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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of mycosis Diseases
Лечение микоза"Mycosis" – the harmless word can bring many troubles. There is dry a skin, on it there are cracks which itch, nail plates of hands and feet are surprised further. Concept this collective as there are more than 500 types of causative agents of a fungal infection. Therefore also diseases are called differently: candidiasis, epidermofitiya, herpeses, scab.
That it is necessary to know about childbirth Gynecology
Что нужно знать о родахThe birth of the child is absolutely natural physiological process. Practically all women pass through it. Correctly to behave at the time of delivery, it is necessary to know, this process is how exactly made. We will consider the entire periods of childbirth – from fights before appearance of the newborn. That future mummies could know that them expects during this period of time.
Elena Malysheva's diet Hygiene of food
Диета  Елены Малышевой Almost all ladies who even sometimes "wander" in a network know about Malysheva's diet. Minus five kilograms in ten days without hunger strikes – who did not see zazyvny names on the female sites. How this diet works? One of the main components of a diet of Malysheva – not strict starvation. But the list of the forbidden products nevertheless exists.
How to grow thin to the teenager Hygiene of food
Как похудеть подросткуIf the teenager had an excess weight, it for 98% of wine of parents who did not teach him to eat properly. They should show attention and care to help the child to grow thin. To force it to keep to a rigid diet it is inexpedient and even it is unhealthy. It is necessary to teach him to eat, develop rationally at him healthy food habits.
How to choose the rehabilitation center after a stroke in Moscow The other
Как выбрать реабилитационный центр после инсульта в МосквеToday in Moscow there are rehabilitation centers for recovery of patients after a stroke applying front lines and the checked techniques. It is the extremely important that such rehabilitation center applied an integrated approach, had experience in application of many productive modern techniques on social adaptation, psychological preparation.
Treatment of a kuperoz Diseases
Лечение куперозаAll of us like to look at stars and asterisks, to dream and make wishes. But asterisks are not always so attractive and desired. There are vascular asterisks (them "wine spots", and scientifically – kuperoz still call). Here they bring them to owners and owners many sad minutes.
Hlorgeksidin in stomatology Drugs
Хлоргексидин в стоматологииAs effective antiseptics, hlorgeksidin in medicine it is used widely. It is applied by surgeons, dermatologists, urologists, gynecologists, otorhinolaryngologists etc. Use of this medicine by stomatologists in various directions allows to struggle successfully with the majority of grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria, having bactericidal effect.
What products to exclude to grow thin Hygiene of food
Какие продукты исключить, чтобы похудетьKeeping to a diet, we limit ourselves for a long time in a large number of products which we love. Yes, we grow thin, but good mood in the period of a diet not our satellite. There is an exit! Absolutely it is impossible to exclude any component from food, but partially to clean the products which are not of special value for an organism, and going only to excess weight, perhaps.
What products contain carbohydrates Hygiene of food
В каких продуктах содержатся углеводыProviding vital signs requires a significant amount of carbohydrates but as their stocks in a human body are small, it is necessary to fill the required norm every day. In a daily diet they borrow from 50% to 70% of total of the eaten food. Products of a phytogenesis are the main source of carbohydrates for an organism.
Nausea reasons Diseases
Причины тошноты Practically each person knows about the feelings connected with this word. And despite it very few people are capable to call this feeling pleasant. Nevertheless, nausea is a symptom of a number of pathological states and demands timely knocking over. Let's talk about the main reasons provoking development of nausea and reliable ways for a temporary relief of a state.
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