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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Givaleks, instruction on application Drugs
Гивалекс, инструкция по применениюIn the winter frosts are inevitable. Cold air gets into airways. Quite often there are overcoolings, feet freeze. Moreover and the quantity sneezing and coughing around considerably increases. And if immunity weak, it does not cope with an impact of bacteria and viruses. Here also the inflammation begins.
Means for the emergency contraception Gynecology
Средства для экстренной контрацепцииSuch phrase as "the emergency contraception" strains at once everything inside. At once it becomes clear that emergency measures are taken only in the conditions of force majeure. However all of us are the people who are not insured from mistakes.
Milk diet Hygiene of food
Молочная диетаMilk is a product which is familiar to us from an early devstvo. In this useful product the set of various vitamins, mineral substances and necessary microcells is concentrated. In particular, milk contains A, B, C, E vitamins. Besides, milk is known to that in it there is a calcium, very necessary for our organism, and also daily norm of necessary protein.
Orange diet Hygiene of food
Апельсиновая диетаToday there is a large number of various diets. Among them not the last place is taken by weight loss by means of oranges. And it is not surprising. After all usefulness of orange is indisputable.
Carrot diet Hygiene of food
Морковная диетаIf you look for an effective and at the same time available method of weight loss, it is worth paying attention to a carrot diet. Only at once it is necessary to tell that any option of a carrot diet is considered quite rigid. Therefore before undertaking weight loss by means of carrots, it is worth holding consultation with the doctor.
Hardening of children The other
Закаливание детейIf the child often has catarrhal diseases, and you were tired to listen to discontent of the chief concerning constant sick-lists, it is time as that to change a situation. It is easy to tell. And here is how to make it?
Apiotherapy (treatment by bees) The other
Апитерапия (лечение пчелами)For fifty thousand years before appearance of the person on our planet already there lived bees. Many rock paintings and prehistoric monuments indicate that, as our ancestors liked to regale a medical lump. And today the bee is considered nearly the best druggist, and treatment by bees practices around the world. Products which it makes, treat many diseases.
Karmolis's application Drugs
Применение КармолисаIn recent years the most actual and effective way of treatment and the prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases is stimulation of links of immune protection of a human body. Especially distinguish phytogenesis medicines from the medicines allocated with similar properties. After all they are safest both for adults, and for children.
Treatment of a rotavirusny infection Diseases
Лечение ротавирусной инфекцииNow children are less subject to classical types of bacterial intestinal infections. But instead of bacteria a liquid chair, vomiting, high temperature viruses even more often cause an astrovirus and about 110 more versions in small children now, such as a rotavirus, adenovirus, enterovirus, kalitsivirus.
Treatment of alcoholism Diseases
Лечение алкоголизмаIn the world there is so much fine, but there are people who do not notice how it is beautiful. And recently becomes more increasing than such people. People dependent on alcoholic drinks. Often they are called – alcoholics. They are tried to be isolated from society. Actually alcoholism is a huge problem, and it is possible to win against it if to work resolutely.
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