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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Galavit's application Drugs
Применение ГалавитаOur health in many respects depends on immunity. And if components of immune system do not cope with the duties, diseases develop. Then protective forces of an organism start functioning on a limit of the opportunities, keeping "watch" practically without rest. Immunity is capable to modify, "feed up", to supply it with new forces a domestic preparation under the name "Galavit".
Otrubevidny depriving treatment Diseases
Лечение отрубевидного лишаяOtrubevidny (color) deprive – a skin disease which activators are fungal microorganisms of Malassezia family. Pretty often the illness meets where people are compelled to adapt to a hot and arid climate. However from a misfortune anybody is not insured: to 10% of residents of the countries with moderate and continental climate faces this disease.
Features of a diet of turmoils Hygiene of food
Особенности диеты бучToday on the Internet anyone can find to himself a diet "to taste" but how among huge variety to choose that which would act effectively and thus did not bring special discomfort? Judging by recent trends, such diet is TURMOILS – the proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet of alternation combining two various groups of products – proteins and carbohydrates.
Nettle at the monthly Gynecology
Крапива при месячныхMany women faced a problem of approach of the critical days which are followed by considerable blood loss, an indisposition and weakness. There are some ways to facilitate the state during this period, among them independently there are folk remedies with soft action, useful to improvement of an organism.
Umkalor's application Drugs
Применение УмкалораMany parents note that as soon as they sent the kid to kindergarten, soon noticed that he often began to catch a cold – that palatal almonds redden, cold constant, cough will become attached. Also there is no opportunity periodically to take "sick-list" how after all to help the child? Today will acquaint readers with vegetable means under the name "Umkalor".
Reasons and treatment of sleepwalking The other
Причины и лечение лунатизмаSleepwalking – the phenomenon frequent, but every time causing a fright and generating the mass of myths. Once it was considered as a damnation or delusion, now to it there are quite logical explanations. What is sleepwalking from the point of view of medicine, what processes in an organism provoke it, and what reasons of sleepwalking?
Feeling of a lump in a throat, the reasons and treatment The other
Ощущение кома в горле, причины и лечениеIn stressful situations, at a disease of quinsy, and also in other cases each of us can have a feeling of a lump in a throat. Happens that periodically there is a feeling "something superfluous" in a throat, it becomes difficult to breathe. If this state turns in importunate, necessarily will reflect on the reasons of this phenomenon and as it is effective to get rid of it.
What is the angiography The other
Что такое ангиографияBlood on all organism moves by the elastic tubular educations called by blood vessels. They too can be subject to pathologies. To understand what exactly happens to vessels in a body of the person, helps physicians an angiography. In what the essence of this exact research when it is appointed as it is carried out – will tell about it.
Bronkhipret, instruction on application Drugs
Бронхипрет, инструкция по применениюIf during catarrhal diseases in the top or deeply being departments of airways the viscous phlegm accumulates, the organism reacts to it cough. The air stream at cough "throws out" not only slime, but also the particles alien to an organism irritating a mucous membrane of the nasal courses. But what to undertake when cough becomes not harmless "cleaning" procedure?
Treatment of thrombophlebitis Diseases
Лечение тромбофлебитаThrombophlebitis – a widespread illness which many people around the world face. This disease dangerously not so much the manifestation, how many consequences which involves. That such thrombophlebitis and as to treat it, you learn in this article.
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