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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Food of the nursing mother Hygiene of food
Питание кормящей материThe kid unexpectedly began to be capricious, press legs to a tummy, to cry. It is worth reflecting: can be, problems with digestion at the child are connected with improper feeding of mother? To alleviate suffering of the newborn, many doctors advise the feeding mothers to adhere to a strict diet. You will find answers to many questions on this subject in our article.
How to accelerate a metabolism Hygiene of food
Как ускорить обмен веществMetabolism at each person the different. One for weight loss do not need to make big efforts, others – in any way cannot grow thin, even keeping to the most strict diets. Reducing diet caloric content, we try to force an organism to burn fatty stocks, and we achieve the return result. That it did not occur it is necessary to know how it is correct to accelerate a metabolism.
How to cure cough Diseases
Как вылечить кашельAlready came a new season of colds into the own. Everywhere as newcomers walk about the coughing people with red noses which aim to infect us. And what prevents them to stay at home and be treated? We will not answer this question, but we will prompt some ways to cure cough available means. The most important in treatment of cough – the realized and considered approach to its treatment.
Stimulators for an organism The other
Стимуляторы для организмаWe try to be at once in several places, to be engaged in several kinds of activity. The young organism is able to cope with a chronic sleep debt and lack of healthy nutrition. It is necessary "to urge on" only a little it. In what stimulators and "power engineering specialists" use in the time people modern everywhere, and we suggest to understand.
Application of probiotics and prebiotics Hygiene of food
Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиковIt is proved that intestinal microflora provides an immunity good few, creates a natural barrier to pathogenic bacteria. In addition they take active part in digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralizations of toxins, protect cells of intestines from regeneration. It is impossible to underestimate value of probiotics – they are capable to destroy even viruses.
Abdominal distension (meteorizm) Diseases
Вздутие живота (метеоризм)The abdominal distension (meteorizm) is quite frequent symptom today. Its prevalence is connected with many reasons. Because of the accumulated gases intestines displace a stomach, provoke zabros food from a stomach in a gullet, a frequent eructation and sourish smack in a mouth. However that the abdominal distension always affects social life is the most unpleasant.
Ovary cyst, symptoms and methods of treatment Gynecology
Киста яичника, симптомы и методы леченияFor many women the frightening diagnosis "a cyst in ovary tissue" was already heard, and many women perhaps still should hear it from the attending physician. Unfortunately, both women, and gynecologists observing them often underestimate danger of this illness. Similar carelessness quite often leads to the hardest consequences for health.
Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT) The other
Магнитно-резонансная томография (МРТ)One of the most reliable medical assistants directed by the correct diagnosis is the magnetic and resonant tomography (MRT). Despite quite prolonged use of this method, patients to these still have some negative attitude to "inventions" of this sort. We suggest to understand as the research, in its indications and contraindications.
Atsetonemichesky syndrome at the child Diseases
Ацетонемический синдром у ребенкаConstant vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite – to someone from parents these signs of an atsetonemichesky syndrome are well familiar. The one who knows, will agree that it is not so simple, apparently, and pretty unpleasant. And in the presence of diabetes it is dangerous as opportunity to fall into a coma is not excluded.
Prevention of diseases of a mammary gland Diseases
Профилактика заболеваний молочной железыThis article is addressed to all women. The reason for its writing is not casual – in our country growth of cancer cases of a mammary gland almost by 1,5 times is noted in the last decade. The Russian women still thoughtlessly treat the health, neglecting even those preventive opportunities which were given them by the state.
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