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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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Information search on the Internet Internet and networks
Поиск информации в ИнтернетеSooner or later, each user of the World wide web faces an information search problem. Whether it be the paper, a term paper or documentation to the new washing machine, can occupy search of this information from you of five minutes till several o'clock – everything depends on ability to look for and find the necessary data in the Internet.
Check and testing of the computer upon purchase Computers
Проверка и тестирование компьютера при покупкеThis time it will be a question how to check the computer for lack of defects and defects of collectors. It is impossible to check process of the assembly of the personal computer therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to operability of your purchase then when you take away it from computer salon.
Restoration of Windows Programs
Восстановление WindowsSometimes it happens so that instead of the habitual screen of a greeting of Windows, we observe more than a sad situation: the unclear blue screen with a heap of unclear figures and letters is constantly rebooted or highlighted absolutely. All this means only one – your Windows operating system failed.
Recovery of remote files and information Programs
Восстановление удаленных файлов и информацииIn this article will tell you how to restore information from the hard drive. Imagine a situation, you long and painfully wrote the academic year project, spent for it the mass of efforts and time. But here, when it was necessary only to add some paragraphs, it vanishes.
Malfunctions of the computer and ways of their elimination Computers
Неисправности компьютера и способы их устраненияIn the material which is specially prepared for, we will tell what to do if the computer ceased to turn on and whether it is possible to avoid it? Let's examine the most frequent malfunctions of the computer, the reasons of their emergence and prevention of such "diseases".
Independent assembly of the computer Computers
Самостоятельная сборка компьютераSo, before you all necessary accessories of your future system unit lie. With what to begin? First of all, it is necessary to clear working space. The place of assembly of the computer has to be, first of all, spacious that details did not lie the friend on the friend, were "near at hand" and incidentally did not fall from a table.
Registration and use of E-gold system Internet and networks
Регистрация и пользование системой E-goldE-gold – one of the oldest payment systems in the world. Is international system, i.e. it is unimportant, from where you, the main thing that there is an Internet access. Many foreign sites on which payments are provided in electronic currency, accept E-gold, and WebMoney – not everyone.
The best plug-ins (expansions) for Firefox Programs
Лучшие плагины (расширения) для FirefoxIn article the review the Internet of browsers I for a moment concerned such unique possibility of one of the surveyed browsers as expansibility. Name of this FireFox browser. It will be a question of the best expansions to it. As plug-ins great variety – selected only the most worthy to be on your computer.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 2 Programs
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 2In this part I will tell you about optimization of the register and speed of work of disks and I will give couple of programs for automation of these processes. To adjust manually or to use programs (usually full-scale tviker not the cheapest) – to solve to you. And continues the story.
Optimization of Windows XP, part 1 Programs
Оптимизация Windows XP, часть 1If you possess the computer of which it is safely possible to call an animal with huge system parameters and not straining work speed – I am sincerely glad for you. But it is sure that among you there will be also those who, swears on the speed of work of the iron friend. Believe, your computer has still gunpowder in powder flasks. And this article will help to scrape off it from walls to you.
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