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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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What to do at a solar burn The other
Что делать при солнечном ожогеBehind a window the summer – is time when everyone seeks to luxuriate in warm beams of the sun and to receive beautiful equal suntan. Already it was many times told how it is correct to sunbathe under the sun, however not everyone takes these rules seriously. Therefore often we face that skin burns on the sun. Such phenomenon is called a solar burn.
Oat diet Hygiene of food
Овсяная диетаThe majority of diets do not suit people who have any problems with digestive system. The diet on porridge at the same time will help both to grow thin, and to revitalize an organism, and all because of really curative properties of oats. Besides such diet is available to people with different prosperity. Depending on initial weight it is possible to dump 2-3 kilograms a week
How to help the newborn at a lock The other
Как помочь новорожденному при запореThe problem of a lock is familiar to many parents. As if it was surprising, but locks at newborns – rather widespread phenomenon, also arise they at a third of the been born kids. Young parents panic and start "feeding" the child with various laxative preparations. But whether so emergency measures are justified? Not always!
Application mumiyo Drugs
Применение мумиёThe nature gives many surprising means to the person for disposal of diseases. Today we will tell to the readers of mysterious and unusual substance which is used long since not only healers, but also the diplomaed doctors of different specializations. And there is a lot of names at this means – mountain balm, "rock juice", "mountain blood". But the most known of them – mumiyo.
What is the imbilding and why it is necessary Gynecology
Что такое имбилдинг и зачем он нужен"Imbilding", "Vumbilding" or it became simple "intimate gymnastics" now the fashionable direction in development of female sexuality. Here all about one – about development of female intimate muscles. But very few people know that mean these terms, what distinctions between them that it for the direction and why it is necessary. For the first time about it professor of medicine Arnold Kegel started talking.
Advantage of cod-liver oil Hygiene of food
Польза рыбьего жираOnce cod-liver oil was forced to drink each child. Including me. It was such opposite, and then it seemed to me that a bottle where there is a cod-liver oil, simply some huge. I dreamed that fishes were thin, without any fat. And it is good that my dream did not come true! Because now it is useful to use cod-liver oil not only, as before, but also pleasantly.
Healthy nutrition, the menu for a week Hygiene of food
Правильное питание, меню на неделюIn most cases, people come to understanding of that they eat incorrectly already when they begin problems with health or excess weight. Often happens both that, and another. With the problems often people come to experts, read articles in magazines, watch transmissions. In general, any way is good if leads to the correct result.
Application of preparations from an eucalyptus The other
Применение препаратов из эвкалиптаEucalyptus (Eucalyptus) – the huge beautiful tree reaching height to 100 meters. Eucalyptus leaves widely apply not only in traditional medicine, but also in the modern. The eucalyptus possesses antiseptic action, sometimes even is more effective, than some antibiotics. Therefore today we will acquaint you with an eucalyptus and some means which part it is.
Reasons of decrease in hearing Diseases
Причины снижения слухаWith bad ecology and the increasing noise level the number of people with the reduced hearing constantly grows in our world. Some people at first do not even realize that start hearing worse. However at accumulation of various adverse factors relative deafness progresses and becomes noticeable. It is much easier to prevent deterioration of hearing, than then to treat.
How to keep health of bones and joints Diseases
Как сохранить здоровье костей и суставовOften we do not pay attention to a condition of bones and joints while we do not have problems with them. At young age the most widespread problems are injuries. And in mature the situation is complicated by a set of factors which in common can lead to various diseases. It is necessary to make thrifty use of the bones and joints from the earliest age.
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