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Psychology of the relations

Councils for psychology of the relations. In the section information about the interpersonal, family relations (parental, matrimonial), between the man and the woman, and also business aspects of a question.
Psychology of the relations: all articles
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Reasons of female change
Причины женской изменыSpeaking about an adultery, in the majority we represent man's change. Meanwhile, the statistics confirms that a quarter of women at least once in life had relations on the party. What already to speak about those women who actually did not change the partner, however do not exclude option at the first opportunity it to make.
How to satisfy the man
Как удовлетворить мужчинуProbably, with this question many women – irrespective of age, the social status and religion are anxious. That it is necessary to make that the husband or for the present your young man felt near you favourite, happy and satisfied.
Pluses and minuses of appointments blindly
Плюсы и минусы свиданий вслепуюIt is impossible to call such type of the first meeting new. It was very popular in older times when the groom and the bride was are affianced still by children and for the first time met already on a wedding. Today appointment blindly is quite popular, though not less risky, a way not to remain alone. suggests to deal with all pluses and minuses of such acquaintances in detail.
How to force the man to marry
Как заставить мужчину женитьсяIt is always more difficult to woman to say goodbye to stereotypes, and the status of "old maid" given it by the malicious neigbour can torment her is intolerable. The nature enclosed aspiration to raise children in ideal conditions when both parents nearby and bear responsibility for preservation of a family in the girl.
How to tempt the husband
Как соблазнить мужаIt is proved that the more often you make love "physical", the more long you stay in euphoria from feeling of love "spiritual". Besides it becomes much simpler to solve the problems arising out of the blue with the spouse. You feel emotional lift, surge in positive emotions and, besides, strengthen immunity.
How to keep love
Как сохранить любовьAt the beginning of the relations it seems that your feelings will eternally last, but passes month, then year, passion ceases, and here already you already together with each other it is more on a habit. Not so burning kisses, not so languid views … How to make so that the love did not disappear, and was the satellite of couple for many years. About it is one more detailed today.
How to keep the relations at distance
Как сохранить отношения на расстоянииIt in America, it in Russia. "What love?!" - many will exclaim. "The most real", - those who already passed torture in kilometers will answer and passed tests. Actually, everything is subject to the real feelings: both distance, and separation. And it is possible to live all life side by side and by 60 years "not to get on together".
How to manipulate men
Как манипулировать мужчинамиSo women are arranged, they want that their feet had a whole world. And who has to put it there? Of course, man. Only men have often in this respect other opinion. And here already depends on the woman, whether it will carry out all her whims or not. But each person has weak places, having well studied which, it is possible to be engaged in a manipulation quietly.
How to do compliments to men
Как делать комплименты мужчинамSo it developed in our society that compliments can be paid generally to women. And to state a praise to the man for the fair sex somehow not comme il faut. Of course, all this silly prejudices. For a long time psychologists proved that 99 men from 100 at the subconscious level wait for admiration and approval.
Teenage love
Подростковая любовьTime flies very quickly, especially for mothers. Only yesterday, appear, studied information how to change diapers, and today already we look for answers to questions what to do if the teenager fell in love? And in this question, the main thing – not to do much harm, because mentality of the teenager – piece thin.
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