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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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Exercises with a bar Exercises
Упражнения со штангойFor accumulation of muscle bulk of a thorax, a triceps and a humeral belt exercises reckon with a bar as the most effective way. But not all know that power occupations help to pump up a press, muscles of hips and a back. Important plus is also what it is possible to be engaged with this apparatus not only in a gym, but also at home.
Tibetan hormonal gymnastics Exercises
Тибетская гормональная гимнастикаRecently the contingent of visitors of district clinics considerably looked younger. Not reached also 30 years people complain of problems not peculiar to such age with health: someone is hurt by a back, someone suffers from sleeplessness, and at someone already and pressure plays pranks. What happens to us and whether it is possible to rectify such deplorable state of affairs independently?
Advantage and harm of a protein Sports goods
Польза и вред протеинаEvery year people even more often reflect on the health. The correct way of life, the balanced food and daily trainings in the sports hall became norm. For those who seeks for achievement of certain results, actual is a question: whether it is possible to apply a protein to build up muscle bulk, and so it is harmful to a human body.
Dances for weight loss Exercises
Танцы для похуденияPeople treat dances differently. For one people they become meaning of life and a means of livelihood over time, others simply train and dance in the pleasure. But there is also such category of people to whom dances actively help to fight against excess centimeters on a waist.
Bikram of the yogi for beginners Exercises
Бикрам йога для начинающихTo clear a body and soul, to take off fatigue after intense day of work, to tighten muscles, to find former ease, and at the same time also to visit a sauna – each woman dreams of it. But where to find so much time that all to be in time? The exit is – it is possible to try a new technique of clarification of a body with the help to yoga bikra.
As it is correct to twist a hoop Exercises
Как правильно крутить обручThe sports exercise machine familiar to much a hoop, women use in fight against excess weight. A wasp waist and the tightened buttocks – here to what it is possible to come if every day to twist a hoop. It is possible to become really more harmonous by means of such easy way? Many girls cannot still believe in efficiency of this sports exercise machine. How to learn to twist a hoop? We will also talk about it.
Remedial gymnastics for a backbone Exercises
Лечебная гимнастика для позвоночникаThe complexes of physical exercises developed by medical specialists directed on treatment and prevention of diseases of an organism are called as remedial gymnastics. The gymnastics helps to get rid of problems with joints, bones, muscle strain etc. In this article we will consider one of the hottest topics – remedial gymnastics for a backbone.
Technology of performance of exercises of a burpa Exercises
Техника выполнения упражнений бурпиIf you from those who continued watches the body and always wants to look at height, but time for sports halls catastrophically is not enough, exercises of a burpa are developed for you. You should not buy expensive exercise machines and to sit on wonderful diets, for this purpose there is enough your body and several minutes of free time.
Exercises with the weight Exercises
Упражнения с гирейMany experts surely claim if you want to build up muscle bulk – play kettlebell sports. And it is an excellent way not only to build muscles, but also to strengthen a wrist, elbow joints, to develop endurance and to adjust work of cardiovascular system.
How to pump up a biceps Exercises
Как накачать бицепсProbably, there is no person who would not want to have a beautiful body. All know that the ideal form can be reached thanks to sports activities. And it is worth looking at fine figures of people, at once there is a desire to become same as they. Perfectly put figures of athletes, their relief muscles cause admiration in a female half of mankind and envy at men.
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