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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Food at pregnancy Hygiene of food
Питание при беременностиWhen learn that you will have a child soon, you unambiguously should reconsider your approach to drawing up the menu per day in particular and to a power supply system in general. Of course, understanding of responsibility for the child not always comes at once. But it is important to understand that the tiny growing organism receives all necessary calories, vitamins, microcells only from you.
That it is necessary to know upon purchase of mineral water Hygiene of food
Что нужно знать при покупке минеральной водыNow the majority prefers to buy drinks for the family in shop. Deficiency in it is not present. And if the choice of usual water does not cause special difficulties, with mineral water not so everything is simple. Tastes at all mineral waters different and on structure differ. Let's understand, on what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of mineral water.
Sex at pregnancy Gynecology
Секс при беременностиThe waiting time of the child is very important and unique stage in family life. And not only the woman though she was granted happiness to feel the kid. For the man it too the difficult period, since understanding of a new role of the father and finishing with changes in the sphere of intimate relations. Of course, not the last role is played also by features of physiology and course of pregnancy.
Tooth implants The other
Зубные имплантатыStomatologists sound alarm for a long time – too becomes people with a complete set of the teeth which are not demanding treatment a little. Total absence of one or several teeth also any more not a rarity. Let's talk about absolutely new and very perspective direction in surgical stomatology – implantation by means of a titanic core.
Anorexia, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Анорексия, симптомы и лечениеIt is sure that there are people who never even heard this word – "anorexia", many heard, but do not know its value. If this is so – to you was largely lucky, but there are those who faced this problem face to face. Anorexia is the disease which is followed by frustration of food behavior and that is very important, a mental disorder.
Family doctor, pros and cons The other
Семейный врач, за и противToday all of us meet family doctors in district clinics more often. They do not hurry to write out the direction to the narrow expert, and try to treat independently. Well? From the point of view of organizers of health care very much even it is justified. From a position of a usual family the choice is not always obvious. Qualification of the doctor, cost and the list of services - here the main issues.
Sex during the monthly Gynecology
Секс во время месячныхQuestion delicate, but, nevertheless, the important: whether sex is allowed during monthly? Someone will answer negatively, someone is positive. In some cultures till today the woman is considered inviolable at this time and even dirty. Anyway, the similar question rises before any couple every month and unambiguously to answer it not so simply.
Removal of a sulfuric stopper Diseases
Удаление серной пробкиSulfur is formed at any healthy person. In norm she leaves from an ear during the chewing and conversation as thus there is a movement temporal nizhnechelyustsnogo a joint and close to it ear pass. But at some people of it does not occur. Slices of sulfur accumulate in external acoustical pass, gradually cork it and form a stopper.
Hepatitis C, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Гепатит С, симптомы и лечениеWhen someone from acquaintances gets sick, all consider that to them such definitely does not happen. Today all have heard a lot about hepatitis C, but many are mistaken, thinking that only the people using drugs or conducting chaotic sexual life can get sick. In the XX century everything was represented quite so, but today scientists came to a conclusion that there are many other factors.
How to find the good doctor: exercise in a choice judgment The other
Как найти хорошего врача: подойдите к выбору правильноSooner or later any person is set by this, actually, vital issue. To whom to address for council and consultation, where to find the doctor of a rare orientation, to what hospital to go to make tests or to lay down on inspection? Considering the range of offers, process of search of the qualified medical care can be dragged out for long months. Fortunately, the exit is.
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