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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Use of Tamiflu Drugs
Применение ТамифлюIn recent years the preparation of Tamiflu surely wins the pharmaceutical markets of the different countries of the world. The producer and clinical experts position it as one of the best means in fight against the viruses causing flu. will prompt, from where there was a preparation, when and as to apply it.
Treatment of epilepsy folk remedies Diseases
Лечение эпилепсии народными средствамиHaving heard the diagnosis "epilepsy", many make incorrect opinion on the patient. Really, this illness imposes certain restrictions for work, studies, rest and life in society. Despite all inconveniences, many live with epilepsy all life, but it does not mean at all that with it it is necessary to reconcile.
Symptoms and treatment of diphtheria Diseases
Симптомы и лечение дифтерииThe diphtheritic stick causes one of the most dangerous bacterial infections. Owing to a disease of diphtheria the inflammation of the top airways accompanied with hypostasis develops. Thus the greatest danger is constituted by defeat of an organism ekzotoksiny, a serious poisoning with which can be the cause of a deadly outcome.
Treatment of an anthrax Diseases
Лечение карбункулаWhen skin and hypodermic fabric round several hair bulbs and sebaceous glands is surprised sharp inflammatory process, the abscess framed with a pink border is formed. This painful and not esthetic skin defect is called an anthrax. How to fight against it?
Set for washing of a nose Dolfin The other
Набор для промывания носа ДолфинIt is difficult to breathe when the nose is bunged up. Especially, if everything is complicated by antritis or sinusitis. Now doctors in similar cases in increasing frequency recommend eliminative therapy, that is a method of washing of a nose at which from a mucous membrane of the nasal courses the particles (bacteria, viruses and other agents) causing its inflammation are removed. For these purposes the set Dolfin is successfully used.
First aid at a sunstroke The other
Первая помощь при солнечном удареWith approach of a warm season even more often there is a risk to fall a victim solar or a heatstroke. And it is absolutely unimportant where you are – on a sandy beach in the far-away country or on a kitchen garden in the suburbs. The sun imperceptibly influences an organism and if in time not to take a security measure, the probability of deplorable consequences is great.
Divertikulyoz of a thick gut Diseases
Дивертикулёз толстой кишкиFor the last hundred years the number of people for whom digestive tract diseases were diagnosed increased. Among these pathologies not only gastritis, ulcer processes, but also divertikulyoz about which existence many even do not suspect. And meanwhile in a wall of a gut the protrusions of a meshkovidny look called by physicians diverticulums are gradually formed.
How to accept Otsillokoktsinum Drugs
Как принимать ОциллококцинумFrom year to year from the beginning of spring many schools are closed on quarantine and groups in kindergartens considerably thin. It is connected with mass diseases of children and adults of flu and other respiratory infections. Here also decided today to tell the readers about a homeopathic medicine under the name "Otsillokoktsinum" difficult to pronounce.
Advantage and harm of medical hypnosis The other
Польза и вред лечебного гипнозаThe history of application of medical hypnosis totals many centuries. Ancient healers traditionally accompanied treatment with suggestion elements. In modern medicine medical hypnosis is successfully used in medical psychology, and also in psychotherapy – in the form of hypnotherapy.
What is doppler sonography The other
Что такое допплерографияOne of modern ultrasonic methods of research is doppler sonography. There is also shorter name – a doppler. That allows to register this research in what its essence, what indications to procedure as it is carried out – will try to answer these questions in this article.
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