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Useful tips at a choice and repair small and major appliances. You receive information, beginning from purchase of the juice extractor before use of washing machines and TVs.
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How to choose the refrigerator Refrigerators
Как выбрать холодильникTo resolve an issue as what to choose the refrigerator, it is necessary without running on shop, and looking in everything. To make really standing purchase, it is necessary to foreknow that you want to receive.
How to choose the TV on technical characteristics TVs
Как выбрать телевизор по техническим характеристикамIrrespective of TV type (whether it be projective or usual kineskopny), it has to conform to your requirements to its technical characteristics.
What type of the TV to choose TVs
Какой тип телевизора выбратьToday there are four types of TVs: kineskopny (elt), plasma, liquid crystal and projective TVs. Each of them occupies the niche in the market and have the advantages and shortcomings.
How to choose the washing machine Washing machines
Как выбрать стиральную машинуIf you decided to buy the washing machine, today will be quite difficult to make a concrete choice. Known global manufacturers represent a wide model range of washing machines with the automatic gulf, heating and to water plums, with programmed by switchings between the carried-out operations and switching off at the end of work.
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