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The section for those who wants to know more about religion. As pass Christian and Muslim ceremonies, about traditions in various religions of the world and sects. And also about rules of behavior in churches and temples.
Religion: all articles
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Apple Saviour: holiday history
Яблочный спас: история праздникаThe last month of summer is marked by a set of orthodox holidays. The special place among them is taken by three Saviours, each of which has the value in life of believers. Unites their one: all of them are connected with Christ Redeemer in honor of whom are called.
Honey Saviour: in total about a holiday
Медовый спас: все о праздникеAugustus - in a year, and in August in public favourite Saviours celebrate the most fruitful month. The first Saviour call Honey or Maccabee. Mark out him on August 14, this day on a church calendar the beginning of the Dormition Fast which proceeds till a Christian holiday of the Dormition of the Theotokos is necessary.
How to be prepared for a confession
Как подготовиться к исповедиEach person heard about need of commission of sacrament of a confession, even not churched, probably. But here very few people actually fully understand a true essence of a confession.
How to be prepared for a participle
Как подготовиться к причастиюParticiple or the Eucharist – one of the main sacraments of Orthodox church which is necessary as a hobby not less, than for a body food and a dream. During sacrament bread and wine are applied by strength of the Holy Spirit in other body – the Flesh and Christ's Blood. Each believing person, coming to a participle, believes that through sacrament there is a unification good luck.
How to guess on a Christmas-tide
Как гадать на святкиChristmas-tide long since was considered as the most magic season. The pleasure and the fairy tale inherent in a Christmas-tide is marked by Christ Redeemer's birth. On an ancient belief God Father was so pleased with the Son's birth that opened all undercover doors for 12 days. For this reason Christmas nights are used to this day as the period of magic time in which it is possible to tell fortunes on darling.
How to choose God parents
Как выбрать крестных родителейIn the course of the Epiphany ceremony the priest three times immerses the child in water and transfers him to new, spiritual parents. The people who accepted the baby from a font from the priest's hands are called as vospriyemnik or God parents. We suggest to study information who can be honored to become the godfather or the godmother. And why God parents are necessary.
Christmas-tide, traditions of a holiday
Святки, традиции праздникаOrthodox holidays of Christmas and Baptism of the Lord are connected by a train of days which are called Christmas. If to be exact, the Christmas-tide begins in evening of a Christmas Eve and comes to an end with morning of day of the Baptism of the Lord. For certain, parents said to you that in days of the Christmas-tide it is impossible to undertake any work, is a belief came from old times.
Holiday of Lord's Transformation
Праздник Преображения ГосподняIn memory of evangelical events in day on August 19th among Christianity the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated a holiday. On old style this event drops out for August 6th (day of a holiday in Catholic option). The holiday belongs to 12 main Christian holidays. Perhaps, you are familiar with the national name of this day – Apple Saviour (the Second Saviour).
Holiday Lady Day
Праздник Благовещение Пресвятой БогородицыOne of twelve great not moveable feasts of Orthodox Church is the Holiday the Lady Day. If to speak about this evangelical event briefly, the following will turn out: the holiday is devoted to an event of announcement of Maria by Angel Gabriel of a message that she will give birth to Jesus Christ.
Holiday of the Presentation of the Lord
Праздник Сретения ГосподняAmong Christian holidays are allocated some most significant: Twelve great (Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas, Lady Day, Transformation, etc.) and Great holidays. Orthodox holidays are characterized by that feasts these days do not happen, as well as special amusements. Today we tell the Presentation of the Lord about a holiday.
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