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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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What to do if the child is hurt by a stomach The other
Что делать, если у ребенка болит животMany mothers will read this article of how their kid will complain of a tummy pains. For them I will tell at once – urgently to the doctor! And I will tell all rest about possible and very dangerous reasons of belly-aches at children and that it is necessary to undertake immediately.
Peptide bioregulators The other
Пептидные биорегуляторыThe combination of the words "peptide bioregulators" can be clear not to everyone. However their researches thanks to which treatment of many diseases is possible today, last not one ten years. We will tell in more detail about of what these preparations, and in what, at last, their innovative action consist.
What has to be the correct breakfast Hygiene of food
Каким должен быть правильный завтракThe first half of day – the most productive for our organism, it is necessary to provide itself with enough nutrients, and then all remained day you will radiate energy and will be in time everything that planned. For this reason a breakfast – the most important part of our daily menu. What has to be a healthy correct breakfast?!
Psychological dependence on smoking The other
Психологическая зависимость от куренияEach smoking person throughout the life says more than once that will surely throw. Ways to give up smoking the great variety is described, but all these ways are directed on simplification only of physical dependence that cannot give full-fledged effect as the main thing – eradication of psychological fear to give up smoking.
Skin new growths Diseases
Новообразования кожиThere is a belief that if on a body there are a lot of birthmarks, papillomas or warts, so the person has a predisposition to oncological diseases. And it partly truth. And though it only supervision, it is always worth observing certain security measures. And at any guarding factors in development of new growths of skin - to address to the dermatologist or the oncologist.
Uterus neck cancer therapy Gynecology
Лечение рака шейки маткиDevelopment directly of a cancer of a neck of a uterus has a certain staging. In many cases process is not prompt. However, for lack of treatment during the sufficient long time there is its further development: beginning from a preinvazivny carcinoma and finishing with distribution of a tumor on a bladder, a rectum with the remote metastasises.
Bleedings during pregnancy Gynecology
Кровотечения во время беременностиI heard very correct and simple words from the obstetrician-gynecologist: "Everything will be good. But if waters depart, fights will begin or, God forbid, bleeding will open – you call at once me". Then I did not pay special attention to his words. Now all in a different way. It is extremely important to suspect violations of course of pregnancy in time and quickly to liquidate them.
Cancer therapy of a mammary gland Diseases
Лечение рака молочной железыAt a modern rhythm of life to the woman difficult fully to watch over the health. But nobody cancelled need of it. Fatal diseases can become result of the inattentive relation to themselves very unpleasant and even. One of them is the breast cancer. Therefore you should pay close attention to own health and health of relatives of women.
Treatment of otitis Diseases
Лечение отитаOtitis is a serious disease of an ear. So serious that many do not even imagine possible consequences (deterioration of hearing - one of them). Even if you the adherent of national ways of treatment, the campaign to the doctor is obligatory! Remember that you risk much! That such did not happen to you, we will try to understand how not to allow emergence of otitis.
Treatment of myoma of a uterus Gynecology
Лечение миомы маткиQuite often among women it is possible to hear the phrase that uterus myoma at reproductive age it is possible not to treat. Whether so it actually? Whether really myoma is so harmless also itself regresses further? Let's try to understand it on the example of answers to most frequently asked questions about uterus myoma.
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