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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of quinsy and cough at children Diseases
Лечение ангины и кашля у детейI will not open a secret if I tell that quinsy at least once in life each person had. All know well this unpleasant feeling of irritation in a throat and pain when swallowing. Children are most often subject to this disease. Quinsy is a result of the weakened immunity at which an infection, getting to the child's organism, starts developing actively.
Treatment of hypotonia Diseases
Лечение гипотонииToday it will be a question of the condition of an organism which is characterized by the lowered arterial pressure. I will note that hypotonia among the population meets much more more often than a hypertension. But documentary not all cases as most of the patients suffering from this illness do not follow the help to the doctor, apart from itself patients are fixed.
How to prolong sexual intercourse The other
Как продлить половой актSex in the relations of two loving people occupies one of key positions. It is the base of strong and long-term link. And if the man for a condition of "fighting" readiness needs not enough time, the woman is arranged more difficult – it for excitement needs time, attention, caress. And in the man the endurance and self-control will be necessary to give pleasure to the beloved.
How to keep health of a backbone Diseases
Как сохранить здоровье позвоночника	The backbone is a basis of our skeleton to which muscles fasten. In fact, the backbone is a basis of all our body. Its maintenance in a healthy state will favorably be reflected in a condition of all organism. However, unfortunately, often we start caring about health of a backbone already when felt the first symptoms of a disease.
Dimeksid's application Drugs
Применение ДимексидаDimeksid is means for external application and represents himself colourless transparent liquid with a characteristic garlick smell. Article purpose – to acquaint readers with a preparation Dimeksid. To tell about features of this medicine, at what diseases it is applied, in what proportions it is required to be parted.
How to clear lungs after smoking The other
Как очистить легкие после куренияSooner or later each smoker asks this question. It is especially actual for those who decided to finish an addiction and wishes to clear the organism. Though to take care of the health never late, it is only necessary to know, how exactly to make it. For anybody not a secret that during smoking we inhale a toxic smoke and pitches which settle in lungs.
How to grow thin for 20 kg Hygiene of food
Как похудеть на 20 кгYour weight exceeds normal on 20 kilograms? It, unfortunately, not only looks not esthetically, but also threatens your health. In the created situation you made only the correct decision – to grow thin. From you persistence and persistence on achievement of the purpose is required. Also remember: half measures – semi-results therefore it is necessary to give all the best on all hundred.
Polyps in a stomach, types and treatment Diseases
Полипы в желудке, виды и лечениеEven more often gastroenterologists make the diagnosis – polyps in a stomach. A disease it is found in children, teenagers and more in those who reached age of 40-50 years. If you or relatives were not avoided by this illness, this article can be useful. We will tell that polyps represent, whether they bear danger and as to cure them.
How to bleach teeth in house conditions The other
Как отбелить зубы в домашних условияхStomatologists claim that the healthy, strong and sated with calcium tooth enamel not white, but yellowish. It is so conceived by the nature. But give us the Hollywood smile. Quicker. White teeth became a necessary condition of appeal long ago. I want to tell about the most effective ways of bleaching of teeth in house conditions.
Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies Diseases
Лечение туберкулеза народными средствамиTuberculosis – a dangerous infectious, infectious disease. Infection happens at communication with already sick person through air or through infected large and a small cattle. To distinguish tuberculosis not easy. He likes to hide behind a mask of other diseases. At treatment of tuberculosis important both drug treatment, and food, and a way of life.
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