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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
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Why it is impossible to kill spiders
Почему нельзя убивать пауковWhatever you may say, and spiders are loved by the few. At some people hostility to spiders can develop into the real panic horror, the name, to which – arachnophobia. Having seen nearby a spider, the majority of us will give in to desire instantly to kill an unfortunate being and very few people will think of that old beliefs forbid to destroy spiders. Let's find out, in what the reason of such taboo.
How to train a voice
Как поставить голосProbably, each of us wants to have a pleasant voice – not too high and not low, not squeaky and not rough. And the beautiful and flowing, absolutely not straining hearing. Since ancient times oratory was appreciated especially, after all then there was no sound recording equipment, and its absence was fully compensated by ability to speak by beautifully trained voice.
What is the neyrobika
Что такое нейробикаNeyrobikoy is called a set of exercises which is developed especially for a human brain. Neyrobika develops and improves memory, besides these exercises feed a brain with additional energy that will allow to increase working capacity.
Advantage of a salt lamp
Польза солевой лампыHeard many about advantage of salt lamps, but all the same these devices did not become popular yet and are perceived by many people as a wonder. Actually salt lamp is only partly the illuminant, its main objective – to clear air and to bring benefit to health of the person.
How to get rid of pigeons on a balcony
Как избавиться от голубей на балконеThere are many fans of such birds as pigeons who specially grow up and part these feathery, who for appearance, who on meat. But when this "a bird of the World" becomes the unexpected guest and itself lodges on balconies of high-rise buildings, to her are already not so glad.
How to make self
Как сделать селфиSelf is an Internet trend which found the popularity thanks to development of modern gadgets with the built-in chambers of high quality. In the last, probably, only the lazy did not place few years in Instagram of "self-arrows" with himself favourite.
How to find the lost thing
Как найти потерянную вещьEach of us happened in a situation when things unexpectedly vanish. Keys, documents, jewelry, phone. Searching we overturn all house upside down, we reconsider the same case several times, hopelessly we shake out everything from a bag, we look in all corners and at the end, becoming exhausted, we fall into despair. That to avoid it, it is enough to remember several simple rules.
How to open champagne
Как открывать шампанскоеCelebration in the heat, the man with a smile opens a bottle with champagne … sharp cotton, and your new dress is filled in with sweet drink. Familiarly? Such happens very often because many do not know how it is correct to open champagne.
Preparation of koporsky tea
Приготовление копорского чаяThe well-known koporsky tea – drink which was done by our ancestors. It is two hundred years more ancient Indian and Chinese. This curative Russian tea in large numbers was shipped outward. will explain to readers, such name, to what advantage and as it is possible to prepare it from where went.
Use of oil of black caraway seeds
Применение масла черного тминаSeeds of black caraway seeds are grown up in the countries of North Africa and East Asia today. These seeds are well-known traditional fragrant seasoning which is widely used in cookery and not only.
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