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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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How to keep on a diet Hygiene of food
Как удержаться на диетеSo, you were solved: it is necessary to grow thin. Diet this quite painful occupation. It is possible to tell, transition to a diet introduces changes not only in your figure, but also in an image of your life in general. How to keep how to reduce unpleasant feelings and in general how to turn a diet into pleasant competition with itself which will come to the end with your victory - on these and other questions will give you the answer of
Exercises for eyes The other
Упражнения для глазFeelings as if in eyes filled sand are familiar to all of us. It by all means comes after long reading the book, after long work on the computer. Yes, your eyes were tired and demand restoration. will tell how to fight against dryness, an inflammation, irritation and fatigue of eyes by means of exercises and the weakening massage.
First-aid treatment at changes The other
Оказание первой помощи при переломахYou go, look around, poskalzyvatsya and fall on a hand or are even worse – sit down on a foot, as a result – the closed fracture of a hand or foot. How to work at least to relieve pain so far eat to the next first-aid post? Today in article for the magazine we will consider, what rules of first aid you can render to the victim at a change.
That Kim Protasov's diet gives Hygiene of food
Что дает диета Кима ПротасоваWhat food is provided by Kim Protasov's diet, on what results it is possible to count and whether it is possible to use in general it – about it and will tell today. Consider that, as well as any diet, it has the restrictions, and whether they will suit you, you solve, and it is better previously having consulted with the doctor.
First aid at burns The other
Первая помощь при ожогахExists some type of burns: thermal, electrothermal, solar and chemical burns. Rules for first-aid treatment at this or that look are also various. Today in article for the magazine we will in detail stop on consideration of rules of first-aid treatment at burns.
Treatment of prostatitis Diseases
Лечение простатитаProstatitis – quite frequent disease disturbing men age of 25 years and more. According to about a half of the man's population in the middle age have a chronic form of prostatitis. In this article would like to acquaint you with the matter, having told about the possible reasons and the course of treatment of prostatitis.
The most harmful products Hygiene of food
Самые вредные продуктыOften it happens that the most tasty products are also the most harmful. In this article will tell about products which are harmful to our organism, will acquaint you with the accustoming mechanism to harmful products and will explain the reason of many diseases caused by improper feeding.
The most useful products Hygiene of food
Самые полезные продуктыNutritionists of the whole world conduct disputes on to this day what products are useful to health, and in what food it is better to refrain from the use. This dispute of hundreds of years, but concerning advantage of some products all doctors and nutritionists unanimously agree in opinion. publishes for you the list of the most useful products.
Treatment of pancreatitis Diseases
Лечение панкреатитаPancreatitis – a disease at which there is a pancreas inflammation therefore its functioning is broken. The pancreas is behind and slightly lower than a stomach. Its main function – production of the pancreatic juice necessary for digestion of food. Therefore at pancreatitis first of all digestion process is broken.
The Kremlin diet – to grow thin on sausage and cheese! Hygiene of food
Кремлевская диета – похудеть на колбасе и сыре!How to grow thin if you like to eat densely before going to bed? What to do, if vegetables, kefir, buckwheat – not for you? And, at last, how not to starve to death the growing thin man who meatless do not imagine life? On all these questions one answer – the Kremlin diet!
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