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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of glaucoma Diseases
Лечение глаукомыGlaucoma — this disease of eyes for which periodic or continuous increase of the intraocular pressure (VGD) is characteristic. Violation of circulation of intraocular liquid (decrease in its outflow) is the reason of increase of VGD. The atrophy of an optic nerve occurs owing to the raised VGD that eventually conducts to full loss of sight.
Mental disorders, ch.2 Diseases
Психические расстройства, ч.2Scientists studied in detail influence on an organism of the injuring situation which causes changes in work of systems of an internal. By the first part of article you are already familiar with various mental disorders and their clinical manifestations. Here we will try to adumbrate to you about their treatment, including self-correction of mentality.
Mental disorders, p.1 Diseases
Психические расстройства, ч.1In our disturbing time seldom whom you will see with a serene look. The problem of good psychological health remains a sensitive issue. About those types of psychological frustration which we inevitably should face in everyday life most often, and we will talk in this article.
Treatment of tuberculosis Diseases
Лечение туберкулезаTuberculosis is widespread in Russia. The most frequent pulmonary form of this illness develops at people with the weakened immunity – their organism is not capable to resist to an infection. It is possible to catch at contact with the sick person: mikobakteriya of tuberculosis get to air with cough, sneezing of the patient. Especially tuberculosis and becomes aggravated in the spring in the fall.
Treatment of diabetes Diseases
Лечение диабетаDiabetes arises when the pancreas for the reasons unknown to science ceases to develop the necessary amount of insulin. It is diabetes of the first type — insulin-dependent. However, diabetes of the second type meets more often — when insulin in an organism activity of insulin the very low is developed enough, but.
Treatment of a hypertension Diseases
Лечение гипертонииHypertensive illness — this continuous or periodic increase of arterial pressure. To get rid of a hypertension forever — it is impossible, after all walls of vessels for years adapted to an elevated pressure, and medicines we cannot return their former state. But it is possible to notice manifestations of a hypertension in time and to take measures.
Treatment of pyelonephritis Diseases
Лечение пиелонефритаWith pyelonephritis any person can get sick. However this disease is most characteristic for women and girls. At pyelonephritis tissue of a kidney, a kidney lokhanka and cups is surprised. Pyelonephritis is caused by the infection getting to kidneys or with blood current, or the ascending way — from the infected bladder.
The products raising a potentiality Hygiene of food
Продукты, повышающие потенциюThe food which gets to us to an organism influences bodies and systems, including the sexual. One products are not reflected in force of a sexual inclination in any way, and others on the contrary, cause explosion of passion as though "out of the blue". In what business? It appears that products, vitamin-rich A, E, B, strengthen transfer of nervous impulses.
Treatment of cystitis Diseases
Лечение циститаFrom this disease anybody is not insured. Everyone can incidentally overcool, insufficiently well to wash genitals and to bring an infection... Let's note that women have cystitis much more more often than men, it is connected with features of a structure of a female organism. For successful treatment of cystitis of the patient it is not obligatory to hospitalize.
Rhinoplasty or plasticity of a nose The other
Ринопластика или пластика носаRhinoplasty is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose. Often it is enough of it for a radical change of shape of the person, after all the nose is one of the most important components of the person, its brightest detail. By means of rhinoplasty of people can forever get rid of the complex connected with a shape of own nose.
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