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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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In total about products with GMO Hygiene of food
Всё о продуктах с ГМОAll of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.
Treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis Diseases
Лечение и профилактика остеохондрозаStatistically every second inhabitant of our planet has osteochondrosis. And though do not die of this illness, it is followed by pains, sometimes strong which prevent to move and live in a habitual rhythm. How not to allow and how to be treated for osteochondrosis will tell
Female hormonal violations Diseases
Женские гормональные нарушенияHealth of all organism, in particular the sexual sphere also depends on a hormonal background. And, besides, the hormonal balance influences mood, reactions and finally character of the woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of stains for "the unclear reasons", actually occur because of violation of activity of a thyroid gland.
In total about ultrasonography during pregnancy Gynecology
Всё об УЗИ во время беременностиEach pregnant woman, as a rule, looks forward to the moment when for the first time sees the kid. Thanks to ultrasonography this moment comes earlier, than in nine months. And what this happiness to see how your peanut yawns, or sucks a finger. Everything that it is necessary to know about ultrasonography during pregnancy – today for readers of
Treatment of adenoma of a prostate gland Diseases
Лечение аденомы предстательной железыAdenoma is a tumor? Yes, good-quality, same as uterus myoma, or, for example, knots in a thyroid gland – pleasant, of course, is not enough, but awful anything. Whether influences sexual function of the man? Yes. Influences as changes a hormonal background and the general condition of an urinary system. But this influence bilateral about what I will tell below.
How to cure cold at children Diseases
Как вылечить простуду у детей"Caught a cold!" – you state and open the home first-aid kit, thinking what a tablet to give. Or gather in a drugstore to buy a pack - another of miracle pills. Stop! Do not hurry to address to pharmaceutics, suggests to begin with house ways of treatment of cold which quickly and without harm, will put in order of your son or the daughter.
Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus Gynecology
Лечение эрозии шейки маткиMany women to whom made the diagnosis "a uterus neck erosion", do not hurry to be treated or that is even worse, self-medicate. And that, and other option is potentially hazardous to health, and at times and the woman's lives. That it for such a widespread and serious illness and what methods of its treatment – in the article
How to choose polyvitamins, ch.2 Hygiene of food
Как выбрать поливитамины, ч.2In this material the importance of this or that element for the person is considered. We hope, to our readers the understanding of that it is not necessary to select independently the specialized vitamin complexes appointed in the medical purposes to elderly people, and also people with deviations in work of cardiovascular system, in sight work, etc. will come.
Treatment of cholelithiasis Diseases
Лечение желчнокаменной болезниCholelithiasis (ZhKB) – a disease at which in a gall bladder stones (concrements) consisting of salts of bilious acids, cholesterol and dye – bilirubin are formed. In medicine allocate 3 types of stones: cholesteric, pigmentary, and mixed. So cholelithiasis (ZhKB) – the illness which is quite extended today begins.
How to construct food for weight loss Hygiene of food
Как построить питание для похуденияThe number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to a weight reduction problem, diets to healthy food is huge everywhere. It is noticed even by those who specially does not visit thematic pages, and those who comes – at all do not imagine a portal without article about weight loss. That new it is possible to add to what is written-is copied?
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