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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Glycemic index, food across Montinyak Hygiene of food
Гликемический индекс, питание по МонтиньякуThe glycemic index is the size showing extent of influence of the products eaten by the person on sugar level in its blood. This concept appeared relatively recently. In some years after that the subject of a glycemic index was picked up by the French nutritionist M. Montinyak who developed the theory of healthy nutrition.
Treatment of stomatitis Diseases
Лечение стоматитаStomatitis is the disease which is characterized by an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth. It causes discomfort, pain of various degree, deterioration of life in the patient. It is considered that stomatitis is an illness of dirty hands and only small children have it. Both of these statements are false. Any person, irrespective of age can get sick with stomatitis.
Completion of a lack of vitamins A and E Hygiene of food
Восполнение недостатка витаминов А и ЕOur organism needs the whole complex of vitamins and minerals for functioning daily correctly. Especially sharply shortage of vitamins is felt in a cold season. During such period doctors recommend reception of a vitamin and mineral complex. Any such complex surely includes vitamins A and E. For what these vitamins are necessary?
Gestoz of pregnant women Gynecology
Гестоз  беременныхAt most of women toxicosis safely passes by 15th week of pregnancy, practically without leaving consequences. But there is also another, heavier and dangerous both for the pregnant woman, and for a fruit, a form – gestoz. Developing in the second half of pregnancy, gestoz breaks physiological course of processes of food, growth and development of a fruit.
Surprising properties of an arginin – prolong the youth Drugs
Удивительные свойства аргинина – продлите свою молодостьAt the end of the last century, in 1998, the Nobel committee awarded an award on medicine to several scientists who closely researched one amino acid – an arginin. The award for arginin was given with an ulterior motive is a substance possesses a number of surprising properties which can become a key to the solution of a set of cosmetology and medical problems.
Early toxicosis of pregnant women Gynecology
Ранний токсикоз беременныхThe toxicosis accompanying such joyful expectation of the birth of the kid is represented to us almost inevitable. Women screw up the face, remembering morning nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and doctors observe them more attentively. Whether this state is so harmless and than it can turn back for future mother and her kid, and we want to tell our readers.
Cesarean section Gynecology
Кесарево сечениеSometimes in addition before pregnancy or during her doctors tell to the woman that Cesarean section – the only opportunity for it to give rise. In similar cases future mother should not panic, and to rely on competent opinion of physicians because she is often not capable to estimate adequately own state of health and possible risk for the child.
Treatment of cross platypodia Diseases
Лечение поперечного плоскостопияDifferent factors, in total or separately, lead to the essential deformations of foot bringing pain and discomfort when walking. The increased bone on a foot (is below a thumb), constant natoptysh and callosities, a thumb bend towards the second finger with the subsequent deformation. All this symptoms of cross platypodia.
How to keep sight The other
Как сохранить зрениеEyes is a prism through which we learn the world, we recognize ourselves. Therefore it is impossible to forget about care of them. During all life of people observes sight deterioration. Some people quickly take measures, some do not pay attention to it. Let's not postpone this question and at first we will discuss the reasons, and a bit later methods of restoration, treatment and prevention.
Climax Gynecology
КлимаксThe climax is the physiological process happening in an organism of each woman at a certain age. At all it comes at different age, thus proceeds with absolutely different symptoms. And if in advance to prepare an organism for approach of a climax, it is possible to facilitate syndromes and it is easy to transfer it.
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