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Useful tips on sale, purchase and repair of new and second-hand cars. Info about technical characteristics, the device, tuning, painting and spare parts on different models.
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Sale and purchase of a car15
How not to fall asleep at a wheel To the motorist
Как не уснуть за рулемThe car is a convenience and mobility. But except advantages there are also shortcomings – opportunity to fall asleep at a wheel, to lose vigilance and to get into road accident. will tell about the simple receptions allowing to cheer up to the tired driver.
Female cars Sale and purchase of a car
Женские автомобилиIt earlier the concept "woman" and "car" were perceived by society as something extraordinary. Today the modern woman it is obligatory for the autolady who is able to dump heels in time surely to press on gas.
"Drowned woman" on wheels – how to define Sale and purchase of a car
«Утопленница» на колесах – как определитьNow all to a bowl on car markets where cars with run are offered, there are so-called "drowned women". Unfair owners offer the car which earlier, in view of certain circumstances, was under water.
How to choose disks a remark and in what their feature? Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать диски реплика и в чем их особенности?The question of change of disks or tires is particularly acute for any motorist. On the one hand change of tires depending on a season and their wear is a guarantee of safety and comfortable driving. Change of disks – opportunity to allocate the car and to give to originality to appearance. On the other hand, both that, and another considerably beats under the budget.
The tire calculator and other cunnings upon rubber purchase Spare parts and accessories
Шинный калькулятор и другие хитрости при покупке резиныOn the Internet there are hundreds of articles on a right choice of wheels and accessories for cars today. But despite it, each motorist on border of a winter or summer season faces a problem of a pereobuvaniye of the iron favourite.
Transmission choice for a car Spare parts and accessories
Выбор коробки передач для автоThe number of cars on streets grows before the eyes. No wonder that at a choice of "an iron horse" there is a mass of various questions. A transmission in a car – one of the most discussed points. It would seem, everything is simple – it is necessary to work at mechanics as hands and feet, and on the machine gun it is enough to move the selector in the mode D and quietly to go.
How to buy tires and not to regret? Spare parts and accessories
Как купить шины и не пожалеть? Automobile tires can be compared to footwear. They and function carry out similar, and characteristics to them are shown the corresponding. In a case if automobile tires are picked up incorrectly, it will be reflected and in comfort of a driving, and in its safety.
Limitation periods on penalties of traffic police To the motorist
Сроки давности по штрафам ГИБДДEach driver has to know about the rights concerning payment of penalties of traffic police, and also responsibility for their failure to pay. According to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences it is provided a number of cases when penalties can not be paid. Besides, all penalties which are written out to you it is possible to see online for today. Even if you try to go by rules, this information can be for you useful.
Car seats for children. How to distinguish a fake? To the motorist
Автокресла для детей. Как отличить подделку?The fixing device for children, according to the existing rules, is the necessary equipment for transportation of little passengers. Respectively, demand for such products grows every day that leads to emergence in shops of the low-quality fakes which are given out for firm goods. Our councils can protect you and your child from serious danger.
How to buy Rio KIA or other car "by rules" Sale and purchase of a car
Как купить Киа Рио или другое авто «по правилам»Purchase of a car — this sign event for each motorist, and is unimportant, whether there will be it the first in life car or next "change of horses", whether is decided to buy the newcomer Rio KIA or the car "with the biography". But today we will talk about subtleties and nuances which should be remembered, receiving the car in car showroom.
In the car showroom Citroen behind the second family car: nuances of a choice Sale and purchase of a car
В автосалон Ситроен за вторым семейным авто: нюансы выбораAs paradoxically it sounds, the question of purchase of the second family car for the wife often rises more sharply and more actually, than acquisition of the first. After all on it the most part of daily trips — for work, in kindergartens, schools, circles and sections, purchase of products and shopping, visits to friends and relatives is necessary. So, with what to begin a choice of "a working horse"?
Insurance policies of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE – the thought-over approach to insurance To the motorist
Страховые полисы КАСКО – продуманный подход к страхованиюIn the Russian market there is an impressive choice of offers on insurance in the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE format, thus insurance conditions in the different companies strongly differ from each other. Often only the skilled insurance broker in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation can help to sign really favorable insurance contract with the company having faultless professional reputation.
How to learn to drive the car in the city To the motorist
Как научиться водить машину в городеIf started reading this article, so at least, are interested to drive the car in the near future. The vehicle, the driver's license is, skills of driving are not present – a situation classical. For the beginning driver the short and intelligible explanation of the main nuances matters. We now will also be engaged in it. There can be the sure city driver everyone.
Operation of the car with akpp To the motorist
Эксплуатация автомобиля с акппIt is no secret that to operate the car equipped with AKPP it is much simpler, than "mechanics". However, those who the first time took the wheel of such car, steadily met certain difficulties. The automatic transmission – the most difficult element of the car, and leaving it demands the corresponding.
Removable toning by the hands To the motorist
Съемная тонировка своими рукамиQuite recently there was a law which forbids to tint car windshields. But there is no need to be upset as there is a way out. Some handymen thought up removable toning, to make which in house conditions does not make big work! It is the simple sheet of thin, transparent plastic on which the tonirovochny film is glued.
Diagnostics of the engine To the motorist
Диагностика двигателяWhether diagnostics and if yes, that for what it is carried out is necessary in general? The engine is a difficult mechanism which can long and smoothly work only at appropriate leaving. To be sure of its working order, as well as for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary through certain periods or run of the car to carry out diagnostics of the engine.
We choose a children's automobile chair To the motorist
Выбираем детское автомобильное креслоToday already there is no need to prove to parents that for safety the child in the car has to sit in a children's car seat. But its purchase is interfaced to a choice from the numerous brands and models considerably differing at the price, quality and appearance. Let's try understand, what parameters are really important at a choice of an automobile chair.
Features of a choice of car DVRs Spare parts and accessories
Особенности выбора автомобильных видеорегистраторовVideo recorders for motorists are one of the most useful devices. They are capable not only to conduct full statistics of the movement, but also to protect the car from vandals, and the driver from unpleasant talk with inspectors, penalties and even prison. Only not each motorist can make a right choice therefore it is worth understanding everything attentively.
Policy of OSGPO and cancellation of checkup To the motorist
Полис ОСГПО и отмена техосмотраIn the middle of August change in the law of Ukraine on traffic which cancels obligatory passing of checkup comes into force. Drivers breathe sigh of relief: after all the middle end of summer – traditional time of passing of checkup to previous years. Together with it in car insurance are coming some other changes about which it is useful to know.
Independent installation of a washer of headlights Spare parts and accessories
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фарDirt on headlights is not terrible during daylight hours for obvious reasons at all, and here in the dark the situation is where is worse. Even small pollution significantly weakens a light stream from headlights that strongly worsens visibility. Fortunately, there is an exit – to establish a washer of headlights! It does not guarantee absolute purity, but considerably will improve a situation and will increase comfort.
Independent installation of biksenonovy lenses Spare parts and accessories
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линзEach car owner at least once faced a problem of shortage of illumination of the road at a driving to a night-time. It actually a problem, but solved – change or completion of optics. And the most perspective direction of modernization of automobile optics - installation of biksenonovy lamps or biksenonovy lenses - that with skills on forces and most.
How to avoid road accident? To the motorist
Как избежать ДТП?So, whether it is possible to avoid so unpleasant event or it after all inevitability? Here also we will try to answer this, very ambiguous question. At least, we will try to find out how to make probability of it less. And so, if to trust statistics, the road accident reasons, it is possible to draw a conclusion what it is possible to avoid it in most cases.
Non-standard installation of anticreeping system To the motorist
Нестандартная установка противоугонной системыAlready you will surprise nobody with existence of the alarm system in the car. Unfortunately, not strongly are surprised with its existence and those who makes illegal actions. Of course, there is no panacea from stealing, unless if you have no car. But it is possible, to complicate a task, so to win time. For a start let's understand for what the autoalarm system and what its efficiency is necessary.
Councils for a wash of the car To the motorist
Советы по мойке автомобиляThe car though is not so exacting to purity, but too needs periodic cleaning. Of course, if you wash the iron horse on a sink HUNDRED, this article not necessary can seem to you, but you should not close a window of your browser. Perhaps, your expensive car is washed incorrectly and it is worth looking for other station. So, why to wash a car?
How to choose the charging starting arrangement Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать зарядно-пусковое устройствоAnd you know, what unites the car and the cell phone? Correctly! They are united by existence of the accumulator. And to them rather often there is such misfortune as their category that leads to impossibility of use of the device equipped with the accumulator. In these cases you will be come to the rescue by the chargers (C).
Insurance of the car: CMTPL and COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE To the motorist
Страхование автомобиля: ОСАГО и КАСКОInsurance of the car today one of the most topical issues for each motorist. The increased volume of cars, and together with them and accidents, disposes to seriously to reflect how to compensate itself damage after road accident or to pay off with the owner of expensive foreign car if you inadvertently scratched it "an iron horse".
Councils for operation of the accumulator To the motorist
Советы по эксплуатации аккумулятораHere you bought the accumulator, and what further? If nevterpezh, it is already possible to put and use. Happens that such need arises in way at sudden failure of the old battery (B). But, if does not "burn", then it is better to wait a little more that guarantees the correct and long operation.
How to choose the automobile accumulator Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать автомобильный аккумуляторThat accumulators are one of the main details for many devices is already for anybody not a secret, but here what it is better and as it is correctly to use them, it still is a subject for discussions. But for a start after all it is necessary to present, and that it for an animal such – the accumulator. Let's glance in the automobile accumulator.
Councils for operation of the car in the winter To the motorist
Советы по эксплуатации автомобиля зимойIn the winter landing the car becomes inconvenient because of bulky warm clothes. And comfortableness not at height, when glasses in hoarfrost, and in salon kolotun. But if you already implemented all our recommendations and made a car ready for the winter, and inside warmly, and ice is not terrible. Here the car fully equipped would seem, but you should not fall into euphoria.
Preparation of the car for winter, ch.3 To the motorist
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.3It is necessary to prepare the car in advance, when still warmly. We already covered the most part of process of preparation of the car by winter in the previous articles. However, and there is more to come. Out of a field of our attention there were not less important a system of heating, system of ignition and the accumulator. Also we will begin with it rather we will continue to speak about preparation of your car for winter.
Preparation of the car for winter, ch.2 To the motorist
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.2As it is known the winter period of year leaves a certain mark on operation of the car. Change not only road conditions, but also kind of work of the engine, knots and units. In the maintenance instruction of the Russian cars it is proud it appears – the temperature range of operation of the car from minus 40 °C. But by detailed consideration it will cause laughter.
Preparation of the car for winter, p.1 To the motorist
Подготовка автомобиля к зиме, ч.1Not far off winter? Then you, maybe, already were also late with preparation of the car for this severe time of the city. As they say, it is necessary to prepare sledge in the summer. It is practical and more pleasantly, than on a frost. By consideration of problems of winter operation of a car of will be guided by average values – moderate humidity and temperature to minus 30 °C.
Service regulations of the gas cylinder car To the motorist
Правила эксплуатации газобаллонного автомобиляHere you became the happy owner of the gas cylinder car but how now to include this gas? And how it is correctly to make it? Needless to say that the cylinder has to be filled with gas. How many to fill and how? Give about everything one after another.
GBO installation: what, where and how? Spare parts and accessories
Установка ГБО: что, где и как?So, you were interested by the GBO installation on your car as the economic enterprise. But if before business with it had no, for certain vaguely represent that, where and as. Let's try to take up all these questions rather in detail. And first of all we will tell that enters into the gas cylinder equipment, about its main knots.
Pluses and minuses of installation of gas on a car To the motorist
Плюсы и минусы установки газа на автоThere is a set of ways to save fuel. No, be not frightened or do not rejoice, at us hydrogen, alcohol or electricity is not used yet, but gas mix of propane and butane is already for a long time used, and recently gains distribution also natural gas – methane. Here also let's deal with gasification of vehicle fleet of the country.
How to choose engine oil Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать моторное маслоEveryone who has a car, especially, those who got it recently, are interested how to ensure long and reliable functioning of the engine. One of the key moments is timely replacement of oil. Especially it is important to know it that who bought the second-hand car or, on the contrary, to what brand new and brilliant machine gathers for first THAT.
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.3 (crossover and amplifier) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.3 (кроссовер и усилитель)After the quantity of components of autoacoustics and a place of their arrangement is defined, it is necessary to think of their connection to an audiosignal. For this purpose we need two types of devices. One of them the amplifier who serves for strengthening of low level of a signal, and another – the crossover which serves for division of frequencies according to channels of acoustics.
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.2 (subwoofer) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.2 (сабвуфер) already told about Basic Elements of automobile acoustics. Also, one of important components of high-quality sounding is good reproduction of low frequencies. Such device as a subwoofer also intends for these purposes just. It represents the separate speaker system for reproduction of low frequencies (20-100gts).
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, p.1 (loudspeakers) Auto sound
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.1 (динамики)Before going to car service for autoacoustics installation, it is necessary to have at least small idea of where and that you want to place. It will help fitters to understand that you eventually want from them. The correct installation of loudspeakers will be the decisive link defining quality of all speaker system.
Polishing of a body of the car To the motorist
Полировка кузова автомобиляPolishing of a body of the car is not only giving to the car of excellent appearance, but also elimination of microcracks, scratches, removal of the smallest roughnesses of a covering and protection of a covering it external factors. Period of validity of polishing will depend on many factors, but about 6 months on average will last.
Forward drive or back Sale and purchase of a car
Передний привод или заднийLike to argue in our people, do not feed with bread – let's express. Here and question: "What cars it is better, with the forward drive or with back?" – too very hot. Generally, decided to get here and to clear up. Having analysed all pluses and minuses, I think, everyone will be able to choose to himself the car, considering the financial opportunities and requirements.
Review of Japanese cars, part 3 Sale and purchase of a car
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 3Some readers will be dissatisfied with that cars of the Mazda and Subaru brand took the last places in our review. But we hurry to calm: cars are considered in decreasing order of popularity of brand. published information on those brands in which were interested the greatest number of Internet users, first of all.
Review of Japanese cars, part 2 Sale and purchase of a car
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 2Throughout the review of Japanese cars, we will tell about advantages and defects of cars from a model range of two more giants of Japanese automotive industry – the Honda and Mitsubishi companies. The majority of the models presented in the review, in fact, are restyling versions, but not everything is so unambiguous.
Review of Japanese cars, part 1 Sale and purchase of a car
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 1We in increasing frequency see Japanese cars on the Russian roads. And it with an ulterior motive, after all the trust to Japanese production is huge. In the review we decided to consider 20 cars of 6 various Japanese brands which had the greatest popularity on the Internet (by amount of inquiries in search engines).
Minivan choice to 12 thousand c.u., part 2 Sale and purchase of a car
Выбор минивэна до 12 тыс. у.е., часть 2If all of you do not decide on purchase of a minivan yet, I want to expand your choice and to tell about one three of a car which, should not leave you indifferent and you surely stop the choice on any of them. Well, you I will not weary and I will at once start the review of three handsome: Kia Joice, Renault Scenic, Ford C-MAX.
Minivan choice to 12 thousand c.u., part 1 Sale and purchase of a car
Выбор минивэна до 12 тыс. у.е., часть 1In this review of will stop on a choice of a usual minivan. They not such capacious as family minibuses, but nevertheless they have a number of advantages. I will try to tell about each minivan as much as possible. And if you wanted to buy a small avtobusnik, after reading the choice of a minivan will be more than transparent.
Useful tips to the beginning drivers To the motorist
Полезные советы начинающим водителямAt last there were behind examinations in driving school and a disturbing trip with the inspector of traffic police. The brand new car waits for you near the house and invitingly blinks headlights, inviting in a trip. The head is full theoretical knowledge about rendering medical aid at road accident, and heart is flooded with determination to go to the first independent trip.
Replacement of a wheel: rules and councils Spare parts and accessories
Замена колеса: правила и советыMany of you, dear readers of have a car. Our roads – can seriously tickle nerves. What only mucks does not roll here. All this can easily put a wheel out of action or is banal to punch it. And what to do in this case? Naturally, to change a wheel. How to do it, will prompt in this article.
Councils upon purchase of the second-hand car Sale and purchase of a car
Советы при покупке подержанного автомобиляEach person, whether it be the student or the businessman, thinks of that, as if to buy to himself the four-wheel friend. But the majority of us cannot come at once to salon and buy the new car therefore it is necessary to choose from the second-hand. What is necessary in order that at a choice of the car which was in the use not to buy a cat in "bag"?
How to drive the car from Vladivostok Sale and purchase of a car
Как пригнать машину из ВладивостокаIn this article I will tell you how independently to drive the car from Vladivostok. This subject to me was cast by the cousin who lives there. It arrived to me to stay for a while by car. And for one to sell this car by which came. It appeared that most not difficult to drive the car from Vladivostok if you know where and when to go.
Prearranged signals among drivers To the motorist
Условные сигналы среди водителейYou take the wheel of the new car and rush on the highway. Suddenly the driver passing by gave a signal to you twice, that goes behind, turned on a driving beam of headlights. What occurs? Without panic. gives the detailed instruction on the alarm alphabet for the beginning motorists.
How to avoid deception in car showroom Sale and purchase of a car
Как избежать обмана в автосалонеSpecialists in consumer protection claim that zhulnichestvo at sale of the motor transport occurs very much that nobody is insured. And let it is impossible to secure itself against swindlers for 100%, but to be saved from the most widespread schemes of deception it is possible. And will help you with it.
How to protect the car from stealing To the motorist
Как защитить автомобиль от угонаAccording to statistical data in the world each 10 seconds steal on the car. And any car can be stolen. That your iron horse did not appear in others hands, read this article from Here you learn how hijack cars and when, and also about merits and demerits of anticreeping systems.
With what tuning begins To the motorist
С чего начинается тюнингEach happy owner of the four-wheel friend reflects sooner or later how to improve these or those characteristics of the car. In total there are three main options of tuning – a styling, technical tuning and tuning musical. In this article will consider each of them.
Choice and installation of the autoalarm system Spare parts and accessories
Выбор и установка автосигнализацииThere are different ways of protection of the car against stealing: from the simplest mechanical locks of a wheel or pedals to difficult electronic automobile security complexes. will tell in this article how it is correct to choose and install the autoalarm system.
Toning of the car: from a choice to a sticker To the motorist
Тонировка автомобиля: от выбора до наклейкиToday the Russian market is filled with various tonirovochny films from China, Korea and Malaysia. The price of these products 200 rubles do not go beyond. But to glue these semi-handicraft films on glasses of the car I did not advise you. decided that once again to tell about tonings of glasses of a favourite car, it will be extremely useful.
Choice of color of the car To the motorist
Выбор цвета автомобиляAt the time of total deficiency, not so far, but already sunk into oblivion, the car, contrary to Ostap Bender's words, was more luxury, than a vehicle. But now times changed, and upon purchase of the car the buyer is guided not only his brand, technical characteristics, but also color.
Than to be engaged in traffic jams To the motorist
Чем заняться в пробкахPeople did not manage to forget about turns of the period of socialism as other turns – about the traffic light succeeded, before narrow congress about routes, turn because of road accident. Yes, the speech about traffic jams. Alas, as kalamburno it does not sound, but traffic jams densely entered life of the modern inhabitant of the megalopolis.
Myths about the Russian tires Spare parts and accessories
Мифы о российских шинахIn this article we literally will dispel myths about the Russian producers of tires and quality of their production. Thereby we want to open eyes on a real situation in the Russian market of automotive industry and to increase opinion on domestic producers of tires.
The most expensive cars Sale and purchase of a car
Самые дорогие машиныIt is possible to tell with confidence that at most of inhabitants at the sight of the car which is allocated from crowd the first thought flashes: "And how many "it" costs?" We will try to understand, how many can cost the car, naturally, not "Zaporozhets" or "Muscovite", and what it is accepted to call "supercar".
How to choose summer tires Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать летние шиныWith approach of spring motorists get up before a problem of a choice of summer tires for the car. After all safety of the driver and passengers in many respects depends on quality of rubber. Road conditions in the winter and in the summer considerably differ. Therefore use of winter rubber in the summer, as well as is unsafe in the summer winter. Will help to understand subtleties of a choice of summer tires to drivers in this article.
How to reduce fuel consumption, we learn to save To the motorist
Как уменьшить расход топлива, учимся экономитьIt is possible to reduce fuel consumption. And thus, even without resorting to any sophisticated methods. Long ago it is noticed that when different drivers use the same car, various fuel consumption as a result turns out. Therefore, fuel consumption depends not only on a make of the car, but also on many other factors.
What to choose winter tires Spare parts and accessories
Какие выбрать зимние шиныArrival of winter for motorists is not only snow and a frost. This also immemorial turmoil – preparation of the car for an adverse season. The car on the snow-covered road will keep how surely or at ice will depend in many respects on winter tires.
How to choose the autoradio tape recorder Auto sound
Как выбрать автомагнитолуAny modern car does not do without musical system. On all new cars already in a basic complete set are established the radio tape recorder together with columns. Quality of such system depends, first of all, on car level. Every year producers of automobile audio equipment let out more and more models of autoradio tape recorders, both budgetary, and equipped so to speak "against the stop".
How to choose the car Sale and purchase of a car
Как выбрать автомобильChoice and purchase of the car – quite difficult task: first, it demands from you certain monetary expenses, and in secondly, to decide on requirements to technical characteristics, the provided level of safety and comfort, and, of course, to a car class.
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