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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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How to make microSIM for iPad and iPhone 4 Mobile and cell phones
Как сделать microSIM для iPad и iPhone 4IPhone 4 and iPad gaining popularity have a set of original features which distinguish them against other models. One of them is use of microSIM-cards instead of standard SIM cards. Operators began to offer packages in which set there is a microSIM-card. But what to do to those who would like to leave the habitual tariff plan?!
Creation and setup of the FTP server on the home PC Internet and networks
Создание и настройка FTP-сервера на домашнем ПКQuite often there are cases when we need to exchange files with someone in a network. For files of the small size it is possible to use mail. It is acceptable when its size does not exceed several megabytes. And if it is the movie or game, or archive with photos in some gigabyte?! Here we will also be come to the rescue by own FTP server.
Purchases in online stores Internet and networks
Покупки в интернет-магазинахFive years ago very few people thought of where it is better to make purchases. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, but not to run on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual. As well as that it is possible to buy in a network we will tell in this material.
How to get rid of viruses extortioners Internet and networks
Как избавиться от вирусов-вымогателейAccording to Kaspersky Labs and Dr.Web viruses extortioners were the most widespread among harmful programs last year and break all records in a year real. You were very lucky if your computer is reliably protected and did not receive such "guest" yet.
How to shop on an evaa Internet and networks
Как делать покупки на еВауThe thing acquired at auction can be new, used, broken or in general a rarity which more anywhere will not manage to be bought. On an evaa the huge choice of everything is presented that in general the person can buy. Therefore our task now – to teach readers of to shop at auction.
Registration for an evaa Internet and networks
Регистрация на еВауThough say that tastes differ, at the world Internet auction to an eva people can meet with the most different tastes and color preferences. evau it is known as a world flea market, on this Internet resource it is possible to buy anything. But that it was possible to make purchases, at first it is necessary to be registered. About subtleties of this process the speech will also go.
Converting of video for the mobile Programs
Конвертация видео для мобильногоOne of opportunities of the modern mobile phone is a reproduction of video. For certain almost each user in phone has some videos. The mobile phone is after all not the computer. Even if it supports function of reproduction of video, it has a number of restrictions practically in all respects – to video format, the size...
Rewriting of a two-layer disk (from DVD-9 in DVD-5) Programs
Перезапись двухслойного диска (из DVD-9 в DVD-5)The cost of a blank disk of DVD-9 is comparable to the cost of several blank disks of DVD-5. Capacity of a two-layer disk is only twice more, than single-layer. One of the most popular programs for copying and compression of DVD video is the CloneDVD2 program. In the examples reviewed further the version of the CloneDVD program is used.
How to make a screen screenshot Programs
Как сделать скриншот экранаToday digital technologies everything get into our life more deeply. Often live communication is replaced with the electronic. Quite often in business or personal contact on the Internet we should do a picture of our screen and to send to the interlocutor. Whether it be results dough online, a picture from game or a text fragment in the editor who it is necessary to send as a picture.
Processing of photos in Adobe Photoshop Programs
Обработка фотографий в Adobe PhotoshopHere you finished shooting the digital camera a photographic material, and on it it is possible to consider photoprocess complete. It, of course, so, but can always be people who will want to prolong pleasure and to make the pictures a little more better. Right there it will be a question how to correct small, but unpleasant defects in technical quality of pictures.
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