance of the site on the Internet.
What to put the Windows 7 version Programs
Какую поставить версию Windows 7It is no secret that today all great popularity among the PC users preferring operating systems from Microsoft is won by Windows 7 OS. The system works quicker, thus consuming less resources, than Windows Vista. And at this Windows 7 it is possible to put practically on any modern computer, even the netbook – and it on will be mute to work.
How to choose satellite communication and satellite phone to it Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать спутниковую связь и спутниковый телефон к нейCouples centuries ago carrier pigeons which couple, starting on the journey were the main means of mobile communication, the traveler took with himself. Times changed, today to be connected to the satellite network similar to Iridium, anyone can. And, all necessary will easily go in in a backpack pocket.
Video-tape editing bases Programs
Основы видеомонтажаHere the captured video is already copied on the hard drive of the computer. And what with it to do is farther? To watch everything, including unfortunate shots – unattractive occupation. What way out can be found of this situation? Video files – not text documents, them just like that you will not edit. But, fortunately, there are editors and for videos in which it is possible to make installation.
How to make microSIM for iPad and iPhone 4 Mobile and cell phones
Как сделать microSIM для iPad и iPhone 4IPhone 4 and iPad gaining popularity have a set of original features which distinguish them against other models. One of them is use of microSIM-cards instead of standard SIM cards. Operators began to offer packages in which set there is a microSIM-card. But what to do to those who would like to leave the habitual tariff plan?!
Creation and setup of the FTP server on the home PC Internet and networks
Создание и настройка FTP-сервера на домашнем ПКQuite often there are cases when we need to exchange files with someone in a network. For files of the small size it is possible to use mail. It is acceptable when its size does not exceed several megabytes. And if it is the movie or game, or archive with photos in some gigabyte?! Here we will also be come to the rescue by own FTP server.
Purchases in online stores Internet and networks
Покупки в интернет-магазинахFive years ago very few people thought of where it is better to make purchases. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, but not to run on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual. As well as that it is possible to buy in a network we will tell in this material.
How to get rid of viruses extortioners Internet and networks
Как избавиться от вирусов-вымогателейAccording to Kaspersky Labs and Dr.Web viruses extortioners were the most widespread among harmful programs last year and break all records in a year real. You were very lucky if your computer is reliably protected and did not receive such "guest" yet.
How to shop on an evaa Internet and networks
Как делать покупки на еВауThe thing acquired at auction can be new, used, broken or in general a rarity which more anywhere will not manage to be bought. On an evaa the huge choice of everything is presented that in general the person can buy. Therefore our task now – to teach readers of to shop at auction.
Registration for an evaa Internet and networks
Регистрация на еВауThough say that tastes differ, at the world Internet auction to an eva people can meet with the most different tastes and color preferences. evau it is known as a world flea market, on this Internet resource it is possible to buy anything. But that it was possible to make purchases, at first it is necessary to be registered. About subtleties of this process the speech will also go.
Converting of video for the mobile Programs
Конвертация видео для мобильногоOne of opportunities of the modern mobile phone is a reproduction of video. For certain almost each user in phone has some videos. The mobile phone is after all not the computer. Even if it supports function of reproduction of video, it has a number of restrictions practically in all respects – to video format, the size...
Rewriting of a two-layer disk (from DVD-9 in DVD-5) Programs
Перезапись двухслойного диска (из DVD-9 в DVD-5)The cost of a blank disk of DVD-9 is comparable to the cost of several blank disks of DVD-5. Capacity of a two-layer disk is only twice more, than single-layer. One of the most popular programs for copying and compression of DVD video is the CloneDVD2 program. In the examples reviewed further the version of the CloneDVD program is used.
How to make a screen screenshot Programs
Как сделать скриншот экранаToday digital technologies everything get into our life more deeply. Often live communication is replaced with the electronic. Quite often in business or personal contact on the Internet we should do a picture of our screen and to send to the interlocutor. Whether it be results dough online, a picture from game or a text fragment in the editor who it is necessary to send as a picture.
Processing of photos in Adobe Photoshop Programs
Обработка фотографий в Adobe PhotoshopHere you finished shooting the digital camera a photographic material, and on it it is possible to consider photoprocess complete. It, of course, so, but can always be people who will want to prolong pleasure and to make the pictures a little more better. Right there it will be a question how to correct small, but unpleasant defects in technical quality of pictures.
What is the torrent and as to use it Internet and networks
Что такое торрент и как им пользоватьсяAny person, got used to download from the Network music, movies or games directly from the server, i.e. from any site, a forum. But there are situations when on the Internet the required file is absent for any reasons. In such situations to us the remarkable Torrent service through which it is possible to find practically any file necessary to us comes to the rescue.
How to reduce influence of radiation from the mobile Mobile and cell phones
Как уменьшить влияние излучения от мобильногоAbout it it is written, probably, tens of thousands of articles, and the points of view on this problem are often opposite – from the statement of absolute safety of mobile communication to requirements of its total ban. It is logical to assume that truth somewhere in the middle.
How to adjust the anonymous proxy server Internet and networks
Как настроить анонимный прокси-серверSo, you aimed to hide the IP address. Before you there is a choice: to use the Proxy-server "manually", i.e. to adjust a proxy in the browser, or to use special Proxy-programs that will independently find the working proxy server and automatically integrate into your browser. In this article will sort both ways.
How to learn and hide the IP address Internet and networks
Как узнать и скрыть свой IP адресFor a long time not a secret that each user of the World Wide web leaves traces of the stay, communication, interaction on the Internet. Whether it be communication at a forum, viewing of the sites or downloading something from the Internet, an essence one – information on your actions remains and if there is on that a reason, the people interested in it can catch it.
Repair of the computer: where it is better to address? Computers
Ремонт компьютера: куда лучше обращаться?Any computer breaks, sellers as if did not convince of the return. So it turned out that by the nature of service I just also am engaged in repair of computers and accessories. Therefore I can judge this system from within. The personal computer can have malfunctions two types: software and hardware. Now let's understand as similar malfunctions are eliminated.
How to avoid failures in work of Windows Programs
Как избежать сбоев в работе WindowsSooner or later any user faces a software problem. Its computer starts braking, giving out unclear mistakes, and sooner or later will not be started in general, having issued thus a lot of unclear text on the black or blue screen. Both the novice user, and quite skilled can face such problem.
Online editors of photos Internet and networks
Онлайн редакторы фотографийToday will consider the best photo editors free online. Using online services, you do not need to load and establish any software on the computer. It is necessary to have connection to the Internet only. How I selected services for this review? First of all – simplicity and convenience.
Online resource or printing edition Internet and networks
Онлайн-ресурс или печатное изданиеWithin several years before our eyes there is a process of transformation of information, interesting and ambiguous on the consequences. It leaves from the printing carrier which is habitually smelling as typographical paint on screens of computers, mobile phones and cameras. Every year the number of users of the Runet grows.
Programs for smartphones on Symbian (Internet) Mobile and cell phones
Программы для смартфонов на Symbian (интернет)Use of a global network, Internet passed to mobile devices for a long time. We visit the sites from phone, we unload and we download files from phone, we communicate on the Internet by means of the same phone. And by means of clever phone, i.e. the smartphone and a set of some programs it can be made quicker and, the main thing, is more comfortable for itself.
Programs for smartphones on Symbian (work with files) Mobile and cell phones
Программы для смартфонов на Symbian (работа с файлами)Of course, it is impossible to advise all set of useful programs at once. At everyone the requirements. But there are those programs need in which is felt almost as everyone, here its and would like to recommend. And it is worth beginning with the organization of work with files and appendices is a basis of any digital device.
How to download stream video with Youtube Internet and networks
Как скачать потоковое видео с YoutubeIn recent years stream video everywhere dispersed on the world sites. All those rollers which are lost directly on the site without opportunity to download on the computer for further viewing in the pleasure - stream video. And the most known portal which is completely based on an exchange of rollers in real time is Youtube.
The review of programs and services for reading RSS Programs
Обзор программ и сервисов для чтения RSSIf you often work or have a rest on the Internet, serfit open spaces of worldwide network or simply read news – you for certain heard about RSS. If did not hear yet, then you especially need to read this article. Because use of RSS tapes will facilitate your life. You should not visit the favourite websites over and over again.
Programs for record of disks Programs
Программы для записи дисковYou already know what optical disks exist as to store them and as to handle them that they served more long. Let's find out now, as well as by means of what software to write down these disks that they served you faithfully for many years, but would not be lost death brave even in the course of record.
Optical disks in storage and use Computers
Оптические диски в хранении и пользованииDisks. This word means to the person familiar with the computer much. Different types of disks take a place of honor in racks and boxes of users. For us it is important to understand all that variety of optical disks which exists in the market, to get acquainted with their versions, features and the reasons of emergence.
Programs for reading books on the computer Programs
Программы для чтения книг на компьютереYou sometime read books on the computer? You consider, what it is inconvenient? Or perhaps tried to read them in Word'e, but it was not pleasant to you? I once too so thought. So far on the advice of the companion did not install the program for reading books. Since then I give to books till some hours in day, to read became comfortable, and the most important – eyes are not tired.
What is the DjVu format Programs
Что такое формат DjVuWhat is déjà vu? No, this not only psychological state when it seems to you that you similar already saw something, or were in a similar situation. It also a format of the DjVu files – a graphic format which is used mainly for preservation and compression of the scanned books containing color images and the text.
What is the mkv format Programs
Что такое формат mkvIn the modern digital world there is a set of various ways of submission of digital multimedia information. Of course, to transfer analog information to a digital form, the special programs creating the file (we will call it the container), which contains all audio and video information are necessary.
We choose the GPS navigator PDA
Выбираем GPS-навигаторIn our life often there is a situation when it is necessary to reach quickly from one place in another. But thus often it appears that the shortest way on which it is possible to reach without annoying traffic jams, you also do not know! What to do? In such situations the device called the GPS navigator will come to the rescue (further simply "navigator").
Optimization of Windows Vista Programs
Оптимизация Windows VistaIn this article we will tell how it is possible to force Windows Vista OS to earn quicker, thus consuming less memory. It is no secret that after installation the system works far not in the best way as the lot of unnecessary programs, services, etc. is started. It is supposed that you already installed system and all necessary software.
Free mobile communication Mobile and cell phones
Бесплатная мобильная связьMobile communication as air. You notice it only when it is not present. What would we do without phones today? To leave the mobile phone at home – all the same what to go deaf-and-dumb beyond a threshold. The coming to an end money on the account – will force to give the last. Having shown a little sharpness, it is possible to call and without money. And if absolutely to try, and … without phone.
Check and treatment of beaten pixels Computers
Проверка и лечение битых пикселейLiquid crystal displays replace technologies of electron beam tubes. Having bought the new monitor you begin its testing. And suddenly you notice a black or color point right in the middle of the screen. It, misters, his majesty Beaten pixel. So, we will understand that such "beaten" pixel and pixel in general as to fight against it and as to find it.
To whom to entrust repair of the mobile phone Mobile and cell phones
Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефонаThere is a set of offers on repair of mobile phones, but it is possible to divide them, in fact, into two parts: official offices which have the license for warranty repair and an aftersales service. And the second option semi-legal workshops with which national handymen for much smaller money are ready to help with repair.
Frauds on the Internet, part 2 Internet and networks
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 2This article is continuation of the story about ways of fraud on the Internet. In the first part we captured not all inventions of swindlers which purpose is to catch someone else's money. Every day they find everything new ways, and we will continue the story about already known to us to secure you against roguish tricks.
Frauds on the Internet, part 1 Internet and networks
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 1In today's article it will be a question of frauds on the Internet. Until the only protection on the Internet there is a vigilance of users, everyone zhulyyo feels freely there. Therefore, seeking to protect you from this danger, will tell about the most popular ways of deception and fraud on the Internet.
Ways of deception by means of the mobile phone Mobile and cell phones
Способы обмана при помощи мобильного телефонаNow each person has a mobile phone almost. Any SMS, calls on numbers with services and so on is only "gray", semi-honest schemes of pumping out of money. And how many still exists any "black" roguish ways. I will try to describe most "popular" of them in this article.
Set of necessary programs for a PDA PDA
Набор необходимых программ для КПКThe PDA, as well as the home computer, is useful only in that case when on it necessary programs are installed. The market of such programs for "handhelds" though is not so great as for their senior colleagues, however nevertheless gives the chance to choose. Let's consider the most useful programs for a PDA.
How to connect and adjust the satellite Internet Internet and networks
Как подключить и настроить спутниковый ИнтернетToday will tell you how to save on installation of the satellite Internet and to adjust it most. In this article it is described not only control of a DVB receiver, but also setting up the GlobaX program which promotes increase of speed of data transmission and thus cuts expenses for use of a global network.
Necessary set of programs for the computer Programs
Необходимый набор программ для компьютераGetting the personal computer very few people know precisely, what programs, utilities and drivers will be necessary for it in the future. However there is a small set of programs which are always very useful for having near at hand. In this article will consider the most necessary programs for work with your computer.
Service regulations and malfunctions of printers Computers
Правила эксплуатации и неисправности принтеровThere is a lot of reasons of emergence of malfunctions in printers, but, nevertheless, it is possible to tell with confidence that two thirds of breakages it is possible to avoid, having in due time studied the instruction delivered by the producer, and also following elementary rules of technology of operation of the device. Also will tell about this to you in this article.
Registration and use of WebMoney system Internet and networks
Регистрация и пользование системой WebMoneyThe system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of the most popular systems on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.
Information search on the Internet Internet and networks
Поиск информации в ИнтернетеSooner or later, each user of the World wide web faces an information search problem. Whether it be the paper, a term paper or documentation to the new washing machine, can occupy search of this information from you of five minutes till several o'clock – everything depends on ability to look for and find the necessary data in the Internet.
Check and testing of the computer upon purchase Computers
Проверка и тестирование компьютера при покупкеThis time it will be a question how to check the computer for lack of defects and defects of collectors. It is impossible to check process of the assembly of the personal computer therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to operability of your purchase then when you take away it from computer salon.
Restoration of Windows Programs
Восстановление WindowsSometimes it happens so that instead of the habitual screen of a greeting of Windows, we observe more than a sad situation: the unclear blue screen with a heap of unclear figures and letters is constantly rebooted or highlighted absolutely. All this means only one – your Windows operating system failed.
Recovery of remote files and information Programs
Восстановление удаленных файлов и информацииIn this article will tell you how to restore information from the hard drive. Imagine a situation, you long and painfully wrote the academic year project, spent for it the mass of efforts and time. But here, when it was necessary only to add some paragraphs, it vanishes.
Malfunctions of the computer and ways of their elimination Computers
Неисправности компьютера и способы их устраненияIn the material which is specially prepared for, we will tell what to do if the computer ceased to turn on and whether it is possible to avoid it? Let's examine the most frequent malfunctions of the computer, the reasons of their emergence and prevention of such "diseases".
Independent assembly of the computer Computers
Самостоятельная сборка компьютераSo, before you all necessary accessories of your future system unit lie. With what to begin? First of all, it is necessary to clear working space. The place of assembly of the computer has to be, first of all, spacious that details did not lie the friend on the friend, were "near at hand" and incidentally did not fall from a table.
Registration and use of E-gold system Internet and networks
Регистрация и пользование системой E-goldE-gold – one of the oldest payment systems in the world. Is international system, i.e. it is unimportant, from where you, the main thing that there is an Internet access. Many foreign sites on which payments are provided in electronic currency, accept E-gold, and WebMoney – not everyone.
The best plug-ins (expansions) for Firefox Programs
Лучшие плагины (расширения) для FirefoxIn article the review the Internet of browsers I for a moment concerned such unique possibility of one of the surveyed browsers as expansibility. Name of this FireFox browser. It will be a question of the best expansions to it. As plug-ins great variety – selected only the most worthy to be on your computer.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 2 Programs
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 2In this part I will tell you about optimization of the register and speed of work of disks and I will give couple of programs for automation of these processes. To adjust manually or to use programs (usually full-scale tviker not the cheapest) – to solve to you. And continues the story.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 1 Programs
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 1If you possess the computer of which it is safely possible to call an animal with huge system parameters and not straining work speed – I am sincerely glad for you. But it is sure that among you there will be also those who, swears on the speed of work of the iron friend. Believe, your computer has still gunpowder in powder flasks. And this article will help to scrape off it from walls to you.
Programs for communication on the Internet Programs
Программы для общения через ИнтернетIt is very convenient to communicate through messengers (programs for communication on the Internet) as you can carry on dialogue at the same time with many people who can be in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet. There is a great variety of the programs using both the ICQ protocol, and own.
Review of the best browsers Programs
Обзор лучших браузеровToday we will consider programs browsers by means of which travel on a network is carried out. considered the best of options, possible today, and kindly provides them to you. All presented programs yavltsya free and possess the Russian-speaking interface.
How to master a fast keyboard set Programs
Как освоить быстрый клавиатурный наборMany of you, dear readers, saw movies in which the monitor is shown, and the text appears, nearly instantly. Now compare the speed of your set that you saw at cinema. Fantasy? By no means. To master skill such a miracle of a fast set quite on forces to each person.
What is Skype (Skype) and as to use it Programs
Что такое Skype (Скайп) и как им пользоватьсяFor certain, there was a situation when you needed to communicate to the close friend who lives in the neighboring house or other country. It is not simple to communicate, corresponding in a chat or by e-mail, and to see the native person, to hear native intonations. Today we will deal with the magazine that such Skype and as to use it.
The best anti-virus programs and firewalls Programs
Лучшие антивирусные программы и файерволыPresently it is impossible to consider the computer protected even if you fulfilled all safety requirements three times. Various software can give rather big guarantee of security of the computer. In this article I will carry out the short review of the best protective software. You will need only to choose that will please you.
How to protect the computer from attacks of hackers Internet and networks
Как защитить компьютер от атак хакеровMany already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Feature of the Internet is that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.
How to fight against spam Internet and networks
Как бороться со спамомI do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.
Programs for work on the Internet, part 2 Programs
Программы для работы в Интернете, часть 2In the first article we considered those programs without which work on the Internet as that is impossible – firewalls, browsers and programs for dialing. However the world of the Internet does not come to an end at an open window of the Explorer. It is diverse for this reason will continue about the necessary for work programs on the Internet opening its new sides and opportunities.
Programs for work on the Internet, part 1 Programs
Программы для работы в Интернете, часть 1On the Internet it is necessary for successful and convenient work not only the nobility, "that such the Internet and with what it is eaten" but also to have near at hand the good software for work with it. Of course, in the Windows operating system the browser for work with the Internet is by default built-in – but after all it is only small part of that is really necessary.
We choose a way of connection to the Internet Internet and networks
Выбираем способ подключения к ИнтернетуSooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose?
When tourist sim cards are favorable Mobile and cell phones
Когда выгодны туристические сим-картыYou decided to spend holidays abroad, or the business trip is necessary to you? Since mobile communication rushed into everyday life and stopped being luxury goods, many people already simply cannot do without constant. is ready to tell how it is possible to be constant and economical in touch for the budget at trips abroad.
The instruction to the Windows XP installation Programs
Инструкция к установке Windows XPWindows XP is one of the most popular operating systems. It is installed as on the new personal computers bought in shop and on the personal computers assembled by own hands. As a rule, in case of store assembly, operating systems are installed by collectors and testers. How to establish Windows XP on the computer which is just assembled by you!?
We choose the computer, end Computers
Выбираем компьютер, завершениеEarlier, telling about a choice of the computer, already managed to consider its internal components (the processor, the motherboard, the videocard and so forth), as well influence of each of them on productivity of system. But these all elements are usually hidden from eyes. And that the ordinary user sees during the work behind the computer is a system unit (case) and the monitor. Also we will talk about them this time.
Computer choice, part 2 Computers
Выбор компьютера, часть 2This time we will dwell upon a question of a choice of the videocard, winchester and optical drive. Generally, when requirements to the chosen computer, so to say, are low, these components are not so important. But took the direction on a choice of more or less productive computer at which both to work, and it is possible to play without any stutters.
We choose the computer, part 1 Computers
Выбираем компьютер, часть 1The choice of the computer is a task on which decision depends: first, saving of money, and secondly, reliable and long-term work of the electronic friend. Therefore will give general information about opportunities of the personal computer in a cycle of the articles and a number of a practical advice which will allow you to make a right choice upon its purchase.
Control the Internet on two computers Internet and networks
Настройка Интернет на два компьютераLet's assume that you possess 2 computers, and you need to communicate quickly between them, to use the general resources, such as the printer, the scanner, etc., and, of course, to have the general Internet access. The local network is capable to solve all these and many other problems.
Review of PlayStation 3 Computers
Обзор PlayStation 3Play Station 3 – new "breath" in the world of consoles. The prefix was announced in May, 2005 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo exhibition. For the first time PS 3 was available to testing for TGS 2006. will try to tell about those opportunities which are given by PlayStation 3 from Sony.
Outlook Express control Programs
Настройка Outlook ExpressToday the most popular e-mail client is MS Outlook Express that is not surprising as this program is included into the standard Windows set. The only difficulty which follows ways of the ordinary user is a setting up the program.
The best mobile phones of 2007 Mobile and cell phones
Лучшие мобильные телефоны 2007 годаChoice of the mobile phone – a difficult task. Different producers offer different functions of phones which sometimes it is difficult to inhabitant to understand. Price range – too is rather wide. And when you reflect on acquisition of new phone, it is necessary to weigh the mass of factors before the choice falls on this or that model.
The most expensive mobile phones Mobile and cell phones
Самые дорогие мобильные телефоныNow any can find the mobile phone model suitable it, both on functionality, and at cost. Range of the prices of mobile phones is rather wide: from several ten dollars and to astronomical figures. In this article will tell about the most expensive mobile phones.
How to establish and adjust Jimm Mobile and cell phones
Как установить и настроить JimmThis time we will try to help you to establish on the mobile ICQ client of Jimm. will try to capture as much as possible important questions connected with installation and the Jimm'a control, to prompt all possible solutions of the problems arising thus.
How to choose a PDA, other characteristics PDA
Как выбрать КПК, прочие характеристикиUnder the previous articles "We Choose a PDA, the Importance of the Screen" and "PDA Choice, Processor and Accumulator", you for certain already decided on what productivity want to receive from a PDA. Now business approached other characteristics of the pocket computer as far as they are useful and necessary to each certain user.
PDA choice, processor and accumulator PDA
Выбор КПК, процессор и аккумуляторThe PDA choice, even, despite rather small choice, is not so easy as it would seem. It is enough disputes between already present users. We saw it, having begun only with the importance of the screen at a PDA choice. And after all still there is also a mass of other important characteristics which needs also to be considered.
We choose a PDA, the importance of the screen PDA
Выбираем КПК, значимость экранаFor those who stopped the choice on purchase of a PDA, and this material is planned. Let's try to focus attention on the most interesting models of the developed market of pocket computers, and to allocate highlights necessary at a choice.
How to choose the scanner Computers
Как выбрать сканерPassed those times when the printing text (we will assume from the magazine) to transfer it to an electronic format (the Vordovsky document), sat for hours (if not in the for days, depending on text volume) and manually gathered. The scanner, as well as almost any electronics today, became available.
How to choose the LCD monitor Computers
Как выбрать ЖК-мониторLiquid crystal monitors succeeded already habitual ELT-monitors. With what it is connected? First, with availability. The prices fell to impossibility today. And that there was chic, now a norm of a complete set of computer park of the enterprises earlier.
Possibilities of Windows Vista Programs
Возможности Windows VistaIn the previous article about Windows Vista we learned that the new operating system represents. In the second part there was a wish to tell about other most useful and interesting opportunities of OS. And of course, we will raise all the exciting question of the price of the Windows Vista installation.
Windows Vista - the first steps Programs
Windows Vista - первые шагиAfter several years of work of Microsoft put on the market the new Windows Vista operating system. Whether the purpose of this article to help to understand it is worth installing a new operating system, what advantages it gives and what requirements to hardware are minimum necessary.
Review of ASUS P525 Mobile and cell phones
Обзор ASUS P525So, to me the device under the name ASUS P525 got to pads. I will try to tell that in it was pleasant to me and that is not present.
In total about Palm OS PDA
Всё о Palm OSEarlier we considered two operating systems for mobile Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, there were two more Palm and Linux. Today I suggest to talk about Palm OS.
In total about Windows Mobile Mobile and cell phones
Всё о Windows MobileWindows Mobile — very compact operating system for mobile devices created on the basis of Microsoft Win32 API. Under supervision of this operating system the following devices work: Pocket PC, smartphones, communicators. Having heard Windows Mobile, many speak is that? That? Which at me in a computer?!
In total about Symbian OS Mobile and cell phones
Всё о Symbian OSOnce very long time ago, in age-old times there were Psion computers (someone, perhaps, remembers them, and someone and worked for them). They were created in the Psion company and worked to the Epoc operating system. This company in the commonwealth with Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola also developed the EPOC 32 operating system (Symbian OS).
That it is better to buy the smartphone (communicator) or Kpk+telefon PDA
Что лучше купить смартфон (коммуникатор) или КПК+телефонNow in increasing frequency when breaks, the little mobile friend that is phone bothers or is lost, people have a hard choice. More and more the mobile companies release smartphones and communicators, along with ordinary phones, even more often phones carry out many various functions.
Repair of monitors in the service centers Computers
Ремонт мониторов в сервисных центрахThe monitor – one of main compound the computer. And as any equipment at any time can break, then you should handle the monitor in repair. Independently to try to adjust its work it is not recommended, in particular, if the monitor is on a guarantee.
How to choose the smartphone Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать смартфонUntil recently the pocket portable computer (PPC) which is built in the mobile phone was associated with the huge, massive device inconvenient in use. But recently with the advent of new technologies there were much more gracefully, more conveniently and more clearly devices which received the nice name – the smartphone.
As it is correct to choose the best laptop Computers
Как правильно выбрать лучший ноутбукTo buy the laptop – a task not from simple, and it is necessary to approach the solution of this question not less seriously, than acquisition of any other equipment. As well as in case of purchase of the desktop computer in many respects at a choice the attention to technical characteristics of the laptop is paid.
How to choose mobile (cellular) phone Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать мобильный (сотовый) телефонDemand for mobile phones steadily grows. And therefore producers even more often let out new models that gives the chance to choose from the simply and cheap to expensive image mobile phone stuffed with various functions and additional opportunities.
Printer choice according to characteristics Computers
Выбор принтера по характеристикамThe choice of the printer does not come to an end on type of the used technologies of the press. After all the same type of the printer even at one producer is presented by a wide number of models. Each model in turn gives various opportunities on the speed and quality of the press, a color rendition and other characteristics that, of course, is reflected in the printer price.
Printer choice Computers
Выбор принтераAt a choice of the printer there is a question which to choose. After all producers offer the models possessing various quality and speed of the press with a different volume of the built-in memory. And also at a choice it is important to consider compatibility of the printer with your computer (possibility of connection) and a necessary operating system.
How to choose the monitor Computers
Как выбрать мониторBuying the computer, it is worth taking care and of as what to choose the monitor. As a rule, its cost makes one third of all price, and thus it will serve not one year. Therefore consults at once to choose the good monitor corresponding to your requirements even having saved part of money on the system unit.
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