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Useful tips on sale, purchase and repair of new and second-hand cars. Info about technical characteristics, the device, tuning, painting and spare parts on different models.
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Prearranged signals among drivers To the motorist
Условные сигналы среди водителейYou take the wheel of the new car and rush on the highway. Suddenly the driver passing by gave a signal to you twice, that goes behind, turned on a driving beam of headlights. What occurs? Without panic. gives the detailed instruction on the alarm alphabet for the beginning motorists.
How to avoid deception in car showroom Sale and purchase of a car
Как избежать обмана в автосалонеSpecialists in consumer protection claim that zhulnichestvo at sale of the motor transport occurs very much that nobody is insured. And let it is impossible to secure itself against swindlers for 100%, but to be saved from the most widespread schemes of deception it is possible. And will help you with it.
How to protect the car from stealing To the motorist
Как защитить автомобиль от угонаAccording to statistical data in the world each 10 seconds steal on the car. And any car can be stolen. That your iron horse did not appear in others hands, read this article from Here you learn how hijack cars and when, and also about merits and demerits of anticreeping systems.
With what tuning begins To the motorist
С чего начинается тюнингEach happy owner of the four-wheel friend reflects sooner or later how to improve these or those characteristics of the car. In total there are three main options of tuning – a styling, technical tuning and tuning musical. In this article will consider each of them.
Choice and installation of the autoalarm system Spare parts and accessories
Выбор и установка автосигнализацииThere are different ways of protection of the car against stealing: from the simplest mechanical locks of a wheel or pedals to difficult electronic automobile security complexes. will tell in this article how it is correct to choose and install the autoalarm system.
Toning of the car: from a choice to a sticker To the motorist
Тонировка автомобиля: от выбора до наклейкиToday the Russian market is filled with various tonirovochny films from China, Korea and Malaysia. The price of these products 200 rubles do not go beyond. But to glue these semi-handicraft films on glasses of the car I did not advise you. decided that once again to tell about tonings of glasses of a favourite car, it will be extremely useful.
Choice of color of the car To the motorist
Выбор цвета автомобиляAt the time of total deficiency, not so far, but already sunk into oblivion, the car, contrary to Ostap Bender's words, was more luxury, than a vehicle. But now times changed, and upon purchase of the car the buyer is guided not only his brand, technical characteristics, but also color.
Than to be engaged in traffic jams To the motorist
Чем заняться в пробкахPeople did not manage to forget about turns of the period of socialism as other turns – about the traffic light succeeded, before narrow congress about routes, turn because of road accident. Yes, the speech about traffic jams. Alas, as kalamburno it does not sound, but traffic jams densely entered life of the modern inhabitant of the megalopolis.
Myths about the Russian tires Spare parts and accessories
Мифы о российских шинахIn this article we literally will dispel myths about the Russian producers of tires and quality of their production. Thereby we want to open eyes on a real situation in the Russian market of automotive industry and to increase opinion on domestic producers of tires.
The most expensive cars Sale and purchase of a car
Самые дорогие машиныIt is possible to tell with confidence that at most of inhabitants at the sight of the car which is allocated from crowd the first thought flashes: "And how many "it" costs?" We will try to understand, how many can cost the car, naturally, not "Zaporozhets" or "Muscovite", and what it is accepted to call "supercar".
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