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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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That it is more favorable: to present or bequeath property Legal issues
Что выгоднее: подарить или завещать имуществоHow to dispose of the property – a question very important and not suffering hasty decisions. Between relatives transfer of rights to property through the contract of donation or according to the will most often practices. It is only better to make a choice after you attentively examined all main nuances of registration of these documents.
As the receipt is written Legal issues
Как пишется распискаThe person close to you swears and pledges the word of honor that everything will return in a month. It is possible to believe, of course, it, but the receipt will be the best providing the word of honor. The receipt is a way to secure itself in case one of the parties suddenly will refuse the obligations and it is necessary to restore justice in court. One of types of written proofs in court.
1C: Accounts department, reflection of the income and expenses at the simplified tax system and ENVD Business and finance
1С: Бухгалтерия, отражение доходов и расходов при УСН и ЕНВДIn this article features of accounting of the company applying the simplified system of the taxation and ENVD on the example of the software product "1C are considered: Accounts department of the enterprise, edition 2.0". Division of the income and expenses according to each kind of activity is necessary for the correct calculation of the sum of a tax for the simplified system of the taxation.
1C: Accounts department, charge and payment of a salary Business and finance
1С: Бухгалтерия, начисление и выплата заработной платыThe Accounts Department of the Enterprise software product contains a subsystem of charge and payment of a salary. This system differs in partial automation. The program does not count holidays, hospital and other charges which calculation is made in the difficult way. Let's consider process of charge and payment of a salary in the program "1C: Accounts department of the enterprise" on an example.
How officially to lease the apartment Real estate
Как официально сдать квартируIdle time of the empty housing – loss of money for his owner. It is much more favorable to lease housing, but many simply are afraid of possible consequences. For this reason to secure itself against possible risks, it is worth leasing the apartment officially. At correctly made contract it is possible and to compensate the cost of the spoiled things, and are long to seize.
Analysis of opportunities of the enterprise Business and finance
Анализ возможностей предприятияInformation received during factorial research of the market shows, what problems in activity of firm exist, and allows to formulate offers on their decision. Implementation of such offers requires some base. For this reason the final stage of the strategic analysis of the market is the analysis of opportunities of firm.
Contract of guarantee Legal issues
Договор поручительстваWith distribution of such banking service as consumer crediting, strongly was included into our life the concept "guarantee". It appeared that there are many people ready to go to bank and to be charged for friends and relatives, for colleagues and neighbors. And after all consequences of such responsiveness can be quite notable for a pocket of the guarantor.
Advertizing activity at the enterprise Business and finance
Рекламная деятельность на предприятииLeading role of advertizing that this communication tool is means for fixing of market positions and development of new niches. However, it is necessary for practical realization of the called principle that advertizing was part of the general marketing strategy of the company. Therefore modern advertizing is a result of serious work of various experts.
InstaWallet – system of instant translations from Instaforeks Currency market
InstaWallet – система мгновенных переводов от ИнстаФорексTime of the developed Internet technologies allows participants of the market to use Forex a wide set of the services considerably simplifying work with currency. And among variety of the offered services it is possible to find systems of online translations of means. The company of Instaforeks offers the clients and partners very convenient and favorable system in this direction — InstaWallet.
Strategic planning at the enterprise Business and finance
Стратегическое планирование на предприятииPlanning of marketing activity at the enterprise takes an important place because strategic plans are focused on long-term development of the company. In the course of planning of marketing activity it is possible to allocate conditionally some stages, definition of the purposes and tasks, and the last – an assessment of efficiency of the held events is first of which.
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