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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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The crowns applied in stomatology The other
Коронки, применяемые в стоматологииThe choice of suitable crowns is carried out individually by the doctor the stomatologist-orthopedist during consultation, however you need to possess information on characteristics of widely used crowns, and also on their positive and negative properties. This information will relieve you of unnecessary questions on reception, will reduce fear of the unknown.
Inflammation of a sciatic nerve Diseases
Воспаление седалищного нерваThe inflammation of a sciatic nerve is a pathological state at which one of the largest and long nervous terminations in a human body is surprised. 1. Pain arising at pathology during the sharp period can be intensive, rather strong and expressed, extending on all foot.
Treatment of vasomotorial rhinitis Diseases
Лечение вазомоторного ринитаThe mechanism of developing of usual cold is known to everyone, it is worth overcooling and here it, the old acquaintance: the internal surface of a nose swells, it becomes difficult to breathe, release of slime from the nasal courses begins. However, the usual not complicated cold, passes within a week, and in it it favourably differs from vasomotorial rhinitis.
How to bring out of hard drinking The other
Как вывести из запояAs it sadly sounds, practically each of us heard the phrase "Went to hard drinking". Each next day for the drinking person is worse and more painful previous as alcoholic intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases. Let's try to prompt, by what methods it is possible to help effectively the person at his conclusion from hard drinking.
Anesthesia in stomatology The other
Анестезия в стоматологииDespite achievements of modern stomatology in the field of effective anesthesia, the potential patient all the same has doubts that all procedures in a stomatologic office will be absolutely painless. Anesthesia affects each specific person not always unambiguously. Approach to an anesthetic choice by the doctor is carried out strictly individually.
How many calories are necessary in day to grow thin Hygiene of food
Сколько калорий нужно в день, чтобы похудетьTime, two, three, four, five, I go to consider. And we will consider calories (in abbreviated form – kcal). If it is concrete, daily norm of caloric content of the consumed products and their quantity necessary for weight loss. How many they are necessary for "safe" satisfaction of daily requirement? How to count the eaten calories? We understand.
Use of propolis The other
Применение прополисаIn the market (or at them at home) it is possible to buy such remarkable substance as propolis from beekeepers. Some it are called by "bee glue", "pitch". It has a pleasant specific smell of the first spring buds of a poplar. In recent years interest in this substance considerably increased. Physicians recognized it as a natural (!) antibiotic of a natural origin.
Treatment of antritis folk remedies Diseases
Лечение гайморита народными средствамиMany of us know about such disease as antritis firsthand. Most often it arises in a cold season and at untimely treatment can bring an array of problems and inconveniences. Often the disease is treated by national methods which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason of formation of antritis.
How to gather in a stomach after Cesarean section Gynecology
Как убрать живот после кесарева сеченияDuring pregnancy there is no wish to think of adversities. Even if the woman knows that the operational rodorazresheniye is necessary to her, thoughts are all the same occupied with pressing problems. "Change of priorities" happens some days later after the birth of the kid. This moment for the woman is very difficult – appeared a little free time on thought of own appearance.
As it is correct to brush teeth The other
Как правильно чистить зубыAny disease it is easier to warn, than to treat. From this point of view stomatologic services take nearly the leading positions. It is much simpler to prevent development of caries or a periodontal disease, than then to become the regular customer of the stomatologist. We will tell you about the simplest (but from it not less important!) ways to keep healthy teeth, a beautiful smile.
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