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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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The coding from alcohol The other
Кодировка от алкоголяAlcoholism – a dreadful disease, it ruins people, destroys families, cripples lives. The problem that the patient does not see where slides, and independently "to give up" a green serpent in power only to units. Alcoholism – this serious illness which was ranked not without reason as group of mental diseases. What it is possible to undertake for treatment of alcoholism?
How to get rid of a lock The other
Как избавиться от запораThere are subjects which discussion demands the careful and tactful relation. One of such subjects is a lock, namely a chair delay more, than for 48 hours, or the complicated incomplete depletion of intestines. Yes, of course, it not the fatal illness, but such state can bring a lot of discomfort in everyday life.
What to do if gums bleed The other
Что делать, если кровоточат десныHaving found blood on a toothbrush one morning, you, probably, were upset. But after toothbrushing of a gum ceased to krovit. It does not mean that the problem disappeared! Bleeding of gums can lead to loss of teeth and very terrible, badly giving in to treatment stomatologic diseases. The first question which should be set to themselves if with gums – "Why bleed?".
English diet Hygiene of food
Английская диетаThe English lady … and imagination draws at once to us graceful, thin as a trostinochka the woman. To be similar to the graceful English lady you will be helped by an English diet and for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to England. From you will power and strict implementation of all points of a diet is only required. The result surely will please you, weight will be lost on 2-3 kilograms every week.
How to use laying and tampons Gynecology
Как пользоваться прокладками и тампонамиThe choice of hygienic laying and tampons for collecting menstrual blood is huge today. And on sale they more than 20 years, whether are sense in general to speak about them? Experience of gynecologists shows that the majority modern not only girls, but also adult women are not able to use laying and tampons. It leads to a row, so-called, "female problems".
How to get rid of heartburn Diseases
Как избавиться от изжогиHeartburn – already one this word causes nervous trembling and a distortion. If you thought that it torments only you, you deeply were mistaken. Practically every second person on the planet sometime felt this unpleasant feeling – discomfort and burning on all gullet, behind a breast or in the top part of a stomach. Heartburn it is possible and it is necessary to prevent and treat.
How to bring down high temperature at the child Diseases
Как сбить высокую температуру у ребенкаAll parents know that the increased temperature is a strong indication of trouble in an organism of the kid. You should not be frightened it, but also it is impossible to ignore. To work competently, the main thing correctly to learn, to distinguish, on what specifies temperature increase. And most often temperature increases against an infectious disease.
How to keep to the child sight The other
Как сохранить ребенку зрениеInformation streams of the modern world literally force down from feet already at children's age. The TV, the computer, various gadgets – young young growth faces it daily, but except entertainments and skills, receives very notable blow to sight. Add to it school hours behind a school desk, homeworks, reading.
Diet at diabetes Hygiene of food
Диета при сахарном диабетеDiabetes is a chronic endocrine disease. On the other hand, diabetes – not an illness, but a way of life. This is true, because a strict diet – the important component of activity of the diabetic supporting and providing his good health. The main objective of a diet is a regulation of level of sugar in blood.
Treatment of scarlet fever Diseases
Лечение скарлатиныAs it is considered to be scarlet fever a children's infectious disease, it is necessary to know to parents about this illness especially as symptoms of scarlet fever are easily recognized. Agree, it is warned – means it is armed. You should not be afraid of this disease in spite of the fact that more than a century ago from scarlet fever children often perished, today treatment does not cause difficulties.
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