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Rest and entertainments

Councils for a variety of your rest. What unusual entertainments to think up to itself at a leisure, where to go to have a rest and many other ways of relaxation - about everything read in this section.
Rest and entertainments: all articles
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How to collect Rubik's cube
Как собрать кубик РубикаRubik's cube is difficult, though at first sight, very simple puzzle known to each of us since the childhood. The elementary toy capable to develop logical and mathematical thinking to pass away time or to bring to white heat.
Top of 5 ideas for a photoshoot
Топ 5 идей для фотосессииRecently thematic photoshoots appeared at popularity peak. It and no wonder, after all to try on on itself a new, unusual image always interestingly and excitingly. Especially if memories of it remain with you for the rest of life in the form of bright pictures. Today and will join this modern tendency and will choose a top of the most popular ideas for a photoshoot.
Nonconventional technicians of drawing
Нетрадиционные техники рисованияVery important since the earliest years to accustom the person to the fine. And what there can be more bright example for comprehension of beauty, than fine arts? But sometimes to interest the child not so simply. For this reason nonconventional technicians of drawing always enjoyed popularity in preschool institutions.
How to draw an anime
Как рисовать анимеAnime – the popular technology of animation which arose in Japan. Wonderful colourful characters, emotional, bright and various heroes of fairy tales bewitch and please the audience. The most surprising in an anime what to learn to draw as the true professional can everyone.
Games for a house party
Игры для домашней вечеринкиAnything, alas, is not eternal - with a traditional magnificent feast already will surprise nobody! Languid talk "for life" under a measured chewing of hozyaykiny Russian salad for quite some time now started being forced out actively by parties of a youth format where guests move and have fun more, than eats and drinks.
How to arrange a pajama party
Как устроить пижамную вечеринкуThe tradition of pajama parties came to us from America, but already managed to get accustomed a little. And if to approach the organization of such evening with an invention – it is possible to have a rest perfectly (if you collect purely maiden company).
Rest options on winter vacation
Варианты отдыха на зимних каникулахWinter vacation – a remarkable time. It is a freedom of action and desires, it is not necessary to get up early anywhere, it is possible to dare to luxuriate in a warm bed. It is not necessary to do homework every evening.
Sauna for businessmen: pure rest
Сауна для бизнесменов: чистый отдыхModern Russian business went out of Moscow long ago. High mobility of business people and the frequent flights connected with it will read over time to affect health even the most healthy of them. Regular visit of a sauna becomes rescue for many.
Dancing rugs for children
Танцевальные коврики для детейStandard dancing rugs are designed for children of 5 years and for adults... to 99. Dancing rugs happen on a firm basis, but they expensive therefore are less widespread. I will describe a usual, soft rug. Material of which it is made, anti-sliding, with the put drawing. Sensitive indicators which react to a touch are built in a rug.
What to esteem from a fantasy
Что почитать из фантастикиIt is scientifically proved that reading brings huge benefit. Books have impact on our spiritual development and moral qualities. Detectives, for example, it is useful influence deductive abilities. But we will talk about other genre in literature. About a genre which can not only present us rest but also transfer us for a while to the fantastic worlds, escape from gray everyday life.
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