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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Massage for children about one year The other
Массаж для детей до годаMany experts agree in opinion that in the first year of life the child as plasticine – everything that in it will enclose, what base will give, with that it also will go on life. And irrespective of, healthy your kid or with small was born (or big) – with him it is necessary to be engaged in aberrations! In this case I mean massage.
Children's autism Diseases
Детский аутизмIf even not all psychologists, now heard this term about such disease as autism very famous for everyone twenty years ago. In the countries of the former USSR only for the last five years became five times more than the children suffering from autism. Reasons for that set: ecological imbalance, pregnancy pathologies, etc. What to do if you suspect autism at the child?
Anemia at children Diseases
Анемия у детейThe diagnosis "anemia" was heard from the pediatrician by many mothers. And about notorious hemoglobin which is for some reason lower than norm, know even fathers! Anemias happen the most different, but the primary majority of anemias develops owing to deficiency of iron. These anemias are called iron deficiency, and we will talk about them.
How to keep a figure during pregnancy Gynecology
Как сохранить фигуру во время беременностиEach woman asks a question: Whether "I will grow plump during pregnancy, whether I will be able to keep a figure within norm?". Sometimes these fears arise on the example of girlfriends and acquaintances, but thus is held back that having become pregnant, they began to feed diligently themselves both the kid with allegedly necessary vitamins and minerals, being guided by false feeling of hunger.
Modern decisions in the field of physical therapy The other
Современные решения в области физиотерапииEach of us wants to be healthy, happy and cheerful. But quite often we do not pay to our health due attention. And only when the illness gains power, we go to the attending physician. Drug treatment is capable to revive an organism and nobody cancels it. But it is best of all to carry out it in a complex with other improving procedures.
How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy Gynecology
Как не набрать лишний вес во время беременностиMany women are afraid for the figure at thought of possible pregnancy. Really, at pregnancy weight is partly gained because of a hormonal background, special for this state. But the matter is that this weight is insignificant – 2-3 kg. Nevertheless, the period of incubation of a fruit is very important time in sense of healthy nutrition. Important, first of all, for the kid.
The planned pregnancy after 35 years Gynecology
Запланированная беременность после 35 летMore and more women give birth to children far for thirty and even after forty years. It is quite explainable. In thirty five woman already precisely knows, why she gives birth to the child, on what means him will raise and as it will bring up the child. And emotional readiness for this important step 10 times more, than at twenty-year age.
Hyperactivity at the child Diseases
Гиперактивность у ребенкаThe disease state is called a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity (SDVG) and has accurate signs. Children with SDVG do not react to a ban and remarks, are often impulsive and aggressive, finish nothing, quickly distract and become exhausted. This state demands the help of experts (the children's neurologist, the psychologist, the psychiatrist).
How to get rid of insects in the house The other
Как избавиться от насекомых в домеTogether with long-awaited summer to us to the house flies, mosquitoes, wasps, midges, ants and other unpleasant, annoying and biting insects hurry. How to cope with this summer invasion? To us suggest them to poison mercilessly, using fumigant injectors, sprays, aerosols, etc. But there are also natural ways of fight against uninvited guests.
Treatment of scoliosis Diseases
Лечение сколиозаSince the childhood we, without obeying parents and teachers, we will stoop and incorrectly we sit at a school desk. What to speak here if time dictates the rules, and the majority of time we spend behind the computer, forgetting to do breaks. And when we notice that with our backbone something not so, we do not hurry to address to the doctor, expecting emergence of deteriorations.
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