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The unknown

How to tell fortune and on a hand (chiromancy), etc. councils about ways to learn and change the destiny. Secret of a name and interpretation of dreams, numerology of date of birth and astrological forecasts - all here.
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Why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror
Почему нельзя фотографироваться в зеркалеOn pages of the social networks so popular presently, we can often see the pictures of people made in a mirror. The photo in reflection became a new last word in fashion, and, doing next liftoluk, young people hardly remember long superstitions which say that be photographed in a mirror can be dangerous. Let's try understand, than a similar ban is caused.
Plot on pregnancy
Заговор на беременностьUnfortunately, for many women own children are a luxury which they cannot have most often for health reasons. And it in spite of the fact that the modern medicine evolved already very dramatically forward, still, the happiness of motherhood is allowed to test not everything. Besides long treatment and artificial insemination costs very much, and many couples simply have no money for such medical procedures.
What is the Cabbala
Что такое КаббалаThird-party researchers of the Cabbala usually define it as the esoteric doctrine which arose within Judaism and on its basis. According to the most widespread version, the Cabbala arose in the XII century though some kabbalists are sure that their doctrine, or, at least, its sources total not one millennium.
What is the Ayurveda
Что такое аюрведаThe medicine, in modern understanding of this term, appeared long ago. The Ayurveda arose even earlier. The most ancient of all medical doctrines carried by sacral knowledge through the millennia and is ready to present health and a pacification to everyone who will follow its way. Why today at so high level of development of medicine people even more often address to the Ayurveda?
What is the Tantric sex
Что такое тантрический сексEach person seeks to learn new feelings and sides of admissible pleasure, especially when business concerns the most intimate sphere of life. Here the tantra – the Indian philosophical system which unlike practice of the Kama Sutra, means spiritual unity of partners comes to the rescue.
Chinese calendar of sex determination of the child
Китайский календарь определения пола ребенкаPregnancy – an important and significant vital event. It is followed by a set of various emotions, experiences, and also mass of questions. And first of all future mother is interested in what floor there will be her kid.
How to learn telekinesis
Как научиться телекинезуYou consider yourself as the ordinary person? Want, will open for you telekinesis riddle secrets? Do not trust? By means of our simple recommendations you learn to move any subjects, even without raising hands!
What is the mandala
Что такое мандалаThe mandala is one of the most mysterious symbols in the history of mankind. To comprehend and decipher it, it is not enough to understand definition, it is necessary to plunge into history of the universe and the most ancient cultures completely. The mandala transfers us to immemorial times when the belief of people in the highest forces was strong, and sense of beauty was splashed out in intricate ornaments.
How to operate dreams
Как управлять снамиAll people have dreams. Someone is more often – is not excluded that every day. And someone is more rare – perhaps, only several times for all the life. Scientists claim that only those people who have an obvious deviation in mentality cannot have dreams.
How to learn, how many will be children
Как узнать, сколько будет детейIt is always interesting to the person that waits for him in the future what it will have a family who will be born where will work. Therefore fortunetellers will always have a work. And whether it is possible most to define at itself, for example, number of children in the future? It appears, it is possible. Give together with we learn how to define how many will be children.
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