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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Completion of a lack of calcium of an organism Hygiene of food
Восполнение недостатка кальция в организмеThe number of the advertizing devoted to a mineral to calcium is not comparable with any other element of the table of Mendeleyev. will answer some preliminary questions – and is it necessary? For what? To whom exactly and in what quantity? And how to define, what it is not enough? And whether there are situations in which it is harmful? On it also we will stop.
How to choose polyvitamins Hygiene of food
Как выбрать поливитаминыThe organism lacks modern conditions vitamins and mineral substances. Reception of polyvitaminic complexes which wide choice will be offered in any drugstore can become an exit. How to understand a huge number of names and to decide, what suits you? On what to pay attention at acquisition of polyvitamins? Whether it is necessary to accept them?
Injuriousness of food E-additives Hygiene of food
Вредоносность пищевых Е-добавокRecently the increasing impact on a condition of an organism is made by the food entering a daily diet of consumption, their structure which in turn, abounds with the list of various so-called food additives. Among which ingredients with an index E are the most widespread. Whether consumption of such products is so safe?
How to get rid of louses The other
Как избавиться от вшейI also could not suspect that when mother will braid to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of louses at me on the head. And I could not even think that I had louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
What water should be drunk Hygiene of food
Какую воду стоит питьThe human body for 60% consists of water. Every day it is vital to drink 1.5 liters of liquid. For the life of people on average drinks 75 tons of water. You are horrified by quality of that water which flows from our cranes. So what water should be drunk that not only not to do much harm to itself, but also to improve health. Let's try to understand.
All truth about carbonated drinks Hygiene of food
Вся правда о газированных напиткахWe drink "aerated water", sometimes without reflecting on that harm which they can cause to our organism. And this harm is nevertheless quite great about what societies on consumer protection in many countries go on. So producers of carbonated drinks behind bright labels and advertizing promotion hide from us? Let's understand.
Healthy nutrition, councils of the stomatologist Hygiene of food
Правильное питание, советы стоматологаWhat it is necessary to do to prevent diseases of teeth? First of all, it is necessary to eat properly. Such factors as hygiene of a mouth, heredity and others are also very important concerning health of teeth, however the healthy nutrition plays after all the leading role in preservation of stomatologic health.
How to pass to vegetarian food Hygiene of food
Как перейти на вегетарианское питаниеAmong a set of diets and power supply systems most of all of copies it is broken concerning vegetarianism. Supporters and opponents argue a set of years and cannot reach a compromise. Researches and proofs of both one, and other point of view are multiplied, and suggests you to understand subtleties of a vegetarian power supply system together.
How to hand over blood The other
Как сдавать кровьThe main problem of donorship of blood consists that blood is necessary constantly because not all its components can be stored long. On the other hand, intervals between dachas of blood have to be sufficient not to be injurious to health of the donor. Therefore it is necessary many donors who are regularly handing over blood or its components.
Removal of birthmarks The other
Удаление родинокThere is no person who would not know that such a birthmark. At one they covered all body, and they do not know how to get rid of such gift of the nature, and someone, on the contrary, would like to get them. With age birthmarks can move on a body – in one places they disappear, and in others – appear. What is these mysterious points: ornament or defect?
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