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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Fibonacci's indicator Currency market
Индикатор ФибоначчиMy harmful passion to researches, relieved me not of one deposit. Why I do it? To learn to trade so that to be in the market not every day, and less than 3 hours in day. It is desirable minutes 15-20. And to have profit trading in exclusively postponed warrants, as much as possible. Possibility of profitable trade provides Fibonacci's indicator.
Purposes and problems of marketing activity Business and finance
Цели и задачи маркетинговой деятельностиThe purposes and problems of marketing activity have something in common with common goals and problems of functioning of the enterprise. Marketing activity has to promote development of the enterprise in the chosen direction therefore its purposes are direct reflection of the general mission of the company. The main thing that between the chosen directions of development there was a communication.
How to become the trader (councils to beginners) Currency market
Как стать трейдером (советы начинающим)In work of the trader I liked a lot of things. First, it is opportunity to work at home behind the favourite computer, the free schedule, any to you chiefs. Secondly, work, certainly, the interesting. Thirdly, there can be a trader only very disciplined person. It must be kept in mind that the trader to become much simpler, than the trader to be.
Establishment and contest of paternity Legal issues
Установление и оспаривание отцовстваPresently establishment of the one who will reckon as the child's father with all from this the following legal consequences, is in details regulated by a set of legal instructions, to understand which artful designs without special preparation not always happens simply. The speech about establishment and contest of paternity.
What is the ForexCopy system? Currency market
Что такое система ForexCopy?Investments in the market Forex ceased to live within simple opening and closing of transactions with the trader for a long time. Quite recently there was absolutely unique trade service. It is system on copying of transactions of successful traders – Forexcopu. The developer of this system is the international broker of InstaForex who the first and introduced this trade service in masses.
Assessment of competitiveness of goods Business and finance
Оценка конкурентоспособности товараEach enterprise functioning in the conditions of the competition needs to have certain advantages to achieve a goal. Therefore each company pays special attention to the made goods to create the most attractive offer which realization will make the greatest profit.
Price policy and price strategy Business and finance
Ценовая политика и ценовые стратегииThe essence of price policy consists in allocating the offered goods and services with the most optimum economic characteristic which is capable to adapt under continuously changing situation in the market. Price strategy act as practical application of price policy. For development of price policy some stages are provided.
Logistic features of the organization of sale Business and finance
Логистические особенности организации сбытаFrom the point of view of marketing the logistics represents system of the interconnected functions which performance does process of distribution of goods by the most optimum. Effective realization of all functions also provides achievement of a main objective of logistics which consists in timely delivery of goods in in advance defined place, using the minimum expenses.
Million in two weeks – with InstaForex it is real! Currency market
Миллион за две недели – с InstaForex это реально!With InstaForex you it is always aware of the events occurring both in the market Forex and in the company. And today we want to tell about an uncommon case which, despite the private character, shows your opportunities in the international currency market. Not so long ago one of our clients – Ahmad Arif – embodied dream of hundreds of thousands of traders in reality.
Analysis of the competitive environment Business and finance
Анализ конкурентной средыActivity of competitors is important for business development. Each measure taken by firm involves response of other companies which are engaged in production and distribution of similar goods and services. Research of competitors is a necessary step for obtaining full information on the market environment in which the enterprise functions.
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