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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Vitamin D for children Hygiene of food
Витамин Д для детейToday at a wide choice of various polyvitaminic complexes it is possible to stop quietly on something one. But producers often care only of receiving by the person a number of the main vitamins, forgetting about "intermediaries" who help their assimilation and synthesis. One of such intermediaries is vitamin D.
Healthy nutrition in the summer Hygiene of food
Правильное питание летомThe summer – is time hot days, holidays and travel. And even in the summer both children, and adults have intestinal infections more often. How to preserve the health, it is good to feel during a heat and how it is correct to organize food of the family, tells
Displaziya of coxofemoral joints Diseases
Дисплазия тазобедренных суставовAccording to the national program full survey by experts of the child has to begin in 1 month. The list of narrow experts includes also the surgeon-orthopedist. What surprise and frustration at mother when the orthopedist, directing the kid on ultrasonic research of coxofemoral joints, "displaziya" makes the diagnosis. Not everything is so terrible if in time to notice and correctly to treat.
House childbirth Gynecology
Домашние родыRecently natural childbirth wins more and more female hearts. Stories of the skilled mothers who passed through house childbirth bewitch the beauty, and there are a wish to be influenced by this miracle of the birth by all means. We suggest you to look at a problem of house childbirth from the different parties and to understand, whether everything is valid as in the fairy tale or and there are reefs?
Childbirth without pain, epiduralny anesthesia Gynecology
Роды без боли, эпидуральная анестезияEpiduralny anesthesia – an excellent way to clean pain during fights and a rodorazresheniye. As well as the majority of invasive treatments, at this procedure has shortcomings and advantages. Before signing a consent to its carrying out, it is important that you realized the risks connected with epiduralny anesthesia and all discussed with your relatives.
The milkwoman during pregnancy Gynecology
Молочница во время беременностиDuring pregnancy the woman so worries for the kid that tries to prevent any disease. And what her surprise when, apparently, unexpectedly there are curdled allocations happens, the itch starts disturbing. Milkwoman. We suggest to understand, how dangerously this disease and about what has to tell this symptom.
How to protect itself from radiation The other
Как защитить себя от радиацииIn the light of the latest events on the NPP in Japan, and also when reading daily news on the Internet of many people covers if not a panic, for certain excitement for health of relatives. Let's not begin to give advice in the spirit of "what to do if you saw a nuclear mushroom nearby". Today it will be a question of measures of protection from radiation which any of us can provide to himself.
How to lower pressure in house conditions? Diseases
Как понизить давление в домашних условиях?Recently the constant tendency to jumps (increases and decreases) of arterial pressure was outlined. Sadly that the increase of pressure peculiar earlier to elderly people or small percent of hypertensive persons, now affected people more young than 35-40 years. And a question "How to lower pressure in house conditions?" an increasing number of people excites.
Dynamic gymnastics for children The other
Динамическая гимнастика для детейWhen my daughters were small, their grandmother (my mother) was horrified, looking at how we with them frolic. They could be born on the room for legs, shaking here and there. Or for the handle. I called it fuss, without guessing that exercises will be systematized, theoretically proved and them will start applying. Now it is dynamic gymnastics.
The urgent help at cardiac arrest The other
Неотложная помощь при остановке сердцаArticle considers very actual problem: rendering the urgent help to the person at which warm activity stopped. Sometimes our "ignorance" leads to irreversible consequences. Many people simply do not know how to help the person at whom heart suddenly stopped. But having armed with necessary information, it is possible to save millions of lives!
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