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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of an ambliopiya Diseases
Лечение амблиопииAmbliopiya – the serious ophthalmologic pathology known still as an illness of a lazy eye. The name is completely justified: one eye (both are more rare) absolutely unexpectedly ceases to see well without everyones on that the reasons.
How to strengthen vessels The other
Как укрепить сосудыWith age many people even more often have headaches, weakness, dizziness, meteosensitivity amplifies, memory worsens … It is a signal that the condition of vascular system worsens. Whether it is possible to strengthen a tone of vessels and to maintain their elasticity and elasticity? At some simple recommendations for readers are laid up.
Treatment of a fatty gepatoz Diseases
Лечение жирового гепатозаOur health entirely depends on us. It is worth relaxing only for an instant, having conceded to the whims as the body right there will give a signal that to it is bad. The problem of excess weight, is by the way, actual today more than ever. And can suffer from hated fat not only a figure, but also more important bodies of our organism.
Treatment of an otoskleroz Diseases
Лечение отосклерозаOtoskleroz name the localized damage of a bone capsule which is in a labyrinth of an internal ear. As a result of damage of a bone tissue there is a stirrup anchylosis involving violation of operation of the sound perceiving device in the form of conductive relative deafness.
Instruction on Tsetrin's application Drugs
Инструкция по применению ЦетринаThe effective, considered as the safest for elimination of symptoms of an allergy preparation Tsetrin now actively is advertized in mass media. It is included into group of the selective antihistaminic preparations operating selectively. Relieving of allergic reactions, this means does not show strong sedative action, the central nervous system it does not oppress.
How to apply Infagel Drugs
Как применять ИнфагельHaving got to a human body, the artful virus of herpes remains in it for many years. Unfortunately, the medicine did not find yet such means which could expel this virus. But now there are preparations helping to keep a situation under control if the virus suddenly "woke up" and tries to prove to be in full "beauty". Here then urgently it is necessary to use Infagel.
Treatment of an iyersinioz Diseases
Лечение иерсиниозаIyersinioz is sharp intestinal infection, dangerous to the person, which carriers are animals. The illness is complicated by symptoms of intoxication and allergic reaction from what many internal and systems of an organism suffer. Inhabitants of regions with moderately humid climate get to group of the greatest risk.
As the rektoromanoskopiya is carried out The other
Как проводится ректороманоскопияRektoromanoskopiya in practice of the coloproctologist – the widespread way of research allowing to learn a condition of a rectum and the lower part of a sigmovidny gut. Shorter name – a rektoroskopiya. Whether it is necessary to prepare for this procedure? How it passes? Will tell about the device used by the expert, and other important aspects.
As the intestines kolonoskopiya is carried out The other
Как проводится колоноскопия кишечникаNow proctologists consider a kolonoskopiya as very informative, exact and safe method allowing them to survey all large intestine of the patient who asks for the help concerning problems with intestines. About opportunities of this diagnostic procedure, a carrying out technique, contraindications the speech in the offered article will go.
Mastodinon's application Drugs
Применение МастодинонаThe homeopathic medicine Mastodinon made from natural components actively is used at treatment of women at whom the cystous and fibrous mastopatiya is revealed, there are violations of a menstrual cycle and signs of a premenstrual syndrome are brightly expressed. The preparation is also recommended in complex therapy of the infertility connected with insufficient function of a yellow body of ovaries.
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