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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Ointment Akriderm, application Drugs
Мазь Акридерм, применениеMeans for external use Akriderm of group of companies is the combined preparation, many skin diseases having medical effect at treatment. But independent treatment sometimes leads to deterioration of a state of health. From article readers learn about medical effects, by-effects, contraindications and methods of application of this medicine.
Kvinke swelled Diseases
Отек КвинкеAmong many there is a wrong opinion that the allergy is a though unpleasant disease, but quite harmless. But, unfortunately, also such allergic reactions at which there is a real threat for human life quite often meet. And if people around do not give the correct help to such person, for example, at Kvinke's hypostasis, consequences can be irreversible.
What to do if there is a blood from a nose The other
Что делать, если идет кровь из носаBlood from a nose is quite widespread phenomenon which the majority perceives as something insignificant. And as first aid the majority use a sharp zaprokidyvaniye of the head back and applying of cold. But that from a nose there is a blood, already in itself is wrong. Besides, the head zaprokidyvaniye in this case in general is forbidden.
Obesity at children Hygiene of food
Ожирение у детейMany moral and physical sufferings the children burdened with obesity should take out. If your family was bypassed by this problem, recommend to treat her thoughtfully and seriously. This article will help parents to count, whether there is an excess weight at their child, to understand, what reasons of his emergence. We will talk and how to warn obesity.
Application of a pine-forest uterus Drugs
Применение боровой маткиThe pine-forest uterus belongs to centuries to proven means of traditional medicine. It helped many women to get rid of various gynecologic diseases, to become pregnant, take out the long-awaited kid and to become happy mothers though the diagnosis – infertility was made to them. And not only at female diseases the pine-forest uterus is recommended. About its medicinal properties, indications to application the speech will also go.
How to grow thin without diets Hygiene of food
Как похудеть без диетIt is not necessary to starve, exhaust itself for hours in gyms, there are small secrets thanks to which really to lose weight quickly and effectively. To reach an ideal very hard, but it is feasible. And it is possible to make it without considerable efforts of you. For a start it is necessary to be defined, how many at you the excess weight which you want to leave.
How to improve hearing Diseases
Как улучшить слухProblems meet hearing today not seldom. They can be both at people of old age, and at children or young guys and girls. The reasons why so occurs, there is a big set. Unfortunately, in certain cases our medicine is powerless, but nevertheless the patient can be helped with some still.
Hypostases of feet at pregnant women Gynecology
Отеки ног у беременныхHappy months when the woman bears the desired kid, sometimes are followed also by the unpleasant moments – nausea, heartburn, spasms and hypostases of the lower extremities. If to trust statistical data, hypostases arise at 80% of pregnant women. Why there are hypostases, whether it is dangerous what to undertake, and whether it is possible to prevent their emergence? Questions are very actual.
Treatment by a sabelnik Drugs
Лечение сабельникомIn traditional medicine used a rhizome and elevated part of the inhabitant of bogs and lakes for a long time – the dekopa capable as if a saber to cut joint pains, rheumatism, osteochondrosis. Many people were helped by this wonderful doctor who then received also other name – a sabelnik, to get rid of the bothered crutches, to be unbent and again to return to an active and vigorous way of life.
Application of the Ibuprofen Drugs
Применение ИбупрофенаNone of us are not insured from pain – head, articulate, tooth, after operations and injuries … Sometimes pain develops at the most inappropriate moment, trying to overset our plans, disturbing work, the forthcoming scheduled meetings. Then Ibuprofen tablets can come to the rescue. They are appointed often to patients at complex treatment surgeons, traumatologists, nephrologists, therapists.
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