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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Perinatal psychology The other
Перинатальная психологияWe still a little that know about human life in mother's bosom. We badly represent that he feels and as. The perinatal psychology slightly opens this secret. It appeared not so long ago, incomplete forty years ago. This science is engaged in studying of mental life of the child in a womb of mother (fruit) or just born (newborn).
Prevention of diseases of kidneys Diseases
Профилактика заболеваний почекKidneys – the most powerful filter. They deal with all toxins, microbes, infections which get to an organism. If the liver decomposes all harmful substances, kidneys then filter them from blood and remove. All know that at the slightest disease surely appoint the analysis of urine – very easy to determine a condition of all organism by it.
Treatment and prevention of rickets Diseases
Лечение и профилактика рахитаAt the word "rickets" at us can arise unless associations with offensive children's "obzyvalka" or the starving children in pre-revolutionary Russia. But this illness which reason unbalanced food and a lack of sunshine is, is capable and to become a reason for concern of parents today.
Symptoms and treatment of swine flu Diseases
Симптомы и лечение свиного гриппаToday did not hear about swine flu only the lazy. The virus A/H1N1 in popularity in a black rating eclipsed world financial crisis, by it already frighten careless children, about it speak at every turn. What we need to know about this exotic illness?
Treatment and prevention of skin diseases Diseases
Лечение и профилактика кожных заболеванийLikely, each of us at least once in life faced this or that type of skin diseases. For someone they become insignificant temporary inconvenience, and for someone – the real disaster. However, first of all it must be kept in mind that dermatological diseases most often tend to development therefore it is very important not to start them.
Screenings at pregnancy Gynecology
Скрининги при беременностиWhat is such? These are so-called "double", "threefold" and "fourfold" tests which show these or those deviations of hormones during pregnancy. The word "screening" is translated as "sifting", i.e. from all pregnant women on the basis of these indicators. A main objective of screening is identification of groups of risk of development of congenital defects in a fruit.
How quickly to become pregnant Gynecology
Как быстро забеременетьAt some point we feel strong desire to become parents. At some it occurs right after a wedding, there are also what plan a reproduction for a certain period of life. Both that, and another want to conceive the child quicker - well not from the first, so from the second time. For you tells how to become pregnant quickly.
Reasons and treatment of man's infertility Diseases
Причины и лечение мужского бесплодияSeveral earlier already told about female infertility. The situation at which violations of genital function are found in the man is called as man's infertility, and for this reason conception does not come over a year. I will repeat that within this year couple conducts active sexual life and does not use any contraceptives.
Reasons and treatment of female infertility Gynecology
Причины и лечение женского бесплодияInfertility is not an illness. But, nevertheless, to get rid of it, years are required for many couples. Infertility the situation is considered, when pregnancy does not come a year later (in some sources two years) provided that couple leads regular sexual life and does not use contraceptives. In this case the timely address to experts is required.
Structure of the children's first-aid kit Drugs
Состав детской аптечкиChildren's diseases possess feature to overtake us, parents, unawares. In the house where there is a child, surely there has to be a children's first-aid kit. Children's. First, because the most part of drugs in such first-aid kit is rather specific, and secondly accidentally not to mix among themselves the medicines of the same name with different dosages.
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