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Winter types

Useful tips on winter sports. How to choose skis, skates, what clothes and boots it is better to buy that is necessary for driving on a snowboard - about all this learn in this section.
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Races on dogsleds
Гонки на собачьих упряжкахRaces on dogsleds – one of the most interesting, original and modern sports. There was it at the beginning of the 20th century, proceeding from especially practical application of draft dogs on Far North.
How to play curling
Как играть в кёрлингChess on ice. Game in the "roaring" stones. So briefly and neatly characterize curling – competition which was entered in the list of the Olympic sports not so long ago. And after all play curling already more than six hundred years! Now much of readers of it is bewitched watch how participants twenty second Winter Olympic Games compete in different types of sport.
How to choose skates
Как выбрать конькиWith approach of winter the increasing popularity is gained by such sport as skating. And presently it is possible to skate both in the summer, and in the winter with great pleasure, now there is a wide choice of good skating rinks.
How to learn to ride a snowboard
Как научиться кататься на сноубордеSnowboarding is a beautiful, fascinating and youth sport. But, as well as any sport, it demands some preparation. Sliding on a board on a slope – not absolutely usual state for a human body. During driving all muscles of your body strain. having risen on a board for the first time, you, most likely, will not even understand how on it in general it is possible to go.
Skating stride on skis
Коньковый ход на лыжахIf you, enjoying viewing of cross-country skiing skating, dream to learn it – this article is written for you. The child wishing to learn to go by skis can be sent to ski section – but sections for adults are practically not present! And if there is a strong wish? Then the ridge route, ski equipment and, the main thing, desire is necessary! Desire to learn to go skating.
How to learn to skate
Как научиться кататься на конькахSkating remains very popular sport in which with pleasure both adults, and children are engaged. If you still even did not think of joining number of his fans, never late to make it. To skate, as well as to dance, it is possible to learn at any age.
We choose a snowboard under ourselves
Выбираем сноуборд под себяCorrectly to choose a snowboard, it is necessary to solve for himself as well as where you are going to ride. Freestyle (Freestyle) – performance of tricks, driving in a half-paypa (a stage from snow). Freeride (Freeride) – means driving without restrictions – simply descent, jumps or descent from the mountain. Frikarv (Freecarve) is a downhill racing from the mountain, where a main objective – abrupt "cut" turns.
In total about alpine skiing clothes
Всё о горнолыжной одеждеFor good pastime in a ski resort you need convenient and warm clothes. Before departure to the resort beforehand pick up for yourself all necessary clothes. If you the beginner in this case, for certain it is necessary to buy a set of alpine skiing clothes.
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