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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Hlorgeksidin's application Drugs
Применение ХлоргексидинаHlorgeksidin. Trudnovatoye for a pronunciation and storing the name. Nevertheless, it needs to be remembered. This inexpensive and reliable antiseptics has to be in each first-aid kit along with brilliant green, iodine and peroxide of hydrogen. In house conditions Hlorgeksidin as antiseptics use for processing of wounds, burns and various surfaces.
Exotic diets for weight loss Hygiene of food
Экзотические диеты для похуденияNot the last place in a diet is taken by its structure as far as it is acceptable on tastes and on medical indications. I want to acquaint readers with kinds of exotic monodiets, namely, with a banana diet for weight loss, grapefruit and pineapple. Such diets not only are useful and effective, but also are very pleasant on flavoring feelings.
Dyukan's diet: is to grow thin Hygiene of food
Диета Дюкана: есть, чтобы похудетьThe weight loss method developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan surely wins Russia. Perhaps, for this purpose there are all bases. Perhaps, the similar success is caused by the approach of the author to a problem of excess weight radically differing from the majority of popular diets. Weight often leaves even quicker, than the author promises.
Use of the dietary supplements (DS) Hygiene of food
Использование биологически активных добавок (БАД)In the last two decades dietary supplements to food, or dietary supplement became an integral part of our life. Someone tries to be treated by them, someone on the contrary ignores them. Some on them earn huge fortunes, others spend for them the last money. Truth, as usual, somewhere in the middle. It is necessary to realize accurately that dietary supplement is not medicine.
Sulfatsil of sodium – a preparation of first aid for eyes Drugs
Сульфацил натрия – препарат первой помощи для глазThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with the most popular eye drops which are called Sulfatsil of sodium. They not magic, they will not make an eye more beautiful, but their existence in the home first-aid kit will help to put quickly a barrier on the way of the begun infectious inflammation of eyes. Costs sulfatsit sodium absolutely cheap. It is released without recipe of the doctor.
Diet on the basis of calculation of calories Hygiene of food
Диета на основе подсчета калорийIf you noticed at yourself tendency to corpulence, it is necessary to start considering calories. The diet based on calculation of calories is called as a diet only nominally. It not a temporary measure, but a way of life at which the woman learns to estimate the consumed food, proceeding from its caloric content to make a competent full-fledged diet and to watch power consumption.
Pantenol's application Drugs
Применение ПантенолаThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with medicine for external application which Pantenol is called. Pantenol is used for treatment of injuries of skin. For years of evolution skin learned to restore itself at various damages. But sometimes we have to help the skin to restore the integrity.
The herbs reducing appetite The other
Травы, уменьшающие аппетитAlways the subject concerning excess weight is very actual. People ask questions and look for the correct methods of fight against unnecessary kilograms. The herbs reducing appetite or so-called "for weight loss" enjoy the increasing popularity. Still our ancestors collected manually different types of herbs, did of them infusions and used together with food or separately from it.
Gas generation at newborns The other
Газообразование у новорожденныхChildren – flowers of our life when they are ill, apparently, anything cannot be worse already simply. In the first months of life each kid has problems with a tummy. Any mummy should worry enough a little for a condition of the child as all this is followed by strong crying. The child has no intestinal microflora as that, unpleasant feelings also are connected with it.
How to avoid frostbite in the winter The other
Как избежать обморожения зимойThe winter very often gives us a set of surprises, but, unfortunately, not all from them pleasant. Sometimes harmless walk in the fresh air can turn back frostbite. But it can be avoided if to follow some simple rules. And if it also happens, it is useful to know and remember that it is necessary to do at frostbite.
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