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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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How to cope with an intertrigo at the newborn Diseases
Как справиться с опрелостями у новорожденногоStill being the pregnant woman, I repeatedly heard from more skilled girlfriends and relatives about such unpleasant feature of children's skin as an intertrigo. Skin of newborns very dry, thin and gentle, and internal fatty layer appears much later therefore any external influence leads to microinjuries and infection.
Allergy to pollen at the child Diseases
Аллергия на пыльцу у ребенкаMany parents face a problem of a stuffy nose and red eyes at the children during the spring-autumn period. And it accompanies their all warm period of year when everything blossoms and smells. Such phenomenon that another, as allergy to pollen or pollinoz. Heredity can be the initial cause of emergence of an allergy in the child.
Rawism Hygiene of food
СыроедениеThe rawism is a special power supply system which means that the diet consists only of the products which did not pass heat treatment. The speech does not go only about crude vegetables and fruit. The rawism allows the use of dried fruit, germinated grain, dried meat and fish, milk, eggs, seafood.
As it is correct to choose maternity hospital Gynecology
Как правильно выбрать роддомThe child's birth – the long-awaited moment of any couple. All carefully prepare for it, buy a dowry to the kid, choose the first transport, toys, select a name. But the most important subject for discussion there is where after all to be born to the kid. It is necessary to treat a question of a choice of maternity hospital very responsibly, after all life, both the child, and mother depends on it.
Use of peroxide of hydrogen Drugs
Применение перекиси водорода In medicine peroxide of hydrogen found application thanks to existence for it the antiseptic, deodorizing and styptic property. 3% apply solution of peroxide of hydrogen to processing of wounds, grazes, scratches, stops of nasal and other small capillary bleedings, in the form of rinsings at quinsy, stomatitis.
Second pregnancy Gynecology
Вторая беременностьAt first sight, all pregnancies of the same woman have to be similar. But I judge on myself – having given birth to both children with a difference in 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. But what a difference aged, whether in a wide temporary interval after first labor, but, despite good health and lack of serious problems, it was much more difficult to take out the son.
The coal activated and other sorbents Drugs
Уголь активированный и другие сорбентыFor certain, black tablets in paper packing to much with an inscription "The coal activated" are familiar. It treats enterosorbents. Having collected on itself all poisons and toxins, enterosorbents are brought out of intestines in the natural way. They should be had in home or any other first-aid kit. These are the safe and effective preparations capable to help at many illnesses.
Weight loss on system minus 60 Hygiene of food
Похудение по системе минус 60To grow thin before a beach season – dream of any woman. One needs to dump some kilograms, another – some tens. Both that, and to another we recommend weight loss on system "minus 60". Frankly speaking, even a diet it to call difficult. It is the real system of healthy food. Ekaterina Miromanova who on the personal example proved effect of system invented it.
Vegetable diets for weight loss Hygiene of food
Овощные диеты для похудения What only diets are not thought out for the women wishing to get rid of extra kilos. In the list of the diets existing at the moment it is possible to find rice diets, fast diets, kefiric diets, apple diets and others. Not the last place in this list is taken also by vegetable monodiets, among which carrot, potato and cucumber diets.
Grapefruit for weight loss Hygiene of food
Грейпфрут для похуденияThe spring begins, and all stronger are felt problems which did not look so tragically in the winter. Excess weight, an orange crust on hips and buttocks, the reduced immunity and apathy. And after all it is possible to get rid of all this by means of only one fruit! Also it is about banal grapefruit which can be found on counters practically of any shop.
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