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Councils for a choice of audio of equipment. Useful information about mp3 players (Flash, CD, HDD) from iRiver, Sony, Samsung, NEXX, and also digital dictophones from famous producers of Olympus, Panasonic, etc.
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In the world of games there were new prospects of sounds from Exeq
В мире игр появились новые перспективы звуков от ExeqThe producer of professional game controlers and game consoles, the Exeq company, is quite popular in the Russian market. Actively developing, this summer the Exeq brand could present a number of novelties which not only continue already known lines of products, but also begin the fresh directions. In today's review we will consider acoustic devices and earphones.
We choose a dictophone
Выбираем диктофонSet of convenient and irreplaceable devices and adaptations help the modern person to go in step with the fast-changing world. It is possible to carry to number of those also dictophones. From bulky and noisy cassette devices they turned into beautiful and compact products. And in wide assortment of dictophones it is quite difficult to decide on a choice at once.
We choose earphones
Выбираем наушникиMany of us faced a question how to choose earphones. And after all for final decision-making, and, the main thing, commission of a right choice is desirable to have the corresponding knowledge. It is for a start quite good to be defined, what earphones are necessary to you, and for what sum you are ready to spend.
We choose a MP3 player
Выбираем mp3-плеерModern technologies are done not stand still, in everything the aspiration to compactness, bigger reliability and a practicality is observed. Choosing a MP3 player it is easy to become puzzled in a wide model range of many producers of audio equipment.
How to choose a dictophone
Как выбрать диктофонTo choose a dictophone we need to decide first of all on its type. Happen microcassette and digital.
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