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Useful tips on sale, purchase and repair of new and second-hand cars. Info about technical characteristics, the device, tuning, painting and spare parts on different models.
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How to choose summer tires Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать летние шиныWith approach of spring motorists get up before a problem of a choice of summer tires for the car. After all safety of the driver and passengers in many respects depends on quality of rubber. Road conditions in the winter and in the summer considerably differ. Therefore use of winter rubber in the summer, as well as is unsafe in the summer winter. Will help to understand subtleties of a choice of summer tires to drivers in this article.
How to reduce fuel consumption, we learn to save To the motorist
Как уменьшить расход топлива, учимся экономитьIt is possible to reduce fuel consumption. And thus, even without resorting to any sophisticated methods. Long ago it is noticed that when different drivers use the same car, various fuel consumption as a result turns out. Therefore, fuel consumption depends not only on a make of the car, but also on many other factors.
What to choose winter tires Spare parts and accessories
Какие выбрать зимние шиныArrival of winter for motorists is not only snow and a frost. This also immemorial turmoil – preparation of the car for an adverse season. The car on the snow-covered road will keep how surely or at ice will depend in many respects on winter tires.
How to choose the autoradio tape recorder Auto sound
Как выбрать автомагнитолуAny modern car does not do without musical system. On all new cars already in a basic complete set are established the radio tape recorder together with columns. Quality of such system depends, first of all, on car level. Every year producers of automobile audio equipment let out more and more models of autoradio tape recorders, both budgetary, and equipped so to speak "against the stop".
How to choose the car Sale and purchase of a car
Как выбрать автомобильChoice and purchase of the car – quite difficult task: first, it demands from you certain monetary expenses, and in secondly, to decide on requirements to technical characteristics, the provided level of safety and comfort, and, of course, to a car class.
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