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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Why it is impossible to kill spiders It is useful to know
Почему нельзя убивать пауковWhatever you may say, and spiders are loved by the few. At some people hostility to spiders can develop into the real panic horror, the name, to which – arachnophobia. Having seen nearby a spider, the majority of us will give in to desire instantly to kill an unfortunate being and very few people will think of that old beliefs forbid to destroy spiders. Let's find out, in what the reason of such taboo.
Why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror The unknown
Почему нельзя фотографироваться в зеркалеOn pages of the social networks so popular presently, we can often see the pictures of people made in a mirror. The photo in reflection became a new last word in fashion, and, doing next liftoluk, young people hardly remember long superstitions which say that be photographed in a mirror can be dangerous. Let's try understand, than a similar ban is caused.
How to train a voice It is useful to know
Как поставить голосProbably, each of us wants to have a pleasant voice – not too high and not low, not squeaky and not rough. And the beautiful and flowing, absolutely not straining hearing. Since ancient times oratory was appreciated especially, after all then there was no sound recording equipment, and its absence was fully compensated by ability to speak by beautifully trained voice.
How to meet year of the Goat 2015 Holidays
Как встречать год Козы 2015As if birds fly days, weeks, months … The same rates December will fly soon, and there and the holiday shrouded in magic. It would seem, quite recently we met year of the Horse. And the Horse will hand over the reins to other character of the Chinese calendar already soon. How it is better to be prepared for grand welcome of New year 2015? On what to pay special attention?
What is the neyrobika It is useful to know
Что такое нейробикаNeyrobikoy is called a set of exercises which is developed especially for a human brain. Neyrobika develops and improves memory, besides these exercises feed a brain with additional energy that will allow to increase working capacity.
Registration of the sanitary book Work
Оформление санитарной книжкиEvery third resident of our country needs to have the document testifying to a state of his health or the sanitary book. Otherwise to work it is possible to forget about the admission. Sanknizhka is considered the official document in which terms of delivery of analyses and their results are specified, and to receive it quite simply.
What to give on christening Holidays
Что дарить на крестиныAll of us are Children of God, the Bible speaks, and not casually each of us takes part in the most ancient ritual of orthodox church sooner or later – Sacrament of the Epiphany. The ceremony symbolizes renunciation of the person of sins and his spiritual revival to new life, its familiarizing with God. Whether it is necessary to give something to the person who was christened?
How to collect Rubik's cube Rest and entertainments
Как собрать кубик РубикаRubik's cube is difficult, though at first sight, very simple puzzle known to each of us since the childhood. The elementary toy capable to develop logical and mathematical thinking to pass away time or to bring to white heat.
How to carry out a bachelor party Holidays
Как провести мальчишникLong courtings, ringlet choice on a ring finger and modest "Yes". Hurrah! We congratulate you, very soon and you will become the husband and the wife. And now it is a high time to have a rest a little from prewedding vanity and properly to have fun.
How to sell the handle on interview Work
Как продать ручку на собеседованииIf you happened to have interview to a position of the sales manager or sales representative, you for certain faced that the employer quite seriously asks you to sell it the standard handle lying all interview on a table. For beginners this situation will seem peculiar and strange, and here for skilled sellers will become the next test which they passed more than once.
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