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Business and finance

Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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How to calculate percent on the credit Business and finance
Как рассчитать проценты по кредитуAs often happens, start comparing offers of banks and choose, where an interest rate for the credit the lowest. And in practice it turns out that the real sum which will be paid on the credit, is much higher declared in advertizing of bank. If offer the interest-free credit, be ready to pay for various services of bank which it is impossible to refuse.
Inaction of bailiffs Legal issues
Бездействие судебных приставовYou receive the judgment on collection of debt. Pass months, and blood you did not return. You address for explanations in district department of Federal Bailiff Service, but hear only muffled answers of the police officer-performer it is entrusted to them to be engaged in your business. You should not despair, force the police officer to act not only it is possible, but also it is necessary.
Forex options from the InstaForex company Currency market
Форекс-опционы от компании InstaForexThe currency market allows to trade in a wide set of various financial instruments, including binary Forex options. The main plus of this exchange derivative is simplicity of calculation of profit before its purchase, and also in advance known risks. Clients of the international broker of InstaForex can appreciate all advantages of option trade.
The zero reporting in a pension fund and the Social Insurance Fund Business and finance
Нулевая отчетность в пенсионный фонд и ФССLack of economic activity does not exempt the enterprise from delivery of the reporting. Such reporting is called zero. Also there are some rules by preparation of the zero reporting. For non-presentation or untimely submission of the zero reporting penalties are provided in a pension fund and the Social Insurance Fund.
Account PAMM Currency market
ПАММ счетаNo doubt, you have already heard a lot, read and educated about PAMM the accounts. For those who did not manage to examine enough yet, will be interesting and useful to learn that PAMM of the account is one of forms of collective investment into accounts of the Operating Traders in PAMM-system in the currency market Forex, for the purpose of receiving profit.
Business on cultivation of bees Business and finance
Бизнес по разведению пчелIn a high-rise building cultivation of bees senselessly. Neighbors will eat before receive products. But many have dachas, houses in the village and the mass of free summertime. Naturally, upon purchase and cultivation of bees the financial component interests everyone. Let's look, how many we will spend and on what profit we can count.
How to open the account in Sberbank of Russia Business and finance
Как открыть счет в Сбербанке РоссииCan open the account in Sberbank of Russia everyone. For this purpose it is enough to address to the next branch of the bank, to show the passport and to specify the purpose for which you want to open the account. Depends on the purpose what banking product to you will offer. Registration of the account for the natural person always includes his binding to the savings book or a plastic card.
Professional approach to trade in the market Forex Currency market
Профессиональный подход к торговле на рынке ФорексToday the Forex exchange from all presented in the market – the most extensive, with the most considerable in size a trade turnover. On Forex the exclusive chance quickly is provided to players and effectively to earn money! And that seed capital, small on the sum, is necessary for the player is the main reason of so high popularity.
Analysis of expenses of the enterprise Business and finance
Анализ затрат предприятияProcess of economic activity assumes some expenses, i.e. expenses of the enterprise or economic cost of the resources necessary for full functioning. The nature of emergence of expenses and costs in each company has different character. From the point of view of the strategic analysis of expenses and costs it is necessary to conduct researches of all expenses.
Unilateral change of conditions of the employment contract Legal issues
Одностороннее изменение условий трудового договора At employment the employer and the worker sign the employment contract which reflects conditions of their cooperation. But everything changes, and there comes such moment when the employer has a need for change of earlier reached agreements. Whether the employer has the right to change then conditions of the employment contract unilaterally (without the worker's consent)?
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