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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Instruction on Donormil's application Drugs
Инструкция по применению ДонормилаAll of us know how good sound sleep is important for our organism. If it was succeeded to sleep moreover and the sweet dream dreamed, day usually develops successfully. But what to do if you already "counted" not one ten lambs, diligently tried to remove with "whisk" from the head all thoughts, and the dream everything does not come? Perhaps, it is necessary to resort to a preparation Donormil if it is in your home first-aid kit.
Treatment of an illness of Shlyatter Diseases
Лечение болезни ШляттераThe science christened the wrong growth and development of a tibial bone of a shin because of its defective food Osguda-Shlyatter's illness in honor of the doctor who determined by one of the first and described its symptomatology.
Sab Simpleks for newborns Drugs
Саб Симплекс для новорождённыхPractically all newborns are disturbed from time to time by very unpleasant feelings - intestinal gripes. Can help crying to the baby the carminative means intended for improvement of an otkhozhdeniye of gases, acceleration of their exit from intestines. Many mothers in such cases give to babies Sab Simpleks.
Fitomutsil's application Drugs
Применение ФитомуцилаTo improve a functional condition of a digestive tract, to get rid of locks, extra kilos it is possible, having resorted to natural means under the name "Fitomutsil". After all if intestines work accurately and harmoniously, and weight will be in norm. About what benefit brings this means of what it consists as to use it – read in our article.
Treatment by shock and wave therapy The other
Лечение ударно-волновой терапиейThe shock wave – the powerful force, which energy is capable to have beneficial influence on a human body. The shock and wave method of treatment was mastered relatively recently. For the first time the medicine "bridled" force of invisible waves in the eighties of the last century. Today wave treatment is applied successfully in the sphere of orthopedics, traumatology, urology and cosmetology.
Treatment of a vaginit Gynecology
Лечение вагинитаFor designation of the permanent inflammatory reaction in a vagina caused by certain reasons, doctors quite often use two equivalent terms – vaginit also a colpitis. The illness is shown suddenly: an itch, burning and painful discomfort during an urination.
How to choose an aspirator for the newborn The other
Как выбрать аспиратор для новорождённогоThe mucous membrane covering the small nasal courses of the baby is very gentle. It is struck quite often by ubiquitous bacteria and viruses while the organism of the baby only just starts adapting in conditions, new to it. What to do if at the kid the nose is so put by pathogenic slime, what it is difficult for it to suck a mother's breast and to sleep? For similar situations it is useful to have a nasal aspirator in the first-aid kit.
First aid at a stroke The other
Первая помощь при инсультеThe stroke is extremely life-threatening phenomenon, and from that, how fast you will react and will give first aid, the further destiny of the victim will depend. Knowledge of first-aid treatment at a stroke will be useful not only if near you there live elderly people – perhaps, you will manage to save life of absolutely unfamiliar passerby on the street …
Baneotsin's application Drugs
Применение БанеоцинаAt times we should face in life scratches, wounds, burns, grazes … Especially often children need to process similar damages of integuments. But as they do not love those means that cause feeling of a poshchipyvaniye! Iodine, hydrogen peroxide, "brilliant green" belong to such means.
Treatment of a tendinit Diseases
Лечение тендинитаLife is arranged so that the skeletal and muscular system of any person, especially the athlete, is exposed every day to mechanical loadings. Sometimes there are microinjuries of sinews or muscles, connecting fabric, capillaries. If after loading good rest follows, the damaged fabrics begin to live, are restored. If it is not enough rest, the microtrauma can turn in tendinit.
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