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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Intermenstrual and dysfunctional bleedings Gynecology
Межменструальные и дисфункциональные кровотеченияThe following periods not soon, and the underwear is soiled by bloody allocations?! The first emotion – a panic, and it is quite justified. It is important to calm down not simply, but also know that it is necessary to undertake in that case. Also it is connected first of all by that in some cases delay is quite dangerous both to health, and to life.
Treatment of an intestinal dysbiosis at children Diseases
Лечение дисбактериоза кишечника у детейWhat mother will agree during an illness of the kid that to him antimicrobic preparations pricked intramuscularly, but not simply would give mixture or a tablet? Also mothers do not reflect, consequences of such acts can be how serious. Antibiotics, and also mass of other diseases, states and drugs can cause dysbacteriosis. Also it is worth talking about it...
National calendar of preventive inoculations Drugs
Национальный календарь профилактических прививокThe ordinary situation was the cause of writing of article: in kindergarten collected from parents of the signature under a consent to an inoculation of Hiberiks. Many signed. Whether it was worth undersigning for the document so precipitately?! What inoculations are obliged to do to our children? What we have the right to refuse? ALL parents caring about health of the kids have to ask such questions to themselves.
Often ill children, treatment and prevention Diseases
Часто болеющие дети, лечение и профилактикаThe diagnosis "Often ill child" is familiar, unfortunately, to many mothers. We face this problem most often at arrival of the kid in kindergarten or a day nursery. The long cold, "unclear" cough remaining a long time, an allergy to drugs, eternal sick-lists. Very important during such period to know about ways to protect an organism of the kid.
Treatment by homeopathy The other
Лечение гомеопатиейQuite often, having despaired of opportunities of traditional medicine, people address to alternative methods of treatment. The homeopathy concerns to one of them. tells about essence of homeopathy, specifics of treatment and the principles of a choice of the homeopath.
The first and medical care at pheumothorax Diseases
Первая и медицинская помощь при пневмотораксеCruel fight, mountain collapse, car accident. All this can be followed by a fracture of edges. The reasonable sequence of actions in these conditions will rescue the patient. will tell you about first-aid treatment and about actions of surgeons at the injuries of a thorax complicated by pheumothorax today.
Prevention and treatment of caries Diseases
Профилактика и лечение кариесаAll of us know the scary word "caries" – it causes fear in children and a shiver at adults. Once skhodiv to the stomatologist, the person for the rest of life stocks up with negative memoirs. Today will try to tell readers that caries is not so terrible that it is possible to treat him even without drill, and the correct prevention can relieve you of "painful tortures".
Treatment of arthritis Diseases
Лечение артритаArthritis is one of the most widespread diseases of joints which, in fact, is inflammatory process. tells about arthritis symptoms, its reasons, ways of treatment and preventive measures.
Treatment of arthrosis of joints Diseases
Лечение артроза суставовArthrosis is very widespread disease at which the cartilaginous layer in a joint or between vertebras owing to what the joint "crackles" slowly collapses, hurts, and in the started cases limits your movements. will tell you about arthrosis of joints: it is informed – means it is armed.
Types of abortions and their consequence Gynecology
Виды абортов и их последствияAbortion is an interruption of pregnancy on the term which is not exceeding 28 weeks. And let the child still absolutely tiny, but is already little man. Having undertaken writing of this article, I set a goal – to tell girls and women all nuances of interruption of pregnancy, probable consequences of abortion.
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