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Councils for the organization of holidays. Original scenarios of holding anniversaries, birthday, weddings, New Year's and other holidays. How to choose gifts, cards, toasts learn in this section.
Holidays: all articles
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How to meet year of the Goat 2015
Как встречать год Козы 2015As if birds fly days, weeks, months … The same rates December will fly soon, and there and the holiday shrouded in magic. It would seem, quite recently we met year of the Horse. And the Horse will hand over the reins to other character of the Chinese calendar already soon. How it is better to be prepared for grand welcome of New year 2015? On what to pay special attention?
What to give on christening
Что дарить на крестиныAll of us are Children of God, the Bible speaks, and not casually each of us takes part in the most ancient ritual of orthodox church sooner or later – Sacrament of the Epiphany. The ceremony symbolizes renunciation of the person of sins and his spiritual revival to new life, its familiarizing with God. Whether it is necessary to give something to the person who was christened?
How to carry out a bachelor party
Как провести мальчишникLong courtings, ringlet choice on a ring finger and modest "Yes". Hurrah! We congratulate you, very soon and you will become the husband and the wife. And now it is a high time to have a rest a little from prewedding vanity and properly to have fun.
How to carry out a hen night
Как провести девичникAt last there came this long-awaited and so disturbing moment. It is a little more, and you will put on a wedding dress and a veil, and on a ring finger of the right hand you will have a beautiful wedding ringlet. Wedding on the way. How to note the girlhood so that this evening was remembered well?
How to organize a wedding abroad
Как организовать свадьбу за границейHere this most long-awaited instant in your life came: made you the proposal of a hand and heart. Ahead there are a lot of efforts and experiences about the forthcoming wedding. What she will be where it to carry out and how to organize everything so that this celebration was remembered well?
Statement of wedding dance
Постановка свадебного танцаMany loving couples in recent years before a wedding, an important and touching event in the life, ask such question: whether it is necessary to take individual lessons from professionals by preparation of wedding dance? Or it is possible to do without these additional actions?
What to present to darling for New year
Что подарить любимому на Новый годHear? Already the joyful tune of a New Year's holiday sounds. Already very soon bright fireworks will decorate air, and splashes of champagne will emphasize solemnity of the moment, in houses elegant green beauties will begin to sparkle, and under them there will be mountains of nice boxes with gifts …
What to present for new year 2014
Что подарить на новый год 2014New Year, perhaps, the most favourite holiday. The New Year's Eve vanity shrouded in magic, expectations, laughter and splashes of champagne – that can be better! And the most pleasant efforts are, of course, a choice of surprises for the family "under a fir-tree". Let's sort together what to present for new year 2014 and what gift will be the most expected and desired.
How to meet New year 2014
Как встречать Новый год 2014Everything is thinner and the detachable calendar card is thinner every day. Eventful days fly quickly, not far off already disturbing date – on December 31 when all of us meet New 2014.
How independently to make the wedding menu
Как самостоятельно составить свадебное менюFor most of guests the wedding is remembered generally thanks to a wedding banquet. And if it is quite easy to deal with registration of the hall, a dress and the REGISTRY OFFICE, to make successful, generous, but without menu excesses – the real problem. imparts personal experience of the readers.
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