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Hotels and hotels

Useful information about hotels and hotels. Let's advise how to choose hotel as well as where it is possible to reserve room. And also we will provide the list of the best hotels with the description of price level and service, etc.
Hotels and hotels: all articles
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Impressions from a threshold. Bright hotels of London
Впечатления с порога. Яркие отели ЛондонаWhen you already passed a cheerful quest with obtaining the British visa, it was necessary to solve, where to stop.
Review of Grand Ring 5 hotel *, Kemer, Turkey
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, ТурцияTurkey is the hospitable country located on the Mediterranean Sea, which is so fallen in love to most of Russians. Especially in this southern country very conveniently and economically to have a rest to families with children. In September, 2012 we went to a trip, having chosen hotel nearby of Kemer, near the airport – Grand Ring 5*. Also I want to share with you the impressions.
Kauchserfing – free alternative to hotel
Каучсерфинг – бесплатная альтернатива отелюTo travel all over the world, without spending money for hotels moreover and to meet thus interesting people who and will tell about the country, and sights will show, and with ethnic cuisine will treat. Millions of people quite so sound as the fairy tale, but and travel. They are helped with it by Internet services of an exchange of hospitality. It is free alternative to hotel.
Ayurvedichesky resorts of India
Аюрведические курорты ИндииThe Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine which cornerstone use of natural, natural means is. The homeland of an Ayurveda is the southern state of India – Kerala. Exactly there is the most dense concentration of ayurvedichesky clinics and resorts. Also some ayurvedichesky clinics and offices are located in the territory of states GOA and Karnataka.
Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg
Мини-отели Санкт-ПетербургаIn unforgettable Soviet period of hotels eternally was not enough! Now, of course, times others. Having traveled much on the native land, I can claim that the first this problem was solved in St. Petersburg. There was it by repair and reorganization under apartments of several adjacent apartments (communal flats). Such peculiar mini-hotel on 3-5-7 numbers turns out.
Review of Grand Efe 4 hotel *, Turkey
Отзыв об отеле Grand Efe 4*, ТурцияThe number of the compatriots who visited hospitable Turkey is estimated already in millions. Now I want to tell readers of not about Kemer and others, and about the Aegean coast of Turkey. Specifically – the tourist region of "Kushadasa", it is more concrete (on the next settlement) – Ozdere, Grand Efe hotel, 4*.
Review of Sunrise Holidays Resort 4 hotel *, Hurghada, Egypt
Отзыв об отеле Sunrise Holidays Resort 4*, Хургада, ЕгипетThan Egypt, except relative availability of travel is good? In my opinion, there are two indisputable moments: first – a practical vsesezonnost of rest, secondly – opportunity to touch history of the most ancient civilization. In this article – the story about autumn rest in the resort of Hurghada and about visit of sights of ancient Luxor.
Review of Elize Beach Resort 5 hotel *, Kemer, Turkey
Отзыв об отеле Elize Beach Resort 5*, Кемер, ТурцияWell, who does not know this magic combination of the words "Turkey, Kemer" at which sound of heart of millions of Russians start fighting and is more often and purer?! And after all a two-three tens years ago and on a place of the present town, and it was possible to find some villages of local fishermen in vicinities.
Al Mas Palace hotel, Golden 5 City complex (Egypt)
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)You were not in Egypt?! In vain! Most of tourists, as we know, have a rest on the coast of the Red Sea, in regions of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. In this case, I also invite you, readers of, in favourite the Russian tourists Hurghada, in a hotel complex under the name "Golden 5 City".
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – hotel for all family
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьиFamily rest becomes more popular every year. To choose hotel where it will be comfortable to you is one business. And here is how your children – a task not of tour operator, but only yours will feel there. And if comfortable stay of your child in hotel has paramount value – you to the address. Iberotel Makadi Oasis – just one of those hotels.
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