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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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Check and treatment of beaten pixels Computers
Проверка и лечение битых пикселейLiquid crystal displays replace technologies of electron beam tubes. Having bought the new monitor you begin its testing. And suddenly you notice a black or color point right in the middle of the screen. It, misters, his majesty Beaten pixel. So, we will understand that such "beaten" pixel and pixel in general as to fight against it and as to find it.
To whom to entrust repair of the mobile phone Mobile and cell phones
Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефонаThere is a set of offers on repair of mobile phones, but it is possible to divide them, in fact, into two parts: official offices which have the license for warranty repair and an aftersales service. And the second option semi-legal workshops with which national handymen for much smaller money are ready to help with repair.
Frauds on the Internet, part 2 Internet and networks
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 2This article is continuation of the story about ways of fraud on the Internet. In the first part we captured not all inventions of swindlers which purpose is to catch someone else's money. Every day they find everything new ways, and we will continue the story about already known to us to secure you against roguish tricks.
Frauds on the Internet, part 1 Internet and networks
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 1In today's article it will be a question of frauds on the Internet. Until the only protection on the Internet there is a vigilance of users, everyone zhulyyo feels freely there. Therefore, seeking to protect you from this danger, will tell about the most popular ways of deception and fraud on the Internet.
Ways of deception by means of the mobile phone Mobile and cell phones
Способы обмана при помощи мобильного телефонаNow each person has a mobile phone almost. Any SMS, calls on numbers with services and so on is only "gray", semi-honest schemes of pumping out of money. And how many still exists any "black" roguish ways. I will try to describe most "popular" of them in this article.
Set of necessary programs for a PDA PDA
Набор необходимых программ для КПКThe PDA, as well as the home computer, is useful only in that case when on it necessary programs are installed. The market of such programs for "handhelds" though is not so great as for their senior colleagues, however nevertheless gives the chance to choose. Let's consider the most useful programs for a PDA.
How to connect and adjust the satellite Internet Internet and networks
Как подключить и настроить спутниковый ИнтернетToday will tell you how to save on installation of the satellite Internet and to adjust it most. In this article it is described not only control of a DVB receiver, but also setting up the GlobaX program which promotes increase of speed of data transmission and thus cuts expenses for use of a global network.
Necessary set of programs for the computer Programs
Необходимый набор программ для компьютераGetting the personal computer very few people know precisely, what programs, utilities and drivers will be necessary for it in the future. However there is a small set of programs which are always very useful for having near at hand. In this article will consider the most necessary programs for work with your computer.
Service regulations and malfunctions of printers Computers
Правила эксплуатации и неисправности принтеровThere is a lot of reasons of emergence of malfunctions in printers, but, nevertheless, it is possible to tell with confidence that two thirds of breakages it is possible to avoid, having in due time studied the instruction delivered by the producer, and also following elementary rules of technology of operation of the device. Also will tell about this to you in this article.
Registration and use of WebMoney system Internet and networks
Регистрация и пользование системой WebMoneyThe system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of the most popular systems on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.
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