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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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Who such kinestetik
Кто такой кинестетикFor each person it is possible to allocate a typical way of perception and processing of information on world around by it. Some prefer to receive it by means of visions and pictures, others - aurally or through touches. Reading of information on surrounding reality through tactile feelings is most characteristic for kinestetik.
How to get off bad mind
Как избавиться от плохих мыслейThere is in the world nothing more interesting, than our consciousness, or rather its unconscious part. At times answers to difficult questions are born in our head absolutely unexpectedly, and the most interesting ideas arise out of the blue inexplicably!
Prokrastination and her treatment
Прокрастинация и ее лечениеThe unknown term "prokrastination" means with what, perhaps, every second of us sins from time to time. The person applying for a rank of the procrastinator always postpones important issues to execute them later. And time frames treasured are limited not only days, but also the whole weeks "later"!
How to begin new life
Как начать новую жизньLife - piece difficult, but interesting, in it always nearby the good and evil, pleasure and grief, love and hatred. However, life is fine the variety - never know that prepares for you tomorrow - take-off or falling. And if now you endure the difficult moment in the life, and it seems to you that life is destroyed, unclear how to live further.
How to determine character by handwriting
Как определить характер по почеркуMuch of us had to notice a certain interrelation between style of writing of letters and character of the person. There is no wonder, after all handwriting is a distinctive feature of each individual, it is similar to fingerprints, telling about the identity of the author. Knowing some simple receptions, it is possible to understand unmistakably psychology of handwriting and to expose liars, egoists or hypocrites.
How to determine character by color of eyes
Как определить характер по цвету глазEyes are called not for nothing "window to the soul" – they can tell sometimes much more, than words. Thus eyes never lie. They can be silent, and can speak, and emotionally and loudly. By the way, from all beings in the world only at the person noticeable whites of the eyes. In it there is the privilege, after all thanks to it people can determine character of the person by eyes a condition of the interlocutor and his feeling.
How to become the stinker
Как стать стервойYou are a woman. It became heavy to you to live? You fears and especially constantly overcome what men do not pay to you attention? And if there was at you a novel – everything quickly comes to an end. You were offended again. How not to give itself in offense? How to make so that your feet had men? will tell you how to begin the real woman – to become the stinker.
NLP - neurolinguistic programming
НЛП - нейролингвистическое программированиеWithin the standard program of a course of psychology which is taught as a general education subject in the majority of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia, surely address to the Pyramid of requirements — hierarchical model of needs of the person which reflects one of the most popular and known theories of motivation — the theory of hierarchy of requirements.
Bad mood how to help itself?
Плохое настроение, как помочь самому себе?The bad mood is the state familiar to all people. Someone is subject to it more often, someone is more rare. The person with bad mood is sluggish and apathetic, unpleasant in communication, everything irritates him. recommends to the readers to get rid quicker of bad mood, you will be helped by some ways.
Children's aggression: what is such and how to cope with it?
Детская агрессия: что это такое и как с ней справиться?Very often, on the street it is possible to see such picture when the kid of 2-3 years desperately beats the mother, shouts and stamps legs, and that, in reply too not him swears, trying to calm. It is the most striking example of children's aggression which we see nearly an every day.
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